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Caremark Ealing testimonials

At Caremark Ealing, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Dear Care Mark Ealing,

I would like to thank Nimo, Precious, Maxine and Charlotte for their care of my mother, Josephine Gorman who passed away on 10th November only a day or so following your commission to care for her. They were all so kind and gentle with her as she went through the final stages of her life and I know they were as surprised as I was that she passed so quickly.

In particular I would like to thank and send my very best wishes to Nimo and Precious as her primary carers. I have worried about them both because they were shocked by the situation and as young people with their own lives and families it is very important that your company values and supports them to deal with the emotional impact of seeing people suffer and die. Please pass on my thanks and good wishes.

With best wishes,
Madeleine Gorman
Dear Moni and all your team,

I gather that now David Hurst’s care arrangements have increased to three visits a day, you are no longer in a position to care for my uncle and his care is being transferred to another provider

David and I wish to thank you for all you have done to help him over the last few months. In particular he has said how much he has appreciated Lindy’s cooking and company. He has also mentioned the meticulous care that Barbara takes over assisting with his washing. The whole family has been grateful to know that someone has been able to step in and help him as his needs have increased.

I wish you all well in the future.

Best wishes,
Dear Moni,
It was lovely to see Mary, Ruth and Marlene at the funeral yesterday. It shows how much you all care. Thank you for your help.
Here is a review:
My friend in a care home had no family and few visitors, so I asked Caremark if they could provide a companion to visit twice a week and brighten up her days. She was delighted to get such friendly visitors, who made her feel loved and special. Thanks to these lovely ladies, my friends last years were a lot less lonely.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased l was that you sent Lucy to care for my grand-daughter while l was at work.

My grand-daughter has severe mental health problems and Lucy was superb. Lucy's cheerful, willing and caring attitude was of great comfort. Lucy was inspirational and a great motivator. There appeared to be nothing Lucy couldn't do.

I will highly recommend your service and thank you once again for sending Lucy.

Yours faithfully
M. Becker06/10/2019
Good morning Moni,
Firstly, to thank your wonderful staff on behalf of my parents for the beautiful flowers and messages of condolence after my fathers passing!
Secondly, to praise ALL of them for the dignity, respect and love they have shown my father in the past 5 and half years!
God bless them all
Gerard Hartnett24/03/2019
Dear Moni,

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care your company Caremark provided to me mother Savita Morjaria following age related disabilities.
Before I came into hospital for the operation, I was very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown but you were all so kind and reassuring when I arrived which took away a lot of my apprehension.
Your company demonstrated total commitment into caring for my mother when me and my family were helpless in the days immediately following her debilitatating condition, and also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to make my mother comprtable .
I’d like to particularly thank Maxine and Vanda,and who provided my mum with excellent ound nursing care and to my wife comfort and help whenecer asked.These were members of the team whom I saw on a daily basis and whom I became particularly close to know them and their passion in the care they give. However, I’d also like to thank all the other people, too numerous to mention, who all played such an important part in my mothers care.
Thanks to you all, without your companys help and wonder fullstaff help, this would not have been possible so you can imagine how grateful I am.
Thank you all once again for all your care and support.
Best regards,
Tarla &Lalit Morjaria04/02/2019
Thanks so much for all your help in looking after my husband for 4 years. Thanks to all the carers.
Thank you Moni.
Mrs L11/06/2018
Dear Moni,

I hope you are well. I wanted to thank you and your amazing team for taking such good care of my husband, Bill over the last two years. Your carers showed love and compassion for Bill, and ensured that he was cared for with the respect and dignity that he deserved.

You and your team supported me every step of the way, throughout the two year period. And when Billy passed away, you maintained that strong support to help me get through the most difficult time. I could not have done it without all of you.

I wanted to say keep up the good work you have been doing. It is a very honourable job that you and your carers have, one that is not as rewarding as it should be but know that it is for a very good cause.

Please send my love to all the girls. Stay in touch.

God Bless,

Kay Aherne
Kay Aherne22/12/2017
Hello Moni,

I just wanted to thank Gloria, Diana and Sarah for the way they are looking after mum.
It has been such a relief knowing that they are there making sure mum is ok.

Thank you
Shireen x24/02/2017
I would like to thank you and Moni for your continued support which has really helped in improving Sharon's care and standard of living. We couldn't have done it without you and your team's assistance.Christine Shaw07/12/2016
Whilst writing can you please pass on my thanks to all the carers that have looked after Audrey in such a caring way enabling her to stay at home as she wished.Steve01/12/2016
Thanks a lot for your help Moni and please give Mr Joseph my regards!
He was great!!
Ibiyo Lawrence19/10/2016
Dear Moni

I wish to express sincere appreciation for your comprehensive report with your quick response to the raised concerns. The report below sheds light into your thorough risk assessment, finding and promotion of customer’s independence and wellbeing.

Your agency, particularly her main carer Pauline, really made a difference in this customer’s quality of life.

Your high quality care is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Dipuo Ndabankulu Social Worker Ealing Social Services GNP12/10/2016
Hi Moni,
The Carer was very nice and attentive. You have been helpful and flexible. I'll use you again, should we visit again.


Craig Mccrossan23/09/2016
Dear Moni

I wish to express appreciation for your carer’s success in getting customer to accept care, as customer was forgetful and not eating adequately and would not accept any care. Your carer seems to have developed good rapport and relationship.

She has, with commitment and caring, made a difference in this customer’s life.

Hope the agency takes note of this and pass this appreciation from me as customer’s social worker.

Kind Regards

Dipuo Ndabankulu
Social Worker
Ealing Social Services
We are really grateful to all your carers who have been looking after dad. They were very caring and helpful. Dad could not ask for more. Thanks to Vinod, he has been kind especially during the last three weeks of dad. Rishi, Lily and all the other carers have been so wonderful. Thanks to CaremarkG .D11/06/2015
i must say a big thanks to all your staff Moni, they have been very helpful, kind and very good to my dad. They are more like a family. Special thanks to Lewis - he was the only one that my dad shook his hand. He takes very special care of him and he is so delighted. Janet has been wonderful, Rsihi - they will all miss him.

I must say, you have a great team.

Thanks to Caremark
Harry Panesar11/06/2015
Thank you for all of the help Caremark has provided. It is helping us tremendously.Mariko Golden08/05/2015
She has said she is satisfied with the current carers and doesn't have any issues. She commented that they were very good. She hope that they will continue to provide the care.Mrs J Ward05/05/2015
Thank you Will for collecting my shopping and bringing it back home to me.

I appreciate this.
Mrs Kramer05/01/2015
Dear Moni

On behalf of all my brothers and sisters and I, I would like to say a big Thank you to all the staff and carers who took great care of our father. In particular Ricardo, Ricky, Rishi and Raymond. They were always there on time and took great care of our father, they were very friendly and kind to all the family. I do not have any complaints towards these individuals regarding the care and hospitality they provided my father with. They always completed everything we told them to do and overall they were very helpful. We sincerely appreciate and are very pleased with the service they provided.

Many Thanks
Tara Ahmed , Tony, Tabby , Ahmed and Zahid02/12/2014
Dear Ms Moni

I am writing on behalf of my mother Mrs Saghir Kureshi and myself to thank you for the services of your care workers who looked after my mother very well during the period that they came. We found that your care workers had a good, pleasant, and caring temperament. This is very important when looking after elderly people. The previous care agency which we had mostly had care workers who were rough in their handling of my mother and therefore we had to remove them from providing care services to my mother.

Yours sincerely
Kamal A. Kureshi Son of Mrs Saghir Kureshi27/11/2014
I am very happy that l changed my agency. The carers are very good and polite. They talk to me nicely and always talk to my husband as well even though they are for me. i have told Social Services if they need carers they should speak to Caremark. I will recommend Caremarks to anyone.Deborah Burrows21/10/2014
My dad has been using care services for the past 5 years, this is different. My mum is happy for the services provided by Caremark. Dad is happy with the carers - making him happy all the time.Michael Kramer - Son03/10/2014
Caremark you have been great - l must say thank you to your staff.Rory Dain - Client's son10/07/2014
Thanks for bringing out the man in my daddy.Zena Bruno08/07/2014
Client's daughter " thanks to Caremark for making a difference to my dad's life, you guy's are great"Debbie Lewis09/06/2014
Mrs Kramer stated, the carers know what they are doing. "They have made a difference to my husbands life, he is much brighter than before. The carers talk to him nicely and care for him nicely".Mrs Kramer23/05/2014
Mrs T thinks her carer is excellent, she cannot fault her and does not know how she would have coped being out of hospital with reduced mobility without her. She goes above and beyond her duties of care, for example, picking up milk before the care call if she notices it is low on the previous visit. She is very happy with the care!Ealing Social Services10/04/2014
T stated she wanted to thank Caremark (Ealing) for being so ‘patient’, she stated this this was not an easy of package of care and therefore wanted to thank for persevering with Mrs P even when she had been verbally and physically aggressive. On the morning of Mrs P being taken to hospital, granddaughter L stated the carer had arrived to the property after Mrs P had fallen, reacted to the situation immediately and calmed them both. She assisted Mrs P in feeling comfortable and called for an ambulance, staying with them both until it arrived.Ealing Social Services25/03/2014
Mrs P and her daughter M stated the carers were excellent, cleaning Mrs P's home 'as if it were her own'. The pair were extremely impressed and grateful, extending their thanks to all the carers that visit Mrs P.Ealing Social Services10/01/2013
i am very happy with the care services that l received from Caremark, thank you so much.Mr and Mrs Chapman
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