The reason why an area of Dartford has been so smelly lately has been explained.

Dozens of complaints have been made because of a “foul odour” in Stone over the past few weeks. Between August 29 and August 31, 19 complaints were received which followed from another 10 about a similar issue three weeks prior.
Dartford Council‘s environment protection team sent a letter to Stone Parish Council to say they were aware of the issue.
They wrote: “Following on from the most recent complaints, an officer visited the locality on the morning of August 30 and was able to detect the odour being complained about and to narrow the locality of the source of the odour to land reclamation and regeneration operations at Stonepit 1 between Cotton Lane, Stone, London Road, Stone/Horns Cross and Stone Place Road, Stone/Horns Cross.
“Contact was made with Land Logical, the operators of the reclamation project at Stonepit 1. We were advised that they were undertaking the process of layering the soil levels on one portion of the site in preparation for seeding the ground.”
The letter went on to say: “This work has been ongoing for some weeks, although the odour problem has only occurred on two occasions during this period, due to specific wind/weather/temperature/humidity conditions.”
Officers from the environment team are continuing to monitor the situation and hope the smell will be kept to a minimum.


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