Over the past couple of months, we have been working on improving our service following our November 2022 CQC inspection. We provided a survey to our customers. All the questions were solely based on the areas we needed to improve on to gain a true picture of the progress we are making.

Survey Results

During our recent survey, we are really pleased to announce that 85% either positively or strongly agreed/agreed to the questions that were asked regarding the quality of our service, Carers and office staff/communication that we provide. In this newsletter, we will publish what you said and what we did!

Some of our carers were arriving late to the scheduled visits.
   We have had a very good recruitment drive over recent weeks which has enabled us to allow for my carers to be available in the field, so you receive your desired care time on a more regular basis.
Some of our carers do not always stay the allotted time.   We have spoken with staff about timekeeping. In the past did not provide sufficient travel time but now, due to our increased staffing levels, we are able to provide more travel time ensuring carers do not feel rushed to complete their visit.
Some of our customers felt staff need more training in certain areas.Our recent appointment of our new FCS Ruqaiyyah has given many of our carers and customers more confidence as she carries out regular introductory visits with our staff. As a result, carers are more confident in the role they are carrying out.
Communication from the office could improveOver the past weeks/months we have not only seen staffing levels increase in the field with carers and FCS Ruqaiyyah but we have also employed Vickie as our new administrator and have Amy in the office on a more regular basis which has improved the communication.
Not always sure who to report incidents to.We now have a dedicated incident champion, Amy, who reports and is responsible for addressing any queries or concerns.

Room for improvement

We are still aware that our work is not even close being complete as we will continually always strive for improvement each time but we would just to like to let know you know some of the areas we are still working on and give some context/future solutions about them.

We are still aware that not every call time will be perfect, but we believe we are continually improving in this area through our current recruitment process, we are also aware that although we have improved in ringing ahead informing some of you we are running late, we are still not always perfect in doing this, this is something we are trying to improve on daily basis so please bear with us!  

Thank you

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers for working with us and showing great understanding and compassion to us also.


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