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02 Mar 2018


John Davies worked for 35 years at a cash and carry store, and considered himself fit and healthy.But in 2004 and completely out of the blue, he began experiencing pains in his chest and back and generally felt weak.

After tests, he was diagnosed with Polyneuropathy, a general degeneration of peripheral nerves that spread towards the centre of the body.

This has left him with poor mobility so since 2006 he has required homecare to enable him to continue living in his home in Huddersfield.

John was referred to Caremark (Kirklees) in June 2017. Our carers visit him on a morning to help him get out of bed, shower, dress and give him breakfast. They return again at lunchtime to ensure he is ok and to make him his lunch, and a third visit takes place on an evening where they prepare his dinner and get him ready for bed.

One member of his care team is Jenny Quinn. She has provided care for John for over ten years, initially when she was working with another provider and now at Caremark.

John says: “Jenny is a lovely person and really looks after me, but so do the other carers too; I really couldn’t ask for more.

“Having worked all my life, it has been difficult having to now rely on other people to do the things I used to take for granted, like dressing myself and making my lunch, but the Caremark team treat with me great dignity and respect.

“I look forward to their visits because it’s nice company for me too.”
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