Bringing Joy To Your Doorstep: Companionship Services in Mid Sussex & Crawley

We offer specialised companionship services in Mid sussex & Crawley, provided by our compassionate and dedicated care assistants.

companionship in crawley
companionship in crawley
companionship in crawley

How Our Companionship Services in Mid Sussex & Crawley Work

Getting started with our companionship services is a straightforward process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with a free initial consultation to understand the customer’s needs, preferences, and interests. This helps us match them with a care assistant who shares their hobbies and personality.
  2. Companionship Plan: Based on the consultation, we create a personalised companionship plan, outlining the specific services and activities to be provided.
  3. Matching Care Assistant: We carefully select a suitable care assistant who not only has the necessary skills but also complements the customer’s personality and interests.
  4. Service Commencement: The chosen care assistant starts providing companionship services as per the agreed-upon schedule. They work to build a warm and friendly relationship with the customer.
  5. Ongoing Support and Monitoring: We continuously monitor the quality of our companionship services to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible care and companionship. Adjustments to the plan are made as needed.

What To Expect

Our companionship services in Mid Sussex & Crawley cover a wide range of activities and support to enhance our customers’ quality of life. Here are some of the services we offer:

Friendly Conversation

Sometimes, a simple conversation can brighten up a day. Our care assistants engage in friendly chats, discuss current events, share stories, and provide company during meals.

Leisure Activities

We encourage participation in leisure activities that our customers enjoy. Whether it’s playing board games, doing puzzles, reading together, or watching a favorite TV show, our care assistants are there to make these moments enjoyable.

Accompanying on Outings

Getting out and about can be rejuvenating. Our care assistants can accompany customers on walks, visits to the park, or short trips to run errands or attend social events.

Assistance with Hobbies

We support our customers in pursuing their hobbies and interests. Whether it’s gardening, painting, knitting, or any other passion, our care assistants provide the assistance needed.

Care assistant with woman4
Man and care assistant2

Contact Us for Companionship Services in Mid Sussex & Crawley

If you or a loved one is in need of companionship services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to answer your questions, provide additional information, and schedule a free consultation to discuss how our companionship services can enhance your quality of life.

At Caremark, we are dedicated to making a positive impact by providing compassionate companionship, fostering meaningful connections, and ensuring that our customers lead happy and fulfilling lives. Choose Caremark for companionship that truly cares.


Can companionship services in Crawley be tailored to specific interests or needs?

Absolutely. Our companionship care plans are highly customisable. We design them based on the individual’s interests and needs, ensuring that the activities and interactions align with their preferences.

How often will the care assistant visit or provide companionship?

The frequency of companionship visits is determined during the initial consultation and outlined in the care plan. It can vary based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Is companionship care available on a flexible schedule?

Yes, we offer flexible scheduling for companionship services in Crawley. Whether you need companionship for a few hours a day or several days a week, we can accommodate your preferred schedule.

Why choose Caremark?

You’ll be in safe hands – our services care for over 14,000 customers.

personalised care

Personalised care

We provide care that is an individual as you are. You are unique, so your care plan must be too!

excellent standards

Excellent standards

Our quality of care is exemplary. You are extremely important to us, and we care for you like you were our own family.

cheery visits

Cheery visits

We employ our staff based on their personalities – caring, compassionate, cheery and fun!

allocated care assistant

Allocated Care Assistant

We spend time matching our Care Assistants with our customers and maintaining that pairing.

family contact

Family contact

We are open and transparent with family members and share details of each visit when requested.



Customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. We are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection.


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