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02 Mar 2018


In 2017, Lawrence Johnson became bed bound.Blind in both eyes and suffering from crippling arthritis, diabetes and angina, the 87-year-old is reliant on others to support him.

His wife Linda does an amazing job ensuring he remains in the home they share in Huddersfield, but this is complemented by visits four times a day from two of our carers.

Two carers are required due to Lawrence needing to be lifted so they can bathe him and ensure he does not get bed sores from lying down all day.

They also see to his other personal needs, including ensuring he has access to the supply of jelly babies he loves to eat!

Linda says of the care we provide Lawrence: “Even with the greatest will in the world, there’s no way I could do the things they do for him; I really would be lost without them.

“His previous care provider was simply not up to scratch and one day my son saw a Caremark car in the street and asked them about their services.

"So by total chance, they became Lawrence’s new care provider and I couldn’t be happier.”
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