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Caremark Leeds testimonials

At Caremark Leeds, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
"Both my Mum and I have been very pleased with Caremark. I know she will miss that lovely male nurse who gives her a shower. Thanks very much for your wonderful help."Julie Potts, daughter of client11/11/2019
"The carers who come are fantastic and help me to remain in my home, which is what I want. Cherie, Emma and Laura are just a few of my regular carers who I get on well with and the Field Care Supervisor is also great. Anytime I have an issue I know I can contact them, and they will sort it for me.”Steven, a client19/08/2019
“Even though I am with him for long periods of time, I know my grandson looks forward to the carers coming. He likes their company and because they are similar ages, they can talk about things relevant to them as young people.Pamela, grandmother of client19/08/2019
"My husband and I have been in our home for 50 years, which is a long time and we want to live here for many years to come. o do this, we need the support of Caremark. Having the carers come in to assist me with tasks, helps us to do this, and we are very grateful. I have some great carers, but I want to give a special mention to Tomasz. He is here pretty much every day and works so hard to help me.”Janice, a client19/08/2019
“With the best will in the world I wouldn’t be able to support my wife like the carers do; I couldn’t do without them!”Ronnie, husband of a client19/08/2019
“I would be lost without the carers; they really look after me and I look forward to their visits.“They are helping me to stay in my own home, which is very important to me.”Martin27/06/2019
“I don’t want Kath to go in a care home but I couldn’t manage without the carers at Caremark Leeds. They are wonderful and I know when they are here that I don’t have to worry about a thing.”Bill, husband of Kath23/04/2019
“I couldn’t do without them; they are great with mum and when they are here it means I can take a break and get jobs done. The carers have become like family to us.”Bob, son of Mary23/04/2019
Mum lives with us as she has dementia. The carers are doing an excellent job of looking after mum which takes a lot of the responsibility away from me and I know someone will be calling it if I need to go out. They are very patient and caring and explain to Mum what they are doing and why. They are concerned about her welfare and will suggest when to call the GP in or discuss different foods we can try. We get regular carers so which helps mum as she recognises them. I feel as if I have made knew friends.Susan R (Daughter of Client)
All of our carers show kindness and consideration to their client. They are alert to any problems that arise and anything that may become a problem. E.g Pressure sores the staff are supportive to both my husband and myself his carer.Maureen B (Wife)
My husband is being treated by Caremark after a massive stroke he has leg amputation and little movement in his arms, hands and legs and has to be moved by hoist, his treatment is fist class, with much are from all the staff. Couldn't be looked after better by any other agency.Joyce L (Wife of Client)
Good at doing me a bath and watching me shave. I just speak to the office on the phone and sometimes the supervisor comes.Anthony D (Client)
Standard of service is excellent along with devoted and dedicated staff.Barry C (Son of Client)
Always arrives as if she is happy to come and always seems sure that she is in the right job (Samantha). Unlike previous agency's rep never criticises facilities or e.g quality of soap! Always treats my very sensitive skin with great care. Never grumpy (e.g about the bad weather). Ready to chuckle about my attempts to amuse. A good listener and does not gossip. Never discouraging.Winifred Bairstow (Client)
For domestic cleaning of house, upstairs and downstairs, a very good job is done one a week by one of the staff.Steven Dickinson (Son of Client)
Care and support given by the service is excellentMr. M (Client's Husband)
I have nothing but praise for the carers. Thank you for the good care you gave to mum.Mrs I (Client's Daughter)
Thank you for the understanding and professionalism before my brother's passing. The family are extremely grateful for the efforts in making my brother's final years as comfortable as possibleMr C (Client's Brother)
4 Carers (names removed for confidentiality) were all marvellous! I am very happy and wish I could take them with me when I move.Mrs T (Client)
I am very happy with the Caremark staffTelephone call from (client's wife BZ)
All carers who visit my mother are great, supportive, and very informative. I'm very happySon of client (FB)
I am very happy with Caremark (Leeds) and the carersWife of client (DQ)
I am very happy with my rota and permanent allocations thanks to the Field Care Supervisor and Co-ordinatorCarer AR
Thank you for taking both fast track clients. The clients are really happy with the carers and service provided.Social Worker (TR)
On behalf of my mother who has used Caremark for years and has always payed privately, I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to the field care supervisor. She brought to our attention that my mum could perhaps have her personal care paid for by the social services and made an appointment for us to meet with them. The outcome now is that my mum only needs to pay for her domestic and shopping visits. If it had not been for the field care supervisor my mum would still be paying for something that the social services could help her with. Nothing like this was ever mentioned by previous supervisors and I can certainly say that this supervisor "knows her stuff." I have thanked her personally but thought that you would like to know how grateful we are.JM Daughter of client
I would like to let you know how much of a good job our supervisor has done since she has been with us. I have had other supervisors but this supervisor has been the best so far. I feel that she listens to what we have to say and if there is a problem she does something about it. Please, please, please make sure we keep her as it's not just me that thinks she is doing a good job, there are other carers as well.Carer S
My times and duration has been changed according to my needs, suitability and availability. SA is very competent and extremely kind and has gone beyond the call of duty in being helpful. As i have told her once before, she is a real treasure.BB Client
I am very happy with my carer, I would like to thank you for sending him to my father. He interacts with my father and understand him well. We are very happy.CP Daughter of Client
Thank you so much for yours and the teams help and care during A's illness. He felt secure and at ease with all the carers which was a comfort to us all.CB Daughter of Client
All staff and cares are polite, friendly and very caring. Nothing is too much trouble for them. My mother-in-law is 99 years of age. All care workers treat her with respect and dignity.Marjorie D (Daughter in Law of Client)
On the whole, all is excellent. You cannot beat all the staff. They all do a good job. I like to have staff that I know, it is so much easier.M.Senior (Client)
No trouble, I keep in touch with the office a lot. No trouble when they come. No disagreement with themA.Dean (Client)
As far as I am concerned, the care given by this company is excellent. I am extremely satisfied.M.Williams (Wife of Client)
Very happy with carers and service I receive.David S (Client)
The carers are lovely and I have a laugh with them. They treat me with respect and I'm never frightened of falling with a particular carer. I have my favourites.Margaret J (Client)
The carers are helpful. They do anything I ask them. They give me showers. They are a marvelous company. I think the company is wonderful. The manager is very good, concerned and good to me. I want to stay with them forever.Florrie S (Client)
The carers are good at their job. They all treat me with respect and dignity and do what they are asked.Susan B (Client)
I am happy with the service, you can have a laugh with the carers. There is good banter. If I was to change provider. It wouldn't be the same.Steven (Client)
On the whole the carers who visit are excellent. Nothing it too much trouble.Leonard B (Client)
Workers do a really good job and are careful and steady with my husband. Had difficulty with the supervisor which the manager addressed in a comfortable way.Bernice B (Wife of Client)
A short note to say a big thank you for your help when mum was unwell. Thanks especially to NS (carer) who I couldn't have managed without. She was a little star. I know once mum comes out of hospital I can depend on you again.DG Daughter of Client
Since you came back into our lives last July i felt reassured that Mum was in good hands and it was lovely to see friendly faces. I am so grateful you were able to take Mum on as one of your clients. Your carers always treated Mum with dignity and looked after her well. At the same time were very supportive of me, especially towards the end, I cannot speak highly enough of everyone and I trust you appreciate having such wonderful staff. Everyone at the office when I have phoned has been very helpful. I will always be thankful that it was Caremark Leeds who looked after both my parents.JW Client's Daughter
Just a quick note to thank all of your staff who cared for our mum in her final weeks at home. It was a great comfort to know she was in very capable hands, and they nursed and fed her. She was a great character and spoke highly of all the staff MB, JK, CK, SA, NB to mention but a few.

Thank you very much
Family of Client MS
A very special thank you for all your thoughtfulness, with many thanks to you and all the carers who came to EM to help us. You were stars.

Our love
DM & GM Son & Daughter of Client EM
Just a wonderful service, trustworthy girls who treat myself and my husband with the highest respect. No complaints at all.A.P (Wife of Client)
My experience with Caremark Leeds has been very good. It brings me out of my shell when the carers are here.Micheal M (client)
Generally happy with the carers and the quality of the care. Some carers in particular work very well with me. Also some are very attentive.M.E (Husband of Client)
Surprised when got one (homecare company) as I didn't know home care existed, but once I got one carer I cannot do without her.M J (Client)
Very good service can't fault it. Very efficient carers and willing. Always check if there's anything else to do. They all have a very good work ethic.LB (Client)
We are very pleased with the care we receive from our carers. They are very helpful in all aspects. They are very cheerful and we look forward to seeing them twice a day. As of this moment we have never had any issues with Caremark, we are always told if the carers will be late or earlier of any changes.JM (Client)
The company is alright. I like most of the carers.E.G (Customer)
I have had Caremark looking after me since May 2015 as my old care company could not provide the increase in care i needed. At first i was not happy to change as i had been with the old company a long time. It was not long before i got used to the new carers, they are always pleased and happy. I have the same carers over the week so they know my needs. They treat me with respect and dignity in my own home and they stick to their rota times, which is always the same each day. The staff are lovely and i would recommend them.JS (Client)
I have been a customer for 7 years and only had 2 incidents. Carers are very good and some are very entertaining.PD (Client)
Many thanks for the care received by our father before his sad death.
All carers, without exception, were kind, sincere, respectful, and professional which made such a sad time easier to get through.
We are grateful for all their care, respect, and kindness.
Family of BN via
I really like my carer KashaMrs S (Customer)
I would like to thank Sue for her hard work and support. It is much appreciatedMr H (Customer)
Richard, Sue, and Susan are fantastic carers. They make me feel really safe when transferring.Mr C (Customer)
Louise is the best carer they have ever had for the sit service. She is interactive and the best carer they have ever had. She is brilliant and the bees knees!!Mrs T (Customer)
My dad is very happy with the service and the carers. I have no complaints.Mrs J (Daughter of Mr J - Telephone Monitoring)
The service is all fine and I have nothing to complain about. I am very happy with the carers. They are always well dressed an punctual.Mr B (Customer - Telephone Monitoring)
My dad was very happy with Irene who visited on the weekendDaughter of Mr R (Customer)
I am very happy with the service and the carers and I have high priase for Edel.Mrs M (Customer - Telephone Monitoring)
I am very happy with the service and I don't ever want my carer to change (Sue)Mr L (Customer)
The service is wonderful and more than we expected. I am really happy with everything. The carers are amazing and they are very caring and kind.Mr S (Customer)
I am vey happy with the sewrvices and the carers, especially NickiMr S (Customer)
Everything is going very well and my wife and I are happy with the carers. They are very caring and kind.Mr & Mrs H (Customers)
The carers are very kind and I am happy with them. Everything is working well and I am happy with the serviceMrs F (Customer)
I am made to feel very safe by the carers and they are very kind. I am happy with all aspects of care and the serviceMr D (Customer)
The standars of care are good and I am happy with the carers. They always come well dressed and puntual. They also make me feel very safeMrs D (Customer)
Caremark are very responsive to my needs and they make me feel very safe. They provide good services. The carers are very kind and everything is working well. They are aleays well dressed and I am overall happy with the services and the carersMrs D (Customer)
The carers look after my mum as if she was their own. We are very happy with the service.Daughter of Mrs B (Customer)
I feel very lucky to have Caremark. I'm very happy with the service and the carers.Mr B (Customer)
I am very happy with Caremark and Nick is a very good carer and I get on great with him.Mr W P (Customer)
My mum is very happy with the service and the carers, especially Janet.Daughter of Mrs S (Customer - Telephone Monitoring)
The care is brilliant and we are really impressed with how this lady (Mrs C) is bed bound, but free from sores and her care is brilliant.
Demi and Michelle are fantastic
Pinderfields Hospital Nursing Team
I am very happy with the service. Janet is lovely and caring.Mr W (Customer)
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