packages of care

Social care is there to help people meet the needs that they find very difficult to meet themselves, and packages of care are tailored to ensure people have their independence but also can get help when they require it.

The nature of a care and support plan means that it is drafted with an expectation that to some degree the level of care that is being provided will be needed from the time the plan is put into action and essentially continue into the future.

Care services will be reviewed on a regular basis, typically on an annual basis once the plan is up and running, and at these person-centred reviews, everything that is working well and everything that is not working will be examined and there will be discussions to see if it is the right way to support a person through life.

Typically the main reasons why home care will end will be when home care is no longer the best way to take care of someone. 

This is usually the case either if the person at the centre of care no longer needs it, which is usually only the case for intermediate care in the aftermath of a hospital visit, or after it is decided that the best course of care is to move into a residential care facility.

Care in the home is a priority, and every step will typically be taken during care needs reviews to ensure that people can be taken care of in their own homes if it is at all possible. People feel more comfortable in their own space, and adaptations are available to meet most healthcare needs.

However, in some cases where round-the-clock specialist care is required, alternatives will be discussed, but generally, before this happens carers and family members will be given the opportunity to plan and prepare for the next steps if they are believed to be needed.


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