A dad who collapsed and had a seizure while getting ready for work has paid tribute to his 10-year-old son who rushed to his aid.

Chris Brown, 47, of Forest Hill, was going through his usual morning routine when he went for a bath. “Suddenly I felt a little faint,” he said. “I put it down to a morning expresso, hard fitness training in the preceding days and a couple of late nights.”

“When in the fairly hot bath, I realised I may actually pass out, so logic told me to get out and head for the bedroom to lie down. I didn’t make it.”

The next thing Chris remembers is waking up to his little boy, Toky, giving him CPR while his wife was about to call the ambulance.

When he passed out his legs got tangled in the ironing board before he had a seizure, something which had never happened before.

Chris said his face kept changing colour as his muscles locked while he lay in the corridor.

He added: “I can only imagine how finding me in that state must have been pretty scary. That moment was when Toky encountered his formerly robust, fit, life filled father for the first time, fallen, with a potential medical emergency unfolding before his 10 year old eyes.

“My wife appeared at the same time, though any thoughts of medical first aider procedure had vanished with the sight of me in such medical distress.

“Toky however was not panicked. He took control of the situation and was prepared. He put me in recovery position, talking to me, attempted CPR and all efforts to rouse me from my seizure.”

Despite biting his tongue during the seizure, he fortunately did not swallow it thanks to his son putting him in the recovery position.

He spent the rest of the day at hospital to recover.

Chris described Toky as his “brave hero” and paid tribute to the 17th Forest Hill Cub Leaders where his son is a member.

Toky has now been nominated for the Meritorious Conduct Award for staying calm in an emergency situation because of his efforts back in May.


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