Helping to look after an elderly relative proved a life changing experience for O’neil Williams and a change of direction from silver screen to home care support.

O’neil studied media and drama at college, he also attended a drama academy and planned to pursue a career in film and TV.

 “My grandfather suffered mobility issues and a variety of conditions, and I helped to care for him,” said O’neil.

“When I couldn’t find work in acting, that experience gave me confidence to try for the job with Caremark.”

That was seven years ago and O’neil is still with Caremark. “It is very rewarding to have a positive impact on someone’s life, it feels as if you are projecting good into the world.”

O’neil recommends Caremark as an employer. “Both in the field and in the office, there are caring and compassionate staff members. Management deal with any worries in a confidential, supportive way which enables carers to open up about anything causing concern.” 

He adds: “In my time with Caremark there has been a great sense of reliability from managers. Looking back, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to face a role, such as this as I’m equipped with knowledge, that I’d otherwise wouldn’t have.” 

O’neil believes customer care is at the forefront of the job, with empathy and compassion and a lot of understanding required.

“People may be behaving in a challenging way, you have to put yourself in their position rather than look only at face value,” he says.

O’neil hasn’t discounted the possibility of becoming an actor, but until then he’s happy in his role at Caremark.

His advice to anyone considering joining home care support is to do some research, find out what the role entails and discuss it with your support network.

“Go for it, but with your eyes wide open. If you don’t and you have no prior experience it can be a real wake up call,” he says.

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