Our teams are experienced in supporting people who have Enteral Feeding systems. Our staff are competent in managing feed levels, recording, monitoring and observing any changes in health.

Our staff can support people with NG Tubes and provide Gastrostomy Button changes.

Infection Control is a critical element for Enteral Feeding systems, we dedicate specific training sessions led by our Clinical Lead and external PEG/PEJ Specialists to ensure our support staff are knowledgeable and competent. This is further supported by our Case Leaders out in the customer’s own home or community to monitor our staff’s application and care practice in adhering to strict infection control protocols.

Having dedicated highly trained specific support workers enables individuals to access their community, social activities, educational and workplace settings confident that their feed regimes and infection control are professionally managed.

Enteral Feeding: Emily’s Story

emily's enteral feeding story

Emily was born with a diagnosis of Moebius Plus Syndrome which is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder. She was also diagnosed with Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CHS) which is a respiratory disorder that results in respiratory arrest during sleep. Emily maintains her airway through her Tracheostomy and BIPAP ventilation to manage her respiratory arrest at night.

Emily’s dieticians manage her enteral feeding plans. All her calorific and nutritional needs are met with prescribed milk via her pump feed.

Emily requires 1-1 support from her support workers to manage all her airway and Eternal Feeding regimes in order for her to attend school.

Emily has a core team of support workers who are trained on all her clinical needs by our in-house Clinical Lead Nurse.

We transport Emily to and from school enabling her parents to attend to their everyday requirements. This ensures Emily arrives at school with all her clinical equipment needs and in good health.

Our team have worked over a period of time with Emily understanding her personality and needs and importantly how she likes her care delivered. Emily communicates through her IPAD with her support team, building confidence and trust. Our support workers have enabled Emily to now administer her own PEG Flushes developing her independence.

Emily is thriving at school, her attendance is consistent, she enjoys her lessons, particularly Science often winning ‘Science Star of the week’. She is also now engaging in after school activities going to dance classes and building a lovely group of friends building on her social inclusion.

Positively Achieving:

  • Consistent Education Pathway
  • Developing engaged learning
  • Independence – self-care regime

Emily was supported to attend her After School Clubs with assistance from her regular and consistent Care and Support Worker.


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