If you have not already heard, Caremark Guilford and Woking have shared with us an incredible story that is currently going viral on social media. Care and Support Worker Terri Lea Ryder visited her local petrol station in her Caremark uniform this week and was overwhelmed when everyone in the petrol station stood by their cars and began applauding her. To her surprise one of the onlookers, a gentleman who we have named as ‘The Petrol Station Hero’, thanked Terri by offering to pay for her petrol! Terri took a picture of the moment and Alex, the owner of Caremark Guilford, has shared it on his Facebook page, which has already reached over 300,000 people nationwide! We would like your help to try and find the ‘Petrol Station Hero’ so Alex and his staff can personally thank him for his extraordinary kindness and support.


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