Cerebral Palsy is a progressive neurological degenerative disease. Often an individual’s symptoms are specific to them and therefore we ensure our support plan is bespoke and considered. Whilst life limiting this can vary and as such the needs of an individual are impacted.

Our experience supporting individuals with degenerative diseases encompasses, Airway Management, Mobility, Physical Stimulation, Hydro, Medication, Nutrition and Hydration plans to incorporate Swallowing and PEG , Sleep Management Systems, Speech and Communication Systems including facial and gesture recognition plans.

Ruben’s Story

Ruben has Cerebral Palsy and quadriplegia. He cannot mobilise independently and is supported with a specialised wheelchair for moving around his home and community.

Ruben is unable to verbally communicate and requires support to assist him with his nutrition, personal care and daily living needs.

Caremark were asked to support Ruben on weekends to give his family some respite and build Rubens independence and confidence in accessing his community.

Ruben can display some behaviours that challenge if the people around him are not consistent and do not understand his needs. We worked with Ruben and his family to develop a small dedicated team of support workers who could commit to the times Ruben needed support (Weekends) and who had the skills to support Rubens specific needs.

As Ruben built confidence with his team he started to access the community. He likes going to Meadowhall shopping centre and Rotherham Town Centre. His team of support workers have worked with Ruben and his communication techniques. He like to have two choices and raises either his left or right arm to display which choice he is selecting.

Ruben is also learning Makaton with his support workers and had expanded his vocabulary with them, further enhancing his communication and giving him a voice and choice.

In a short space of time Ruben has grown confidence in his support team and is communicating more and making choices about his community and social inclusion.

Positively Achieving:

  • Social Inclusion – Accessing his community.
  • Consistent care regime – Regulates Behaviours
  • Having a voice & choice – Communicates with Makaton & Gestures
  • Family Respite

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