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14 Jun 2018


In 2016, 78-year-old Edna Crowther fell and broke her hip.This made it difficult for her to do many of the things she had, up until point, taken for granted, such as domestic chores and making meals.

Rather than having to leave her home of over 30 years she chose to pay for private home care and selected Caremark Kirklees.

Twice a day on a morning and lunchtime, our carers visit Edna.

The morning call involves helping her to get up, if needed, making her breakfast and some general housework, such as emptying the bins.We return again at lunch to make her a meal, and on an evening the very independent Edna takes care of herself.

She says: “I live on my own and it’s nice to be able to see other people for an hour or so each day as I can no longer leave the house without support.

“My main carer is Judith and I can’t speak highly enough about her; she is amazing.“She has become a friend and I look forward to her visits.

“I want to remain as independent as possible and I am able to do this with Judith’s and Caremark’s support.

“Private home care isn’t as much as people may think and I think people should give it a try. I certainly feel like I am getting value for my money.”
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