Recovering from a stroke is a significant challenge that impacts not only individuals but their families too. At Caremark, we recognize the difficulties and uncertainties that come with this journey. Our goal is to offer support that enables you to continue living comfortably and happily in your own home.

Comprehensive Recovery Assistance

A stroke recovery journey involves addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional hurdles. Our dedicated Care and Support team is here to provide proactive and informed assistance, helping you overcome the physical and emotional strains that often accompany post-stroke recovery.

Tailored Support for Every Individual

With approximately 100,000 strokes occurring annually and 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK, we understand that each person’s experience is unique. Working closely with you, we tailor our support to meet your specific challenges, collaborating with physiotherapists to ensure a holistic recovery approach.

Caring for Your Emotional Well-being

Feeling depressed or anxious after a stroke is common, and our trained Care Assistants are here to provide understanding and comfort during these tough times. We recognize that cognitive functions, such as communication and memory, may be disrupted, affecting daily activities. Our commitment is to create personalized care plans that address your needs and contribute to your recovery.

Promoting Independence and Setting Goals

Life after a stroke varies widely from person to person. Some may recover quickly, while others may need ongoing support. Our aim is to do everything possible to support your recovery and independence. We collaborate with healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, psychologists, and occupational therapists to help you set and achieve personal goals.

Essential Post-Stroke Assistance

Our Caremark Carers are ready to assist with:

Meal preparation and nutrition

Mobility assistance

Personal care, including hygiene and dressing

Medication reminders

Companionship and engaging activities

Emotional support for both the patient and their family

Explore Personalized Home Care Assistance

If you or a loved one is facing the challenges of life after a stroke, our Caremark Carers are here to help. Contact us today to explore personalized home care assistance options. We are committed to responding promptly and creating a tailored plan to meet your unique needs.


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