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Caremark Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby testimonials

At Caremark Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Many thanks to you all for your care to Elsie and for being a friend to me. Please see that all the ladies and girls who come to look after Elsie, partake of care. Lauren, Natasha, Tracey, Sarah (evening), Chelsea and (Hayley Sunday). i Can not remember the other names sorry.

I wish you all the best for the future.
JP sister of (Elsie)14/01/2020
Many thanks for all your help and support with my late father (JH) over the last weeks.
Without your agreement to care for him on his discharge from hospital, he may have had to go into a nursing home.
It was very important to us that his last weeks were spent at home.

Your phone call Visha after we lost him, was much appreciated by mum & the family.
Never underestimate the value of what you do to keep those in need in their own home.
It's not an easy job and you don't get the recognition that you deserve.
AH (Daughter)13/03/2019
Client asked carer to send a message to all:
WH just wanted to say hi to office staff and carers said he loves all his carers and would be lost without them 💙
Client WH04/03/2019
Dear Tracey,

Would you please convey my grateful thanks to all the ladies who gave G.B such loving care in his last few months

Clients Wife23/01/2019
I just wanted to contact you to say thank you, you have been looking after my father for a while now (JB) and all of the carers have been great with dad.

One in particular, is fantastic, she goes out of her way and nothing is too much trouble, dad has really taken to her and we appreciate the care she provides.

It really helps me and my sister to know that dad is in good hands, can you pass on my thanks to the team please.
AH (Client's Daughter)16/11/2018
Thanks to you all!

Many, many thanks for all of your help over the past 3 months.
Mrs LL (former client)13/09/2018
To all of you at Caremark

Thank you so much for the loving and sensitive care you gave my mother AG over the past couple of months. It is very much appreciated by myself and all of the family.
CW (Daughter of a Service User)13/09/2018
The quality of the care provided by Caremark is always of the highest standard. When I phone home either mid- morning or at lunchtime to check Mum is alright, she nearly always says, “I had a lovely carer today.”
Anything used in the kitchen, is always put away and when I return home, you would never know anyone had been in and out.

Many thanks for providing such a good service.
JF - Daughter of a client04/07/2018
To all the Carers who kindly looked after our Mum,

We just wanted to let you know that she is settling in well in the Care Home.

We would like to say a big "thank you" for all of the care, kindness, support and patience that you all showed our Mum. We really appreciate it.

On behalf of our Mum, thank you again.
A&M (Daughters of a Service User)02/07/2018
Dear All,

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to you all. Your care and kindness was greatly appreciated by Mum and I - it was lovely to see her thrive with your help. She sends her love to you all and is now settled into her 'new home'.
MT & HG (a former Service-User and her Daughter)01/06/2018
To all of the Caremark HBB Team,

I wanted to say thanks for looking after Mum (and Me) for the last three and a half years. We really could not have asked for better care. It was always above and beyond what was asked and it was obvious that you always wanted to do the best you could for her.
I know Mum always looked forward to your visits and was much brighter when you were there. We always considered you to be much more than Carers, you were friends to us.
I am really going to miss you all. Keep up the great work.
CD- Son of a Service User11/05/2018
To all of the Caremark HBB Staff,

Just to say a massive thank you to you all for looking after and caring for our Mum, for the last nine months.

When we chose Caremark for our Mum, we were confident that you would deliver the care we needed. As a team, you have absolutely exceeded our expectations and have gone the extra mile in ensuring that our Mum has been totally taken care of.

As you know, we have had to make the tough decision for our Mum to be put into full time residential care.
BC, NC and HD (Children of a service user)12/02/2018
Hi Jo Thank you again, sorry I rabbit on its wonderful knowing you are all able to help mum be safe and happy, she's thriving with everyone help and kindness it's greatly appreciated by us all.H.G (Daughter of Client)08/01/2018
Its nice to see everyone coming together and helping each other and clients.
I really enjoy working here and knowing everyone 1000x better than my old job
Care Support Worker SS16/12/2017
I cannot thank you enough for the professional, kind and gentle care which mum received from your staff.B.H11/12/2017
Dear Jo,

Thanks for your time this morning sorting out the finer details of my mother in law's care package. As I mentioned I am not in the best of health myself but really want to do the best for mum in her later life and to support them in what is also a very difficult time.

Unfortunately my husband and I had a very difficult experience with their previous provider.

Anyway we look forward to a good ,two way working relationship with Caremark and please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever need anything to help with mums care

Thank you for your help and professionalism in difficult circumstances. Best Regards
Client Daughter HS08/12/2017
To All Staff & Carers at Caremark Hinckley Bosworth & Blaby

Many, many thanks for all your care and support of mum in her own home. Following a long spell in hospital after a mild stroke, she will soon be going into a residential home for respite care......but we stay hopeful that she may return home.
Daughter of client MB03/09/2017
Thanks for sending Louise, Sarah and Debbie out today. They are perfect and my mum feels really happy which is great to see.Daughter of service user GW13/04/2017
Caremark HBB

Thank you again for all your efforts and time, we appreciate the difficulties you have staffing every call for all of your clients, we have noticed an improvement overall since we started with your agency.

Many thanks
For your recent hard and successful efforts in recruiting, training and employing a large number of new carers. Which have added to the already very good service supplied to the service users of Caremark HBB

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed

Again I thank you
Client NS01/01/2017
Review of Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) on Friday 11 October by Andrew W (Son of client)

Fantastic company. Used other agencies before. This is best by far. They actually care about what my mum wants. The carers are excellent, punctual and respectful. Excellent service from the care manager.

Overall Standard: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Care / Support: Excellent
Management: Excellent
Treated with Dignity: Excellent
Value for Money: Excellent
Review of Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) on Friday 5 July by Lyn Anderson (Wife)

I have received exceptional service from this branch. The support provided was better than expected. I decided to look into caremark after being let down by my current care provider. I haven't looked back since.

Overall Standard: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Care / Support: Excellent
Management: Excellent
Treated with Dignity: Excellent
Value for Money: Excellent
I find Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) and the carers very helpful and caring. I also find the carers very thoughtful in their workBorrett
I think the carers are very good. I have no issues with any carers. I enjoy having Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) as my care company.

I refer to my carers as "Joe's Angels"
The carers are all excellent and it is a pleasure to have Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) as my care company.Congrave
I have had a very bad start to this year. I've had 2 horrendous falls in January and February. This resulted in a changed and withdrawn personality, especially since the way I was treated at a certain supported living accommodation. I was then moved to a hospital where I started rebuild my confidence, but I was still not a 100%, but since being back at home I have been fortunate to have your team. They are caring, dedicated and focused on helping me. Now I am back to my old self who is looking forward to a happy life once more.

A big thank you to all of my carers.
Mrs T
To all at Caremark,

I would like to thank you for your care and appreciate that it is a very stressful job for some of you.

I hope you continue to prosper with clients and carry on caring for the community.

Best wishes.

Mrs C
Mrs C
I enjoy having caremark as a company and love seeing all the carers.

Good response from the on call phone as I get concerned and panic if the carers are a few minutes late.
Mrs G C
We are very happy with Laura, she has been very good and caring to my wife. All the other carers are also very caring and supportiveMr F

Been meaning to email you for days. Just wanted to say 'thank you' for your swift response in giving me care for mum. Thank goodness the girls, in particular Caroline, had already been going in and mum knew them, its made a world of difference to her not having strangers looking after her.

I would also like to say a big 'thank you' to Visha, who has been so helpful, kind and thoughtful throughout. I guess her years of experience looking after old people shows through.

Anyway, just thought people often send through complaints so it would be nice to do the opposite.
Mrs E. Daughter of Service user
I wanted to commend you on the girls in your employ. Each girl / lady that looked after mum were brilliant and caring and you should be very proud of them. Thank you for support you gave and got us through the months where we tried our very best to keep mum at home.Mrs England
Thank you to the whole company and staff for your time, energy and your commitment. You really made a difference. Your attentiveness, understanding, honesty and professionalism was very much appreciatedPaulina
Dear Visha & Team,

I would just like to write a quick email to thank you for your help, understanding, dedication and professionalism whilst looking after mum.

As you are aware mum has a number of serious health issues that effect her in many ways, both physically and mentally and with your help and support during this very difficult time you and your wonderful team have been an absolute blessing to us. Mum has difficulty with all basic daily life tasks which many people take for granted and your care team have shown nothing but pure professionalism, patience and understanding at all times. Mum is comforted knowing you are there for her and is confident that whatever she needs will be dealt with to the highest of standards where possible.

The team have also become friends to mum which she looks forward to seeing and chatting with during visits and for this reason I do believe mum has come on leaps and bounds in her rehabilitation.

Please accept this email as a HUGE thank you from both of us. Its good to know that Caremark do care and are always there for us.

Best wishes & Kindest regards,

J & C K
Service user and daughter
Dear Visha,

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for the excellent service and care you give to my Aunt. All The care assistants that attend my aunt are all professional and polite, and nothing is too much trouble. I have had several companies in place before caremark and none of them where anywhere near your standards. You have never missed an attendance and I always appreciate your support on the phone. The overall service from caremark is excellent and I would recommend the company to anyone who is in need of carers. It can be a difficult time looking after family members for whatever the circumstance, but knowing you have the support from your company is a great help and reassurance that the care is in place.

Kindest Regards

DH - Neice
Can I say that the support from your agency and in particular, the consistent and dedicated support offered by you Visha has been fantastic; and has also made my life a little easier. You’ve probably been in a number of situations where you have had to employ all of your patience, especially when dealing with such complex circumstances.

I wish you and your team all the best for the future.
AJ - Social Worker
To Visha, Sunil and Team

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers. It was especially nice to receive them as yesterday was Mum's Birthday. Thank you again for all you did for her to enable her to stay in her own home for as long as possible - she would never have been really happy anywhere else. And thank you for still thinking of her and of me (even though I did drive you nuts sometimes!)

Abbie - Daughter
We are really pleased with the service being provided and it has enabled us to relax knowing that somebody we can rely on is looking after Pam a couple of times everyday.Ian
Dear Girls,

Just a note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you showed to my wonderful mother, Phyl, during her short stay in Cosby. The last few months could have been extremely different without your help and support. Mummy was very fond of her carers and gave many of them 'pet' names. I also want to thank you for the support you gave to me (which I will never forget).

Also thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent for her funeral. The whole family was so touched that Daisy and Claire made the long journey to Oxford to show their respects.

Thanks you, yours.
Jill - Daughter
Dear Visha,

As the children of the late AJ we writing to thank Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby) staff for the excellent care they provided for our mother

All the staff that came to the house to attend to mum were kind, attentive and professional and made mum's life so much easier than it had previously been. In her latter days the staff continued to act courteously and gently as her condition deteriorated and we know she was always immensely grateful for their care.

We too saw the quality of care provided by the staff which we feel could not have been bettered in any way and so we are writing to thank you all for your support in caring for our mother.

We would also like to offer ourselves as a reference for Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby) should any prospective client wish to talk to a past customer of your service.

In order to provide this for you please contact MJ on....

Many thanks once again

MJ, JJ, PJ and SR.
Children of AJ
I would like to say how pleased I am with the service provided by Kim. I have noticed how the relationship between (A) & Kim has developed. (A) likes Kim and responds positively.

Kim is very dependable and I do trust her judgement in helping (A) completely

Thank you Kim.
Richard - Husband of Service user
Hello Visha,

M and I would like to thank both yourself and your team of carers that did so much for P in all the time you helped in caring for her.

Kind regards
I just want to say that I am extremely happy with Caremark. I suffer with anxiety but have always been put at ease by the carers who have all be lovely. I feel supported by them and they've really made a difference in my day to day life.Karen
Hi Visha, just a quick note to say mums very happy with everything, its all working really well.

thank you to the entire team
Dear Visha

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done, with your staff, these last two years. We came to you in quite a desperate state, at the suggestion of mum's social worker, when her care agency at short notice decided they could no longer provide the service required and after trying many other agencies to no avail. You were able to put a large package into place within a short space of time and continued to deliver and adapt it to mum's changing needs, whilst overcoming problems which had been too much for other agencies to overcome. Your carers were punctual, polite, friendly, reliable, cheerful, flexible and above all patient and understanding.

As you know mum has very particular and complicated care needs. She is very frustrated by her disability as it worsens and is constantly struggling to hold on to the independence and mobility she has left. She is also mentally sharp and notices when things are not done as she would like and easily gets anxious or upset because of the frustrations of her condition. All this makes it hard to care for her in a way that pleases her.

We did not tell you much of that when you started, for fear of putting you off. You quickly grasped the problem and chose to work with it, rather than expecting mum to try harder to change her ways as other agencies had done. You chose and trained carers to work well with her particular needs. You gave them enough time to work so they would not need to rush her and would do things the way she wanted them done. You worked hard to make sure she had the same carers most of the time without too many changes

Carers were very kind and often going beyond what they had been asked to do and taking on extra tasks such as cooking, sewing, hand washing and lifts to her appointments. Not all easy or pleasant to do, especially to mums satisfaction.

We were pleased that you listened to and looked after your staff well as mum and balanced their needs for decent working conditions with mums. We liked your common sense approach to safety and that you kept high care standards without sticking rigidly to rules that would not have been in mums best interest. We particularly appreciated the way you dealt with problems that rose, by reviewing care frequently, anticipating problems and working with us to find solutions.

Although she had to leave home in the end, mum was able to stay that much longer than she would have without your help. It was good that you were willing to put in place more care to support her when it was needed, particularly extended morning calls and all night waking care and you were prepared to offer other options such as live in care. It was also helpful that were able to tell us when you did not think mum was safe at home even with the carer present. This allowed us to make a decision with her about the best place for her to be able to live sustainably. As you know mum would preferred to carry on at home with Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby)'s support. You can blame us for advising her that this was no longer a viable long term option.

Thank you so much and thank you to all the staff especially Caroline, Ellie, Sue, Daphne, Jane, Debbie, Sunil, Visha and many more who helped earlier for all you have done.

We wish you all the best for 2016 and the future.

Yours truly David and Katherine.
Son and Daughter of Service user
'Thank you' to Visha and the team for your dedication, support and care of my mother. In particular, thanks to Sara who acted so promptly on finding mum ill one morning. In hospital still but on the road to recovery, mum is looking forward to resuming your regular visits and catching up again with 'her girls' very soon.Barbara - Daughter of service user
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