Delivering In-Home Dementia Care Services in East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne

Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne are devoted to providing personalised, dementia care in the comfort of your own home, with a steadfast commitment to improving the well-being of individuals living with dementia.

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I love caring for others!

Dependable Dementia Care in East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne

At Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne, we have a profound appreciation for the significance of comfort and familiarity in the lives of those touched by dementia. Our devoted care assistants, who possess specialised training in dementia care, offer heartfelt support within the cherished surroundings of our customers’ homes. They facilitate daily routines, promote mobility, and cultivate cognitive engagement through meaningful activities. Our dedication to safety and routine enables individuals to preserve a sense of normalcy, empowering them to continue experiencing enriching and fulfilling lives.

Personalised Dementia Care in East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne

Our core principle revolves around delivering individualised dementia care, carefully designed to address the distinct needs and dreams of those entrusted to our care. Commencing with a thorough assessment, our dedicated team creates a responsive care plan that adapts to evolving circumstances. Recognising the diverse manifestations of dementia, our empathetic care assistants remain flexible, gracefully adapting to fluctuations in behaviour or memory. Our ultimate objective is to offer care that honours the unique identity and life journey of each individual.

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Dementia may steal memories, but it can never erase the love and moments that were shared

Offering Compassionate Support and Guidance for Families

Understanding the emotional and physical challenges that come with caring for a loved one with dementia, Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne extends respite dementia care services. These services grant families a much-needed respite, secure in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving expert and compassionate care. Furthermore, we empower families with valuable resources and guidance to deepen their comprehension and bolster their coping strategies in managing dementia. Our mission is to offer steadfast support and comfort to families at every step of their dementia care journey.


How does Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne personalise its Care for Dementia?

Our dementia care philosophy is deeply personalised. We initiate the process with a comprehensive assessment to gain profound insights into the unique needs and preferences of every individual. This information forms the bedrock upon which we build a bespoke care plan, one that maintains flexibility and adapts seamlessly to the evolving nature of the condition.

What does Dementia Care at Home at Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne involve?

Within the familiar surroundings of your own home, our dementia care services encompass assisting with daily routines, encouraging mobility, and nurturing cognitive stimulation through engaging activities.

What support does Caremark East Hertfordshire & Broxbourne provide to families of dementia sufferers?

We extend respite dementia care services to offer a temporary rest for both families and caregivers. Furthermore, we provide invaluable resources and guidance, empowering families to gain a deeper insight into dementia and refine their coping strategies.

Why choose Caremark?

You’ll be in safe hands – our services care for over 14,000 customers.

personalised care

Personalised care

We provide care that is an individual as you are. You are unique, so your care plan must be too!

excellent standards

Excellent standards

Our quality of care is exemplary. You are extremely important to us, and we care for you like you were our own family.

cheery visits

Cheery visits

We employ our staff based on their personalities – caring, compassionate, cheery and fun!

allocated care assistant

Allocated Care Assistant

We spend time matching our Care Assistants with our customers and maintaining that pairing.

family contact

Family contact

We are open and transparent with family members and share details of each visit when requested.



Customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. We are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection.


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