Alfred is a young gentleman that was referred to the team through his social worker at Kent County Council. Alfred is a very active, social and kind soul who for many years has been attending a school that specialises in supporting children with learning difficulties and autism. It was his family’s wish for him to be able to spend his school holidays at home with the right level of support and be encouraged to live a more independent life. This is something Caremark specialises in and were approached to provide care and support both in Alfred’s home and in the community.

How we support young adults with autism

Alfred loves being out and about and taking take part in activities such as bowling, visiting the park and grabbing a bite to eat. These are many of the things that we take for granted. 

We understood the importance of matching Alfred with some of our younger carers, who could encourage and motivate him to integrate into society and feel confident in carrying out everyday activities. We took Alfred to a number of different places and tried to vary what he was doing; everything from baking and bowling to visiting Chessington Theme Park! You can see some of what Alfred has been up to below. 

As well as taking him out into the community, Alfred has days where he prefers to stay at home in an environment that is less stimulated. On these days his carers encourage him to walk up the stairs as a way of improving his mobility and be creative through drawing and painting. 

How does our support impact the customers?

Encouraging an individual’s independence is the primary goal of home care services. Alfred has been able to undertake tasks and enjoy experiences that he otherwise may not have been able to if Caremark had not provided the adequate level of care and support. Alfred can go back to school, having improved his confidence and taken steps towards further independence.

How does it impact the parents of young adults with autism?

Having care at home means Alfred was able to return to his family home from school holidays, receiving the correct level of care to support his needs. With the family being his primary carers, it provides them with some peace of mind that Alfred’s care and support needs are being met, so they can also live a balanced life and receive respite as this is often overlooked.

Can we help you?

If you have a loved one that would benefit from this type of service. Please get in touch with the Caremark team to discuss your needs on 01474 320411 or email . We are always here to offer a helping hand to the community of Dartford and Gravesham.


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