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Are you providing care to your loved ones ? Do you need a way to feel more in control of the situation? There are invaluable solution that a Domiciliary care can offer.

Here are the top five.

1. Limited disruption     

Everyone loves to be in their comfort, their own homes. A comfortable home environment makes the situation easier to cope with for everybody involved in the welfare of someone who’s been taken care of.

With domiciliary care, the carer fully adapts to the environment of the client,  lives out their daily routine using familiar household equipment, and incorporates commonplace structures into their one-on-one person-centred care. Providing care within their own homes , a domiciliary care worker helps limit disruption to a service user’s life, whilst enabling them to maintain a certain level of independence based on their strengths using assistive technology, if need be,  such as wheelchairs, profiling beds, walking frames and sticks, boosting their happiness and energy levels significantly. 

2. Companionship 

Care at home, involves a carer who comes to your loved ones in their own homes , providing one-to-one person-centred around their specific needs. These visits could be from as little as 45 minutes a day to all-day or overnight. This personal centred care create a strong bond between the carer and the client, offering the service user a significant level of companionship during a difficult and isolating period of time in their livelihood.

With the care home facilities, the client do not receive this personalised, one to one attention that results in loneliness . According to the stats, With the number of over-50s experiencing loneliness expected to reach two million by 2025/6. The key advantage of domiciliary care is companionship. 

3. Flexibility 

Domiciliary care provides the flexibility around client and the family member’s need. Whether a service user requires around-the-clock care involving more complex clinical practices such as pain management and PEG feeding, or simply a weekly visit from a carer to help with household chores and provide social support, the structure of a service user’s domiciliary care in relation to timings and practices is centred around their individual needs and schedule.

4. Affordability 

One of the main struggles while finding a right care for your loved ones is the cost, affordability of the care they deserve. The cost of private care homes can be staggering, with clients paying an average cost of approx. £32 k to £35 k for the first year.

With domiciliary care, the level of the service needed can be controlled. Therefore, the cost can be controlled. This benefits the client who require lower maintenance social care, such as meal preparation once a week or help with household tasks on a weekly basis. It is not cost-effective to for a client who can still do a lot of things independently at home to invest in the care home.

5. Your life your way

The most wonderful thing about domiciliary care set up is that it allows you and your loved ones to take control of their own life. A domiciliary care support worker gives that stability and flexibility to the families. In developing the client’s independence in familiar structures and a support system, they are once again able to experience the life they’ve always had.


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