Airway Management:

Caremark Rotherham & Sheffield provide support with airway management, helping customers with difficulties such as airway obstruction and respiratory difficulties.

Nurse Led by our Clinical Lead working with Therapists, Ventilation and Respiratory Consultants, we will develop a safe delivery of care to support your specific respiratory requirements.

We will manage your Tracheostomy including suctioning, tapes, tube changes, bag ventilation and nebulisers. We can support with Stoma care, Chest Physio, Cough Assist, BIPAP & CPAP Ventilation and Hydro.

Often speech is affected, we are experienced in speech and language techniques incorporating communication systems and Makaton.

Our experienced Airway Management trained Support Workers will enable you to live a fulfilled life both at home and in the community. This can include supporting into school, further education, the workplace and social activities.

To understand what we do, have a read about what we did for Chloe on her residential school trip..

Airway Management: Chloe’s Story

Chloe has a medical diagnosis of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1). SMA type 1 is a rare genetically inherited neuromuscular condition. The condition causes progressive muscle weakness and loss of movement. SMA also affects the muscles used for breathing, meaning Chloe requires non-invasive ventilation during the night to support her breathing which is delivered by a nasal mask.

Chloe also has kyphosis and Scoliosis which is a sideways curvature of the spine, caused by SMA. As a result, Chloe requires support with mobility, personal care and administering medications.

Airway management: We support Chloe at home with overnight care, at School and out in the community. Chloe enjoys a safe home and social life with her support workers engaging in shopping trips, visits to the cinema and many outdoor activities.

We recently supported Chloe to attend a Residential School trip…

Chloe went abseiling and definitely did not allow anything to stop her! She loved being involved in all of the activities and fufilled some BIG & IMPORTANT Goals!

There was a large amount of planning and dedication that went into Chloe’s trip; from robust care plans, well-developed risk assessments, equipment backup plans, breakdown cover for the travel car and regular contact with parents.

This was Chloe’s first independent trip away from her family and her anxiety levels were understandably high, however, the caring nature of her three regular support workers who know her incredibly well, gave her confidence and enabled her to fulfil her BIG & IMPORTANT GOAL of her first school residential adventure.

Chloe said

‘When I was told about the school trip, I knew I wanted to go and I understood the difficulties around it…. but with my amazing staff to support me, I was able to go and have the best time ever! I completed archery, abseiling, rifle shooting and puzzle solving.’

Chloe’s School said

‘Sophie, Abbey and Kelly (Chloe’s Support Workers) did an excellent job on the residential trip. Together we established a good system of communication whereby they were able to relate to us if there were concerns re Chloe’s ability to access something, her energy levels or the impact of any equipment-related issues, which meant it could then be swiftly dealt with. Equally, they responded quickly and effectively to our queries and communications regarding plans and itineraries.

They struck a great balance between listening to Chloe’s doubts and worries, whilst also encouraging her to trust the provision and try new things – they played a big part in Chloe’s success in ascending up the abseiling tower and then coming down again. It was a pleasure to have them as part of the team and their positivity was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything.”

L.D (SENCo & Safeguarding Lead at Grenoside School)

Chloe is positively achieving……….

  • Independence – building confidence pushing boundaries
  • Social Inclusion
  • Relationship building
  • Educational activities

Chloe has developed a special relationship with the Caremark team, she shows great trust and interest in all her support workers and the Management and Office teams. Airway management support from Caremark has given her the strength to live and face her daily obstacles.

She has recently commenced writing a piece for our quarterly newsletter entitled ‘Chloe’s Corner’.. to date she has written about her care workers, and shopping trips and even interviewed our Directors with some tough deep questions!

Chloe and her Support Worker at the shooting range.


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