We love our customers, and they seem to love us too!

The team are making a very big difference to my life in every way. It’s unimaginable what they do, they tell me about their day and the holidays they have been on, which helps me. It makes me feel a sense of belonging as I do feel isolated. They are everything – kind, efficient and thoughtful.

Irene, customer

The carers definitely help me to maintain an active life. There are times I am tempted just to slob in a chair, and they will get me up and moving. Other companies just seemed to employ anyone who applied whereas Caremark ensure they are people who are actually cut out to be carers, who will treat people with respect, act professionally. They do care, they chat and make you feel that you do matter. I also like to cook and if I text one of the carers who helps with cleaning, they are happy to pick up some shopping on the way to see me. I can then do batch cooking of healthy meals to save time and money. If I’m tempted to buy too many crisps or nuts or junk food, they’ll suggest something healthier which I appreciate.

Jeremy, customer

The other company seemed more focused on the companionship side of things whereas Caremark Kirklees seemed more aware of how best to care for someone with dementia. They had a deep understanding of the condition and could see to his needs and also appreciated Dad wanted to be as independent as possible. They are very good, they treat him as an individual and like an adult. That was very important because Dad is very strong willed and still thinks he is 35.”

Anne, sister of customer

Your carers are a million per cent kind and compassionate and I cannot praise them enough. They try so hard and I feel secure knowing that Mum is safe, and they even take the time to check in on me too. We are totally happy with the care and support they provide.


Patricia, daughter of customer

At first mum didn’t want carers and it was hard work to get to the point where she agreed to give it a try, which I imagine is often the case. It has worked out well though and just the other day she said to me she is glad they come in. It’s not just the care they provide but also that social interaction. It is also such a relief for me to know there is someone there caring for mum when I’m not there.

Carol, daughter of customer

We have had Caremark carers in for Mum for eighteen months now and we are very happy with the services provided. Caremark are a friendly, efficient and well-organised company with high recruitment and training standards which means we have been very happy with all of Mum’s care. Any minor tweaks and shortfalls we have felt necessary to bring to Caremark’s attention (all very minor) have been received with politeness and swiftly dealt with. Not only has Mum benefitted enormously from the care services offered, the family has been relieved of so much stress. Over the time period using Caremark, our confidence in you has never been shaken and we are happy that Mum is safe, secure and happy in the hands of your staff. Many thanks to you.

Jane, daughter of customer

I love all my carers, they make a massive impact on my life. My days are so much better and I feel I can cope more!

Terri, customer

The carers at Caremark are very friendly and caring towards the customers and I would recommend to any family and friends looking for a care company.

Amanda, daughter of customer

Thank you all so very much for your care and efforts to get everything right for my mother. She is a happy woman with fantastic support and carers who are familiar with her and her health changes and make her feel special, respected and cared for. Teamwork. Thank you.

Kay, daughter of customer

That social side of things is very important to my friend Jane. She is able to have a laugh with her carers, has enjoyed getting to know them and as a retired teacher I’m sure she will have given them some advice whether they want it or not!”

Kate, friend of customer

We rely on the carers and Dad could not be at home without them. One of his carers, Sarah, goes above and beyond for him all the time, so we could not be happier with the care he receives.

Michael, son of customer

The carers are very good, especially Jon. They help me in and out of bed, make sure I have all my meals and they wash my hair every week which I look forward to. They always do everything I ask of them, so I have no complaints whatsoever.

Eileen, customer

The carers are very good; I really do not know what I would do without them. They help me so I can stay in my home which holds many happy memories for me.

Bob, customer

It’s very important to my Aunt that she has the independence of her own home. I live over an hour’s drive away and also have my own mum to look after too, so without the help of Caremark there’s just no way that could have happened. It’s such a relief to know they check whether she is properly hydrated, it can be difficult to get people to drink enough water so they bring in different squashes for variety. Daily conversation is so important is also important to my Aunt. She likes to hear what her carers have been doing and what’s going on locally in the area she knows, it helps her feel part of the wider world.

Roger, customer

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