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There are many kinds of at-home care available to you, from care visits, to 24-hour care and even live-in care.

If you require help at home for your everyday life, you may be considering different options. There are many kinds of at-home care available to you, from care visits, 24-hour care and even live-in care. 

At-home care is a fantastic alternative to assisted living or residential care facilities and allows you to receive care while still living in the comfort of your own home, which can make a huge difference to your quality of life. 

While 24-hour care and live-in care may seem like similar options, there are some differences that may cause you to choose one or the other, based on your specific needs. 

What is 24-Hour home care?

24-hour home care is an option that provides you with round-the-clock care and support from multiple care assistants, with people working in shifts to help you with daily tasks, household maintenance and general help like shopping, cooking and delivering medication.

This kind of care provides constant support, even while you sleep, which can be a great option for those who need reassurance that someone is there. 

It may be favourable for those who don’t need constant care as you have the option to choose the hours that someone is there to assist you, as well as having the option of someone always being there. 

However, as 24-hour care is provided by multiple carers on a rotational basis, it lacks the consistency of live-in care, which might be an important aspect for those who prefer to have familiarity and routine in their day. 

So what is Live-In Care?

Live-in care provides you with a care assistant who will live at home with you, staying overnight. A care worker agency will assign one or two carers who will stay with you for several days and nights a week before swapping. 

This gives more consistency to your care and can be helpful for those looking for more compassionate services,care as it allows you to build a relationship with your carers as they will be around you a lot more. 

However, as live-in carers operate on an individual basis, it means you may be left alone during their break times if you have not got coverage. This may be unsuitable for those who require constant care.


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