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Here at Caremark Dartford & Gravesham, we pride ourselves on excellent personal care. As a home care agency, we understand that making a new lifestyle choice such as personal care can be overwhelming at first. As a result, we aim to present you with enough information to assure you that you are making an informed and comfortable choice.Our team of care workers have years of experience and training behind their belt. Our goal is always to allow you to maintain your independence whilst making your life just that little bit easier.
The care worker working with you will not only be thoroughly screened and background checked but catered to your specific needs.As the process of gaining personal care assistance can seem daunting, we have simplified it into five quick steps.

1. Think about what your needs are

We are always equipped and capable of creating a care plan which reflects your standards and aim to work with you to ensure that you are always comfortable. It is important to consider all of your priorities and preferences, no matter how small, to ensure that all your needs are met. There’s no task too small or too big. Will you need help booking and attending appointments with medical professionals? Will you need help with continence, grooming or medication assistance? Do you want help with household chores, shopping and meal preparation, domestic duties and social activities? Do you want assistance to start your day well all the way to preparation for bed, or do you just want a little check-in a few times a week? There is a care plan for you so don’t be afraid to ask.

2. Contact your local Caremark

Once you’ve come to a conclusion on what your needs are, when you now contact your local Caremark office, our office teams are just as friendly as our care assistants and will be happy to answer any questions that you have. The coordinators will support you through your assessments and ensure that your care plan reflects your needs.

3. Book yourself in for an assessment

Now that you’re aware of your needs and your questions are answered, you will engage in an assessment, it’s time to express this to us so we can assign you a care assistant that will suit your specific needs, preferences and values. Our support arrangements are always personalised to an individuals’ or if you wish, your family’s requirements. The services that you have specifically asked for in your care and support plan.

4. Are you qualified for NHS, Local Authority funding or paying for funding?

Once you’ve been assessed and offered a care plan, the next step is being educated on a payment plan. At Caremark, we ensure that the customer is fully aware of the payment structure, and will be quoted with no hidden extras whatsoever. Alternatively, you may qualify for financial support or complete funding. We are happy to advise you on the availability of Local Authority or NHS funding and advise you on which is best suited to your situation. Your payment will be based on an hourly rate that varies depending on the time of day at which our services are provided. It is a possibility that no payment will need to come out of your pocket. Please contact the Caremark office for full details of any questions that you may have. If the funding is through your local authority area, the main methods of funding will either be personal budgets or direct payments. If the funding is through your local HSC Trust area, then the methods of funding will be directly through HSC Trust and direct payments.
If you are not eligible to receive financial assistance from your local authority or local HSC trust, the remaining option is paying privately. If you are paying privately then depending on your local office, you can pay for your care in a number of ways. This includes cheque, debit card or bank transfer. Please check with the gravesend office to see which methods are accepted.

5. Get started!

Enjoy your life of new ease with Caremark home care.


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