day in the life of a care assistant

Every day is different, however, there are several tasks that carers can expect to do on a frequent basis.

Carers play an important role in the lives of many people, helping them to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. They provide essential assistance, company and care for their patients and can improve someone’s quality of life. 

Not only are they there to assist and provide a helping hand, but carers also act as a friend to many in their care, giving comfort and emotional support to those who may not have anyone else. 

Every day is different, however, there are several tasks that carers can expect to do on a frequent basis. 

This includes preparing meals and assisting with eating and drinking, helping patients attend appointments, taking care of household tasks such as shopping and cleaning and helping with personal hygiene. 

Carers can end up working very long hours, often starting early in the morning and ending late in the evening. Shift work can help alleviate these long days, however, those working as live-in carers, or 24-hour carers may be unable to avoid these long days. 

How a day in the life of a care assistant starts

Those who work in care may begin their day by assisting a customer in getting up and ready for the day. This includes helping the customer get out of bed, helping them to wash and dress and preparing breakfast. 

During parts of the day when the carer is not actively needed, they may take care of some general household tasks like cleaning, helping their patient to go through mail or documents, or simply taking the time to have a chat and socialise. 

Towards the end of the day

Towards the end of the day, carers will assist in preparing dinner and helping their customer to eat, administering any medication needed, preparing them for bed and helping them to settle before they sleep. 

While some days may be more demanding than others, carers provide constant support and companionship for those in their care and give a service that is both helpful and necessary. 


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