“I honestly hand on heart think Christine Hartshorne should receive a GEM Award. 

I don’t work with her very often but when I do she really does go the extra mile for every customer we encounter.  She ensures all their washing is done, I’ve even witnessed her take customers washing home to do in her own washing machine because theirs was broken, and then washed/ironed and take it back! 

Some people go to work and then go home, Christine truly cares for her customers each and every one!  She ensures they’ve all got what they need at every single call, and she also does all hours under the sun!

I personally think she’s a role model I love working with her, she demonstrates the BEST behaviour for new starters, I couldn’t recommend her enough for this award”

Caremark. The mark of excellent care.
Caremark Home Care in Mansfield & Ashfield
Head Office
Caremark Mansfield,
72 Outram Street,
Nottinghamshire NG17 4FS
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