Anywhere else in the world

If you have lived in the same home for almost 70 years, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

This is the case for Lionel and Joan Owen, although they have actually lived elsewhere in the world, but more on that shortly!

Their home in Wakefield is where they raised not only their three own children but also dozens of babies Joan selflessly fostered before they were found their forever homes.

It’s the home where they have spent many happy times with their numerous grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren).

Basically, the home which holds so many happy memories for them.

So, after Joan suffered a fall on the stairs which drastically reduced her mobility, the couple knew they would need some added support if they were going to remain in their own forever home.

Since December 2021, Caremark Wakefield have provided this support, with our carers visiting three times a day to assist Joan to get in and out of bed, using a hoist, with meal preparation and to help Lionel oversee her general health and wellbeing.

It’s something Lionel is very appreciate of.

“The care Joan receives is first class and we are both very happy with the support we receive,” he says.

“The carers are always nice and respectful and by being here they are helping us remain in our home where all our nice memories are.”

Lionel first met Joan whilst on leave during his National Service in 1949.

He volunteered to go shopping with his mum and it turned out to the best decision he has ever made because that’s where he met Joan.

He explains: “She was working behind the counter, and I immediately went up to her and asked if I could take her out on the night.

“This was at 3pm and there was a little cottage connected to the shop, so we went in there for a chat, and I then waited until 5pm until she had finished her shift.

“I asked if she wanted to go to the pictures at 7pm, but we ended up going to her parents house instead, so in the space of just four hours I had met the woman I would end up being married to for 73 years!”

Joan and Lionel had a few more dates before he returned to complete his National Service and they wrote to each other during this time.

He returned in January 1950, and they were married in November that year.

Lionel ended up relisting in the army, in the Royal Signals, and this resulted in a posting to Hong Kong. He got permission for Joan to join him, so they lived there with their first child, and she later followed him to Germany whilst he was on another posting.

He came out of the army for good in 1956 and used the skills he had learned to get a job as an engineer for the GPO (General Post Office), which latterly become BT and he worked there for 30 years until he retired.

After their third child was born, Joan started fostering babies before they were officially adopted, so their home has always a been a happy and loving place.

And that’s why, even though they are now 94 and 90 respectively, Lionel and Joan have no intention of moving!


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