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Home care offers a wonderful balance of practical and emotional health care, providing support while encouraging independence. Home care goes beyond addressing physical health needs. It also enables a person to remain independent and fulfilled in their day to day lives.

In the beautiful village of Bisley, the sense of community is strong. People in Bisley look after each other. Being part of this close-knit network is an important part of people’s lives. Remaining at home enables a person to stay connected to neighbours, friends and local family members. All of who can involve themselves in the care of their loved one.

In this article, we’ll look at how home care not only helps to prolong an individual’s lifespan, but also significantly enhances their quality of life. We’ll shed light on how home care is pivotal in enabling individuals to lead more fulfilling and autonomous lives within the comfort and familiarity of their own homes while also remaining a part of the Bisley community.

What is home care?

Our home care service in the UK offers to support individuals in their own homes. It’s aim is for people who want to stay in their familiar environment and receive some level of assistance. This service tailors to the individual’s needs, ensuring they remain safe and content at home.

Caremark, for example, provides this service with trained and knowledgeable care assistants. Our carers visit people at their homes to help with various tasks and are trained in care skills. They bring a compassionate and friendly approach. This means they don’t just provide physical support but also offer companionship, often bringing smiles and laughter to their visits.

The care provided is of high quality and personalised. The care is adapted to suit the specific needs and preferences of each person. It can include help with daily tasks, personal care or just being a friendly face to talk to.

The goal is to enhance the quality of life for those receiving care. Therefore, enabling them to live independently and comfortably in their own home for as long as possible. Some of the benefits include…

Health, independence and wellbeing

Studies show that a person who recieves care at home will, on average, be admitted to hospital less frequently. In individual remaining at home can have their care tailored specifically to their unique needs. This not only addresses the physical health aspects but also puts their emotional wellbeing at the centre of their care.

Home care enables a tailored and individual approach to a person’s care. It’s centres on the person themselves rather than pre-defined routines that often exist in traditional healthcare settings. A caregiver can come as regularly as required. They can help in the areas where the person needs support the most. The nature of this can be reviewed as needs change.

The home itself can be adapted to suit an individual. This allows them to live with autonomy, dignity and within familiar routines. Changes are made to enable the individual to continue to live their day to day lives as easily and safely as possible. For example, if a person loves watering the plants in their garden but is experiencing mobility issues, rails or ramps can help them step outside the house. This will empower them to be independent and continue to do what they love.

Modern technology means that as well as receiving regular visits from a caregiver, other health care professionals are only a video call away, even if they’re outside Bisley. Mobile phones, tablets and smart speakers make it is easy to keep on top of daily routines and stay connected.

Professional caregivers are meticulously trained in physical health care. They are also experts in supporting a person’s overall wellbeing. As a consistent presence in an individual’s life, they understand their unique preferences and can really connect on a personal level. Over time, a bond will form and a caregiver can become a much loved companion. Caregivers can reduce anxiety and enable open conversations so the individual can have genuine input into their own care plan.

Enabling fulfilling lives

Caregivers working hand in hand with individuals, their loved ones and healthcare professionals to enable them to continue doing what they love in the comfort of their own home as well as out in Bisley.

Home care enables a person to stay connected with special people and places. If an individual is part of a local club or social group, a caregiver will provide support to continue to do this. Whether it’s helping them to get ready to go out, making sure they take the right medication or accompanying them to a social engagement, a caregiver can be there every step of the way. A caregiver will recognise and celebrate a person’s abilities while discreetly managing any challenges and reducing risks.

Home care offers true one to one care that entirely focuses on their unique needs. It can even be possible to allocate caregivers that have shared interests or specific skills, for example speaking an individual’s first language or sharing a love of craft.

There’s no place like home

Studies show that people who surround themselves by cherished belongings and memories have a longer lifespan. They also have an overall higher quality of life. The comfort of their everyday routines can be maintained, enabling them to remain independent and fulfilled, while also ensuring specific health needs are addressed.

The sense of identity that comes from being in your own home significantly improves mental wellbeing. With support, it’s still possible to accomplish the everyday tasks that have helped build a much-loved home to be proud of, such as cooking, cleaning or gardening.

Home care enables an individual to stay close to loved ones, too, especially if they have a partner or pets who wouldn’t be able to live with them in other settings. Being at home also makes it easier for friends and family to visit regularly at convenient times.

How does Caremark help?

Caremark recognises the importance of looking a person as a whole, taking time to address their emotional needs as well as their physical health. We provide compassionate, tailored care to people in the community of Bisley. If you’d like to talk through home care further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of professionals, who are ready to support you at every stage of your journey.


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