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Caremark Wokingham & Bracknell testimonials

At Caremark Wokingham & Bracknell, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
“My thanks to all the Management and Care Workers at Caremark (Wokingham and Bracknell) for looking after my Mother so well. Even during the most difficult of conditions, when the snow caused major disruption to the roads and pavements your Care Workers somehow managed to get to my Mother. My mother did really appreciate the care she received”.Client's Daughter
“I was concerned to have a new Care Worker arrive at my door. However the new Care Worker was so well trained and informed that my concerns were soon overcome by the great care received and I have now asked for this Care Worker to be made one of my permanent Care Workers”.Client
“The office staff and the supervisors are very polite and willing to help at all times, even the managers and all the senior staff will help at all occasions, I always have a pleasure calling the office for any change in my requirements and they deal with my requests at all times”.Client
“My job is fun as I always get all help from the office, to make it easy and the training is of the best quality. I love working at Caremark (Wokingham and Bracknell). I have even recommended it to two of my friends and they both also enjoy working here”.Care Worker
"Thank you for your help during my recovery from my Hip operatrion. I would like to thank the two carers that visited me as they were great help. Should I need help in the future I would be pleased to employ your agency."Client
"Working for Caremark is fun and different to the other care agencies out there. You always feel welcomed in the office and all the other carers are really nice to get on with."Care and Support Worker
"Thank you very much to my Care Manager for giving me the confidence, training, the opportunity to work for this company and for caring about me as a worker"

"Thank you to the supervisors for everyday advice, helping me and communicating with me"

"Thanks to the Care-coordinators for creating all rosters and providing me with the information I need"

"Thank you very much everyone for pleasant communication and thanks a lot to everyone for being a part of CAREMARK!"

"I wish everyone a great success and a profitable year!"
Reda - Former Carer
"Thank you so very much for the event that Caremark did for WADE on Monday 6th May 2013. It was most kind of you to double the money raised to £107.82p. PLEASE THANK ALL the people who played a part in arranging this event. The money will be put to good use in the modernisation of the building (Day Centre). It was a great pleasure in working with you"David Butler (Vice Chairman) WADE Day Centre
"We had a minor emergency this morning regarding my Mother, however I have to write to thank your team for the immediate attention that was given to the problem... Once again the service from everyone at Caremark was as good as ever, and its is reassuring for me to know that my Mother is in such safe hands"Client's Son
"My Mum had many happy years while being looked after by Caremark and always appreciated the service she received. At times she could be quite difficult but she always told me just how well she was looked after and how much care and attention she received, please pass on my personal thanks to all of your team, both in the office and in the field"Client's Son
"To all the ladies who cared for my mother...
Heart felt thanks for being such angels. You brought kindness, tenderness and friendship into my mother's life.
Thank you"
Client's Daughter
"I would like to thank all of the Care Assistants cared for my husband. They did a very good job and everyone looked after him well"Client's Wife
"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the care that one of the carer gives to my husband. Most of the carers are great but (Carers name) is consistently excellent. Keep up the good work (Carers name), as it makes our lives so much better!"Client's Wife
"Thank you for all your hard work helping our mum over the past time. We appreciate the flexibility of the organisation and the good care of the workers.
Thank you again"
Client's Family
"The purpose of this letter is to let you know what a wonderful job (the carer) did and what a positive impact she had with (Client's name)! She was patience, sensitive and had a caring gentle approach. Under (Carers name) guidance, (Clients name) has even lost several pounds in weight, something which no other Care Agency has managed to achieve!"Client's Family
"'Carer' is wonderful and sets a very high standard of care. 'Carer' is very helpful and tends to the clients need very well"Client's Care Manager from BFC
"We, as a family, are all very pleased with the service provided for my father by Caremark. His Live-In Carer is doing a fantastic job of caring for and feeding him and he has become very fond of her. We are also very happy with the way that Caremark have listened to what we have said and have accommodated our requests"Live-in Client's daughter
"Thank you to all the Carers who looked after my mum. You were all great and the support was amazing"Client's Daughter
"'Carer' has a lovely, gentle and flexible manner which is ideal for my mother's needs. My mother always looks forward to seeing her and whether they go for a walk or have a cup of tea, she enjoys her company"Client's son
"I would like to thank all of the carers, especially 'Carer' for her kindness, patience and good humour whilst caring for my mum. Also, a thank you to the Care Co-ordinators for constant help and advice"Chris - Client's Son
"I would like to thank you for all the care and support you have given 'my husband' over the past two years"Client's Wife
"Thank you for your services, we have been most impressed with the standard and high quality of the carers you have provided"Client's Daughter
"Thank you for being part of my life and all the fond memories I am taking away with me. Wish you all the best and make all your dreams come true"Field Care Supervisor
"I am very very pleased with Caremark. The office have been very helpful. The field care supervisor was very good at sorting out any problems, the carers were all extremely good and helped my Mother-In-Law a lot"AT - Daughter-In-Law
All of the Caremark carers are very good. They are always on time and I am very happy with the service. Caremark is a good company!Angela - Client
"Very good overall service - I am very pleased with the field care supervisors professionalism and patience, even when I know they can be stretched for time"Geoff - Client's Husband
"All the carers are very good & caring"Peggy - Client
"The girls are lovely. They help me enormously with my care"Jaqueline - Client
"I have a good relationship with my Live-In carer. We enjoy each others company & I am able to stay in my own home"Beryl - Client
"All carers are lovely. Everybody is nice. The carers are always on time"David - Client
"Caremark is a very good company. The carers are very polite & friendly. The management team are very helpful. The carers always stay for the time required"Allan - Client
"All carers are extremely good. They are all lovely and helpful"Jean - Client
"My grandfather really likes his carer, she is very helpful!"Daniel - Clients Grandson
" I just want to say how wonderful "carer" was with me. I was in so much pain, she was so gentle helping me to get up. absolutely excellent care, emotional and physical support. she made my day!"Sandra - Client
"The carers at Caremark have been wonderful to my husband and I, I would like to say they really are a credit to the company!"Rita - Clients Wife
My mother and I would just like to thank you all formally for the help that you provided when she fell in the garden last Thursday.
The level of support from Caremark is always exceptional but for Ravi to be able to go round straight away and spend several hours with her and for Regina and Daiva to manage to also come and help at the time of her fall and to help her to go to bed later on was well beyond what I would normally expect from a company which has so many demands on its schedules. My mother felt so much more reassured by having familiar faces at her side and for me when I was so far away it was a huge comfort to know that she was in the hands of people who I trust.
So thank you again to Ravi, Regina and Daiva and also to everyone else who was involved in sorting schedules and making phone calls.
Kind regards
Debbie Clients Daughter
Dear Caremark, as a family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for all of the kindness and support that your carers showed to Mum, especially during her final weeks; we were so lucky to have such a lovely group of ladies looking after her.

In particular we would like to say a big thank you to Jo & Sadie for their extreme dedication when it came to getting mum out of hospital; we couldn't have done this without you and mum was extremely grateful for this.

More special thanks goes to Sandra, Lina, Elaine, Irena, Becky, Rima, Lisa, Aidana and Taylar who made mum as comfortable as possible and cared for in her last few weeks. Thanks to your dedicated team, mum was able to be at peace in her own home. Kindest Regards
Alison (Daughter)
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