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The care jobs that a live in carer often does include:

1- Basic care needs and companionship

Lots of people employ a live in care provider to assist them with their basic care needs. 

They are independent and may not be seriously ill, but feel they need company and low-level support in the home. Sometimes these people have long-term illnesses or disabilities which mean they require additional support with basic everyday tasks.

If you need more support, the cost of live in care may be higher per week. This is because the care provider needs to have more specialist skills in order to properly give your home care. 

2 – Laundry

For people with mobility issues or memory loss, simple tasks such as doing the laundry can become difficult. 

Live in at home care for elderly people can help with tasks like this. A carer can take elder individual’s  laundry and dry cleaning to be done elsewhere, or help your loved one to do it themselves at home. 

You needn’t lose your independence – your carer will support you rather than doing it for you if you wish. This is another benefit to consider when looking for care and choosing the live in care provider that’s right for you.

3- Cooking

Cooking becomes a chore as we get older, especially for people who live alone. The incentive to cook a meal for one is often lacking – and many older people suffer from malnutrition as a result. 

A care provider can cook with you or for you, ensuring you eat properly each day and don’t rely on unhealthy or non-nutritious fast foods. Having support in the kitchen and when it comes to buying groceries can help you or your loved one and take stress out of the situation.

4 – Errands

If you need to buy a gift for someone, go to the bank or run an errand your carer can do this for you or provide transport. This makes running errands quick and easy and means you won’t need to rely on loved ones for these aspects of your needs.

5 – Food Shopping

Food shopping can be tiring – and without transport, many older people struggle to do a big shop. Your live in care worker will do your food shopping on your behalf or come with you to help with the heavy lifting.

6 – Transport

Most live in care givers are required to have their own transport and a full driving licence, so they can take you where you need to go when you leave home. 

7 – Companionship

Elderly people are especially vulnerable to loneliness. A live in carer provides companionship. 

They are a person to talk to, someone to accompany you on days out, and it is reassuring knowing that someone is there to provide round the clock care if you need them. 

8 – Cleaning

A live in carer can help you to keep your house clean and tidy. They can also take care of everyday household chores, such as taking the bins out or washing up.

As you can see, a live in care package can be very cost effective. The cost of live in care includes support for a wide range of needs, from companionship, to chores, to errands.

If you or anyone you know is interested in finding out more about our Live-In care package and how we can support you then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01926 257524


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