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09 Oct 2018


Ethel Garner has lived in her home in Huddersfield for almost 50 years.The home holds lots of happy memories for her, but at 88-year-old and with health issues such as arthritis, sciatica and angina, it was getting increasingly difficult to get up and down the stairs.

Despite amazing support from her great Niece, Ethel was faced with the prospect of having to leave her home to move somewhere which was more suitable for her needs.

However, her family arranged for her bed to be moved downstairs and in 2016, she began receiving care and support from Caremark (Kirklees).

She remains very independent, but once a day at lunchtime, our carers visit Ethel to help with things such as making her bed, washing up and vacuuming.

Ethel says: “I still make all my own meals but because I am not great on my feet, it’s hard to do the more physical tasks, so this is where Caremark really help me.

“My regular carer is Judith and I can’t say enough nice things about her.

“She sees things that need doing that I don’t spot and I never need to ask her to do something as she is always on top of everything.

“I trust her and she is very special.”

Ethel credits Caremark with enabling her to remain in her home.

She adds: “You can do your own thing in your own home and I like spending my time reading my magazines and watching television, particularly athletics which is my favourite sport.”
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