People with Autism present in diverse ways across the spectrum. We spend time to understand the person involving family, friends and professionals to ensure we provide the specific support each individual requires.

  • What are your communication preferences?
  • What environments do you feel comfortable and safe in, both at home and in the community?
  • How do you engage with others?
  • What are your interests?
  • What feels good to you?

Our Autism Champion will lead on your care, ensuring clear pathways and goals are agreed together and supported to achieve positive outcomes.

Autism: Reece’s Story

autism care

Reece has a diagnosis of Autism and has a Learning Development Delay. Supporting Reece after school, his dedicated workers enable him to engage in activities of interest.

Reece loves to go to the park and play football and use the climbing frames. He also has enjoyed time at Treasure Island accessing the play areas.

Over a 5 year period, Reece has developed his social skills and independence gaining trust in his support workers. Overtime we have seen Reece grow into a friendly, kind and intelligent young man, developing his confidence, social engagement and communication.

Autism care and support: Reece has developed his cognitive skills with support from Caremark’s team and he now communicates verbally using phrases and short sentences, which enables him to make choices on the activities he likes to do and places he loves to go to.

Whilst Reece is enjoying his independence, safely with his support workers, his parents can also enjoy some respite time.

Supported community access has further developed his life-skills and confidence amongst others. Reece, his parents and his brother recently attended Caremark’s Halloween Party engaging with other children and adults.

Reece’s support workers say ‘Reece has a very warm and kind personality, it’s a pleasure to support him watching him develop and we enjoy our time with him’.

Reece’s parents said ‘Thank You for Inviting us all to the Halloween Party, Reece loved engaging and being around the other Children’.

Reece is Now Positively Achieving:

  • Accessing his community
  • Developing confidence and life-skills
  • Independent away from parents
  • Having a voice in making Personal Choices.

Reece loves to spend time at our Allotment, he recently planted some carrot seeds and has visited the Allotment several times to keep them watered and to personally look after them. He then dug up his carrots…..

Look at the amazing results he got!


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