Our Knowledge Centre is an all stop information hub to all your potential questions. This page houses the most frequently asked questions, which makes finding information more accessible!

Why choose us?

Caremark Hull and East Riding assures high-quality home care through a very well-led service that promotes an open and fair culture. We provide a safe and effective service which means that you or your loved one will be protected from all avoidable harm.

The supportive treatment that you receive will allow positive outcomes and give you a good quality of life. Our caring service to you means that staff will involve you and treat you with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. The person-centred care that you receive is responsive and organised to meet all of your needs.

What is ‘domiciliary care’?

Domiciliary care is just another word for “home care”  and it’s a service where one of our highly trained Care Assistants comes to your own home to give you that professional extra support and assistance that you need.

We can help you with lots of different things, too. Whether it’s personal care, medication support, meal prep, or even just cleaning and shopping, we’re here to make your life much easier. 

Our friendly Care Assistants are even on hand to provide companionship and have that all important cup of tea and chat! It’s all about keeping you comfortable and independent in your own space.

What are the benefits of domiciliary over residential care?

We completely understand the importance of being independent and helping you to do that sits at the very heart of everything we do.

Our home care will allow you to continue to live where you feel the most safe and comfortable, in the familiarity of your own home, happily surrounded by friends and family.

Care at home enables you to keep sleeping in your own bed, relaxing in your favourite armchair or even just sitting in your own garden in an environment that is yours. It’s about creating a peace of mind for you and your family.

How do I arrange a care service with Caremark Hull and East Riding?

Arranging care with us is really easy! You can reach out to us via email, phone, or through our website. Together we’ll schedule a time to discuss your needs and carefully create a personalised care plan that suits you best. 

We also know that reaching out for care can be really overwhelming and at times very emotional. We will help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident and settled in making the choices that are right for you. 

How do I pay for my care?

When it comes to paying for your care, you might have lots of questions. We can offer lots of payment options for you to consider; including: private funding, setting personal budgets and arranging direct payments. 

We’re happy to guide you in choosing the best payment option for your specific needs so don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable team for assistance. 

We will point you in the right direction and help guide you towards the right decision and the right funding that you might be entitled to.

Can I get help with my fees?

Understanding what you might be entitled to can also be a little confusing but there are lots of options available to you to help with your care fees. But we can also help you with this.

Together we can look at government funding, means-tested support and financial benefits to see if you are eligible. 

Be rest assured that our skilled support team have all the knowledge and expertise to help you explore all of these options and find the best solution for you and your circumstances.

Remember: You’re not alone—we’re here to support you.

Can I get help at home after being in hospital?

If you need specialist help after a hospital stay, we can do that too! 

Our post-hospital care will make sure that you have a smooth transition back home. Just chat with your hospital social worker before you leave and they’ll coordinate with us. 

Once you’re home, our helpful Care Assistants can help with medication, personal care and all day-to-day tasks. We’re here to help you get back on your feet!

Who will care for me?

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. All our amazing Care Assistants undergo thorough background checks, including Enhanced DBS checks for both children and adults. 

They also receive comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they deliver the highest standard of care to you.

We pride ourselves on the safe and happy relationships that our Care Assistants build with customers so we will always match you with a Care Assistant who will be a great fit for you.

What will my Care Assistant do for me?

Your Care Assistant is here to make your life easier! They are more than just a professional service; they are the smile that will brighten your day.

They’ll help with personal care, medication support, meal prep, housekeeping and even offer companionship. They’re like your personal, friendly support system—always there for you.

To discover more about what a Care Assistant could do for you, visit the link here.

Is there anything that my Care Assistant is not able to do?

Our highly-trained Care Assistants are trained to provide lots of different support services but there might be tasks that require more specialist assistance from other professionals. 

Tasks involving nursing care or working at height or with hazardous objects fall outside the scope of our care package. But we can certainly assist in helping you arrange the extra support you might need.

What happens if I need to call you when the office is shut?

We are here to support you 24/7, even during emergencies.

If the office is closed, you can reach out to your designated Field Care Supervisor or call our office to speak with one of our friendly team members who will be only too happy to chat with you and help in any way that they can. 

For more contact information, click here.

Can I make changes to my care package if I don’t like it?

Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities so we totally understand that your needs can change over time. 

So, if you need to make any changes to your care package, no worries! We’re super flexible and happy to make adjustments to make sure it meets your current needs.

Will I have the same Care Assistant each visit?

Your well-being will always be in good hands. 

We always aim for consistency because we know how important it is to build trust and a great relationship so our goal is to assign the same Care Assistant for each visit. 

However, sometimes schedules and staff availability can make it a bit tricky. But don’t worry, you will still receive the best care possible, whether that is with your preferred Care Assistant or another member of our amazing team.


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