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Caremark Worcester and Malvern Hills testimonials

At Caremark Worcester and Malvern Hills, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Lisa is really brilliant, she makes things really a lot better for me, she helps me whilst I cope with daily life. I usually have wafa but this is the first time I have had smiley Lisa, I would love to see more of her please.RP Client of Caremark Worcester22/10/2019
No other care company has been so good at my care as yours, I have a lovely rapport with your carer'sJS17/10/2018
"Kirsty is absolutely brilliant, she does such a lot for my Mum. They get on so well and she is lovely. We really appreciate it".Daughter of Client ML27/07/2018
" If Carlsberg did Care, they would come second to you guys"Daughter of Client GG23/07/2018
I am really pleased with our rota and I have been for the last 2 weeks, the call times are working really well for both me and my husband. Thank youCustomers Wife16/07/2018
Sometimes a traumatic event can change your life completely. My husband's death did just that, following a fall, which left me very dependent as he had been my carer. It made me realise that there are many kind, caring and helpful people about. I needed help with showering and was afraid of falling. Social Services recommended Caremark whose ladies have been so very helpful and let my daughter help which I much appreciated. I was apprehensive but need not have been. I am truly grateful.L.R09/06/2017

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for setting up the care plan for my Auntie and your staff for their caring attitude in carrying out the agreed plan.

Having used three previous care agencies, which for various reasons were deemed unsatisfactory it was refreshing to meet someone who provided the requirements needed without issue.

Both you and your Supervisor have also taken the time and trouble to provide personal assistance as and when required.

It is also noticeable that Mrs S welcomes the valued assistance provided by Caremark and is very happy with all of your staff.

Thank you again for your valued assistance.
Nephew of Client
Namonde was sympathetic, understanding and cared for my wife until the very end.B E . (Husband)
The care team spotted a change in behavior of WC quickly and alerted the doctor about a possible water infection.

The doctor confirmed the infection and put WC onto the correct antibiotics.

I am happy that my dad is being looked after by such good carers, their quick thinking makes me feel more at ease.

Daughter of client
These wonderful ladies enable Mr B to feel confident with his mobility. They are not condescending or patronizing. He has a good giggle with them and they all deserve a glowing report!

super girls, they complete his care needs efficiently and to an excellent standard. BW and his room/effects are kept clean and tidy.

These wonderful women enable a peace of mind for my Nan and myself. So from BW and the family, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to these ladies.
Granddaughter of client BW
You looked after my Mum so that my Dad could keep her with him at home. At first, it was just once a day in the morning. Then twice a day getting her ready for bed. It took two people as Mum couldn't stand and walk very well. Despite this, your staff assisted her walking as much as possible, also making sure she had her hair brushed and some makeup applied. This personal touch made it so much easier for my Dad to accept help. Unfortunately, Dad suffered a stroke and Mum had to go into a home for respite. If Dad improves we might once again ask you to come in and assist. Thank you.Angela H (Daughter of Client/Service User)
To all the wonderful, caring, dedicated staff at Caremark, especially Daisy, Ellie, Taylor, Emma, Dee, Meg, Jo, Beki, Tamsin, Helen, Taylor, Ronnie and all the office staff. I am sure I have missed somebody, but you are all so lovely- Chris was happy and cared for.

All good wishes for the future

Love & Respect

Wife of Customer C.F
I Haven’t been with Caremark for long but there are quite a few members of staff who have been employed by Caremark Worcester since they were established in early 2016. To me this speaks louder than words.

From what I hear and have experienced, they enjoy the job and management are understanding and value their staff. During the time I have been working for Caremark I have been made to feel welcome and staff are approachable if I am unsure of anything. Training is very good and shadowing helps to get used to the clients and their needs.

Indeed Reviews
Kirby is a really good carer and really thorough. we are really impressed with her. She goes out of her way to do that little extra.Niece of Client K.L
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