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I invited Caremark (Peterborough) to visit my mother who lived with us in September so we could discuss their suitability to meet mum’s care needs. Mum had recently had a diagnosis of cancer secondaries in her bone and we wanted an agency that could care for mum as her illness progressed, to provide end of life care. With my prior working background as a District Nursing Sister and Health Visitor, I had very high expectations of the care I wanted for my mother. Caremark (Peterborough) were excellent from the day I met them for interview, to the day mum died. All the team were professional, caring, respectful, punctual and excellent communicators. The standard of care delivered including care plans, record keeping, delivery of medication, personal care, management of equipment and liaison with other agencies was at all times of an excellent standard. I would have been very happy to have had them as part of my nursing team.
Most importantly mum loved them and passed away with dignity in her own home.

Liz H (Daughter of Client)

Caremark have been assisting myself to remain independent by assisting me with preparing meals and cooking. Caremark are very understanding and supportive of my care needs. I would recommend Caremark to anyone needing care.

Dean B (Client)

Thank you for all you done. Maxine and Sam are amazing people, and where there for my uncle. Thank you for attending today also and just being yous.
Love Annemarie xx

Annemarie (Family Member of Client)

From the very first evening, I knew I liked my new carers! They were different and yet I felt I’d known them forever. I don’t like going to bed at 7 pm (ish!) but appreciate it is necessary. My carers are always very helpful and we often have a giggle together or even a proper laugh, yet not a minute is wasted because the teams of two work so well together. Nor have I ever heard an angry word spoken. They both know what to do and get on and do it. So thanks to all of you. I didn’t mention mornings but all I’ve said applies to all times. My thanks to all of you, I should perhaps have said.

Winifred H (Client)

Caremark has been attending to my wife after a hip operation in 2022 and has given excellent service. The staff are polite, friendly and caring. They are efficient and respectful in attending to personal needs and carrying out their duties in a professional manner. We would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone else.

Micheal S (Husband of Client)

Care team are friendly and communicate well with Mum. They show dignity and listen to Mum’s needs. Any challenges raised they are happy to talk about as they have experience. They can reach emergency services quickly when needed.

Anthony S (Son of Client)

Had used Caremark since March 2022 after Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he was a very private person who would not let anyone do anything private for him. After a couple of months, he gained the trust of all the Caremark team and would just do as they asked with no pressure. They were all very dignified to the end and have called to check up on the family. Very impressed by the whole team.

Paul S (Son of Client)

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