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Caremark Mid Sussex and Crawley testimonials

At Caremark Mid Sussex and Crawley, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Thank you to our Crawley team with special thanks to Sam & Sophie.

I felt that I must write to commend your team of ladies who look after my Mum. They perform a great service throughout the year, but at Christmas they did a truly sterling job, which for me, was over and above usual requirements. She goes to day care 5 days each week, but over Xmas the day care facility was closed. To keep Mum in her routine, I arranged to go to the dementia wing at Ifield Park over this period. After speaking with Sophie Smith, much to my relief and surprise, she advised that Caremark staff would be able to transport my Mum every day and then back home again. I was nervous about the arrangement, especially as it was going to be the first Xmas that Mum had not been with her family.

However, Sam and her team oversaw every day without a hitch. Sam promised to text me twice a day, each time that Mum had been dropped off and she was true to her word. I can’t thank Sam enough for making this arrangement go so smoothly.
You really do have a good team of ladies who are my lifeline, because without them, I would have no choice than to seek residential care for Mum.
Daughter of client09/01/2020
We have received some lovely compliments for our new Burgess Hill Carer Anna.

"I just want to say what a lovely, sweet girl Anna is, very polite and thorough, what a pleasant girl and i hope to see her a lot more"

"Anna is the sweetest girl we have met, she was very kind and so sweet, we really like her"

"I love the new carer, Anna, she took time to sit and talk with me, I would like her more often"

"I think Anna will be a huge asset to Caremark. What a loving, caring kind girl she is. She is a genuine kind person and I would be happy to have her any time"
Burgess Hill Customers17/10/2019
A lovely letter sent to Sally our Field Care Manager from the mother of one of our customers in Burgess Hill.
Dear Sally, I have been pondering over the best way to start this letter but the most suitable is just "thank you for all your kind hard work".
I very much appreciate the care and support you and your agency provide for my son. Your level of patience for my son is much appreciated.
I have seen my son grow in happiness from the friendship and kindness you and the carer's continue to give him.
I understand your work is not the easiest yet, you always go the extra mile to ensure my sons needs are met.
The lives of many people and families have been greatly improved by your care yet your occupation is not given the acknowledgement it deserves. I am very happy for the Care Quality Commission to see this letter as i can not thank or praise you enough for all you do.
Mrs BA (mother of customer)22/05/2019
We would like to share an email received from Mei-Mei, one of our lovely Burgess Hill carer's.

Last year on this very date (02/01/2017) was my very first day with Caremark. I have had an enlightened life changing experience learning about the care community. It is the most rewarding honour to enable our ladies and gentlemen to maintain their lifestyle in their own homes. I would only ever consider leaving if there was no other solution - otherwise I will endeavor to remain here forever & ever!!!
Thank you to all THE most hard working and dedicated AMAZING GIRLS I work alongside with. Thank you also to the office who do the most incredible job trying to manage the care industry.
HAPPY NEW 2018 and may we all continue to strive to serve, and continue to excel and shine with our services to all our ladies/gentlemen with the most loving and attentive care within our means. Hugs MeiMei
Mei-Mei Heryet03/01/2018
Alina Gheorghe has been with Caremark for just over 4 weeks and has already received a lovely compliment from one of her customers.
Our customer wanted to say how kind and helpful she found Alina and that she is very capable and always willing to go the extra mile for her.
IT- Haywards Heath customer28/09/2017
We love to receive comments from our carer's.
Here's a little compliment sent to us from Mei-Mei one of our Burgess Hill carers.

Just a thank you to you all.
I know a lot of thought ,time and effort goes into your work.
I am truly loving my schedules and clients.
And thank you for petrol money.
Lovely jubbly.
MeiMei xx
Mei-Mei (Burgess Hill Carer)05/06/2017
Caremark Mid-Sussex & Crawley received a great compliment thanking our Burgess Hill carer's.

I wanted to express my thanks for the quality of care you continue to deliver to my Nan in Burgess Hill.
Having used another care agency before you I am thrilled with the level of care and punctuality you have shown.

Each and every carer that comes is wonderful and takes time to speak with Nan and make sure she will be well looked after.

I would particularly like to highlight Pache who often comes to care for Nan. She is a wonderful carer for Nan and not only does she deliver the care needed but she also takes time to get to know Nan and chats to her. Both Nan and I very much appreciate Pache and her hard work.

Having used multiple agencies for Nans care I fully trust Pache and Caremark to deliver the best care for Nan even if I am not home.
Thank you for your ongoing support in caring for Nan.
AH (Customers Grandson)31/05/2017
Our Haywards Heath Co-ordinator received a phone call today from a customers daughter regarding her Mother, saying they are 100% happy with the care our team provide. The carer's are lovely, always on time, we're so glad we switched care providers.Miss C.B (Daughter of customer)03/04/2017
We've received a lovely letter from a customers husband this week thanking our Crawley carer's.
Your carer's assisted my wife during February & March. They were all very helpful, willing and pleasant in their duties and helped cheer up my wife, making her recovery much more speedy. Nothing was too much trouble.
We wish to say thank you to all of them for their care and encouragement, and it was a pleasure to have met them.
My wife is making good progress now and is able to return to something like normal around the house.
If we need assistance in the future we will be happy to come back to Caremark, and wish you well for the future.
Mr CT31/03/2017
A big thanks goes to Care Worker Sophia Melim for your hard work looking after Mrs LT from the Crawley area.
Her daughter called the office to pass on compliments to you of how happy her Mum is with the care you are providing for her.
She commented that you're amazing and that she loves you.
Fantastic work, well done Sophia.
Daughter of LT28/03/2017
Caremark Mid Sussex & Crawley received a beautiful card from a customers son who's father recently sadly passed away.

A heart felt thanks to all of you who looked after my Dad, it enabled him to live at home and reach a ripe old age of 93, despite all of his ailments.
Also many thanks to Lisa and Co, for attending the funeral, it meant a lot to me, dad would have been happy as he was very fond of you all.

Lots of love C
CB (customers son)07/03/2017
The office received a phone call today with a compliment, from a customers daughter who's mother is now in residential care.

" The carer's used to visit my mother, they were always very helpful and efficient. I miss them so much as they all became like part of the family. You always hear the bad stuff associated with care but never the good"
Daughter of FB01/03/2017
Another compliment sent to Caremark from one of our Crawley customers.

I'd like to thank you and the team on behalf of my Mum , you really looked after her well and in particular I wanted to pass on my thanks to Florentina (i think that is her name, who was the primary carer during that time. If she is on your books in the future can you "earmark" her for mum please, they seemed to get on well.
RH customers son01/03/2017
We received this email from one of our customers sons.

Just a quick note of great thanks to one of your team (Mary Fernandes) on Wednesday evening - Feb 1.

The District Nurse team was called early in the evening because I felt - as the main carer (but deaf) - a doctor needed to be contacted urgently for my Mum. I am unable to use the landline phone (only text & email).

Mary (& Violeta) couldn't get through while on Mum's 19.00-19.30 call, but promised to keep trying during the evening. Mary texted me later to say a doctor would be coming out. The doctor (and his 'driver') couldn't find the address and Mary was contacted for directions - which she gave over the phone. The doctor still couldn't find us, so she drove across town - circa 11pm - to meet them and take them to the front door.

Mary's efforts 'above & beyond the call of duty' meant that Mum was able to be given anti-biotics that evening.

I can't thank her enough for doing this - but I can write this 'thank you' note to you as her boss.

Kindest regard

RS (customers son)09/02/2017
Thank you JB for this lovely email received yesterday.

I do want to say, that Michelle, Nicole and Tunde are all such excellent staff. They are bright, positive, calm, hard-working, caring and keen to help. You must be very pleased to have them on your staff team! Thanks for all they do. I have really appreciated them these last 2 weeks when we have both been ill.

With appreciation
JB (customers daughter)09/02/2017
This is lovely review posted to our Facebook page today from Jacqueline Worsfold one of our Supervisors in Burgess Hill.

I have worked for Caremark in Burgess Hill for almost 5 years now, love my work and colleagues hope to stay for many more years
Jacqueline Worsfold09/02/2017
A lovely comment received today from one of our customers daughters-

Over the last 18 months the girls at Caremark became part of the family, caring for our mother at times when we couldn't be there. We would like to thank our sisters for helping us fulfil our promise to our mum so she could die peacefully in her own home. Thank you for being there.
MB (customers daughter)08/02/2017
A lovely message sent to us from one of our new carers. I have never done caring before. I have now been shadowing Jackie and Suzanne for 5 days now and have learnt so much. Today I have even showered a lady, hoisted a lady, washed and shaved a gentleman (he was very happy) and the clients were so encouraging, friendly and gracious to me they really helped my confidence. They are an absolute delight to talk to and so so lovely. You don't have to shadow as much as I have. It is only because I have never done caring before that I wanted to gain as much knowledge from Jackie and Suzanne and learn from their experiences. I feel so more confident and I know that everything I have learnt is the correct way to serve your client with the most dignity and respect. Jackie and Suzanne are both so dedicated and passionate and equally they are so generous in sharing their advice and guidance. I feel so grateful to have had them mentor me this past week. If you have ever considered caring or have had a bad experience with another firm do trust in Caremark and their high standards. MEIMEIMei-Mei (new carer)06/01/2017
We've received a lovely comment from one of our customers daughters over the weekend.

A huge thank you to all of the dedicated care team at Caremark who looked after our Dad, DC, who is moving on. A special thank you to Jenny Brown , who has a special connection with Dad and to Lisa Gandolf who was always there for us to give advice and fill in the gaps when we didn't know where to turn. Thank you all. Your amazing.
Daughter of DC06/12/2016
I would like to let everyone know how amazing Caremark are...The word CARE is what this care agency are all about. ..My mum recieves care from Caremark and both my mum and I cannot fault the carers that deliver my mums care...They are absolutely amazing. ..The carers always go above and beyond. My mum has come on leaps and bounds. and independent in her own home because of these wonderful people. ...its not just a job to them..It is a vocation. ...The office staff are so efficient and always ensure Mums rota and invoices are sent on time..and always when I call give me personally support. ...The carers also support me with caring for my mum...Mum and I feel so blessed to have Caremark in place. ..So everyone if you need care for a loved one..look no further. ...Caremark are the way to
CF (Customers daughter)30/11/2016
We completed a review with one of our customers wives last week and received some great feedback.
One question asked was
"Are you happy with the service Caremark are providing you"?
The response was:
"Very happy- always cheerful and obliging and on bad days it is so good to have that fresh face coming in and cheering us up"
MW (customer)21/11/2016

Dear Charlotte
Thank you so much for all your help and care.
We are so pleased with the carers who come and it has made such a difference to us both!

Kind regards
Mrs JM17/11/2016
"I have been a carer for Caremark for 7 years on 9th November this year. Love my job, it's very rewarding and satisfying knowing just how much we do make a difference to so many customers. So if like me you too would like to make a difference, just call Caremark on 01444 455800 and ask to speak with Tania for details. You won't regret it.
Moz Joy
Moz Joy (Carer)07/11/2016
The family would like to express our sincere thanks to the whole team for the Care and kindness given to Mum during her various challenges, and particularly her last few days.
Everyone has given a lot of thought to what could be provided to make mum as comfortable as possible and consider her dignity.
Mum and Dad were very grateful for the support, and as you know Mum never took anything for granted and believed very much in treating others as she would like to be treated. Her sense of humour was present daily and we are glad the team were able to share and maintain that whenever possible.
Warm Regards. P
Should anyone wish to call in on Dad for a cup of tea or a Jelly baby 😋 when they have a spare moment I know he,d be very happy for the company.
Mr P20/10/2016
Mrs B contacted us to say that her carer Olivia was a lovely girl and very helpful. Olivia has been covering whilst Mrs B's regular carer is on annual leave and she's doing a wonderful job.Mrs B12/08/2016
"Just to say thank you for all the care, it has made such a difference and the carers are so nice"JM wife of BM09/08/2016
Mrs S called into our office to let us know that her live in carer was superb, Mrs S said she was 'heaven sent' and a 'godsend'.
Mrs S went on to say that nothing is too much trouble for her and that she was so happy she had found Caremark and her carer.
Mrs S08/08/2016
All the carers have been so kind and helpful in caring for my father, I cant thank you all enough.N15/10/2015
I would just like to say how wonderful my carer Louise is. I cannot fault Louise she is a credit to your organisation.Mrs J07/09/2015
"Caremark has made it possible for me to stay in my own home. All my carers are very kind and caring and a pleasure to have around. My carers always take such good care of me".Mrs Wilson08/04/2015
"Absolutely Brilliant just about sums it up" Thank youMr P Lunt08/04/2015
Mr L said that he would like to thank all the carers for their hard work. Mr L was extremely impressed by Caremark's high standard of care, and pleasantly surprised at finding this standard in the UK.Mr L30/03/2015
It has been lovely working at Caremark, I have been here for 6 years and I feel very lucky and honoured to work for this team. All of the staff are very supportive and we have helped each other through my time here.Victor. Care and support worker08/04/2014
"To the nicest person I have met since I have been in the UK. I would be the happiest to thank you dear for all the support so far that you have given me, and being so kind to lend me a hand when I was in need." "Also cheers to Steve and his great advice on choosing the car. it was of great use."M.C Care and Support worker08/04/2014
“Thank you all so much for helping to care for mum. Without it we couldn’t have kept her in own home for so long. She enjoyed the company of all those that saw her and for that we are so grateful.”C.B. Customer
'I am so happy with my care worker. She is so caring and good to me. I thoroughly enjoy our trips out.'B.P Customer
'This is just to say how grateful I have felt for all the wonderful care you all have given to my husband. I know he enjoyed all your visits. Please pass on my thanks to all who gave him such wonderful care.”A.C. Customer
'I'm very happy to be here. I feel supported by the friendly team and both enjoy and value the high level of training we receive.'V.A Care Worker
“I really enjoy working for Caremark. The office staff are very friendly and approachable and they all really care about us and our customers.”R.B. Care Worker
The care workers at Caremark always go the extra mile. They are happy, bubbly and truly enjoy seeing my Grandmother'A.M Customer
'My regular carers are kind, resourceful and reliable'C.C Customer
'The carers enabled my mother to live her last days at home surrounded by the people she loved. This was her greatest wish. My dad was amazed by the love and kindness they showed mum as we all were'The W.Family Customers
'I love both the carers and clients at Caremark. I've been working here for three years and I still wake up looking forward to the day ahead'J.J Care Worker
The improvement in PT's appearance and health has been amazing since Caremark have been visiting. I am so happy that finally we have found an amazing care agency with wonder carer workers.C
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