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Caremark Hillingdon testimonials

At Caremark Hillingdon, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Very approachable management. Professional, lovely and very caring carers. Keen to learn and develop skills to help my mum. Excellent toime keeping. We are very happy with Caremark. :)Ms NS (daughter of client)13/02/2020
I am very happy with the services provided to me. I'm using outreach support to enable me to get out and about, to visit places and meet other people as I really like to travel a lot. This type of care also covers everything else that I may require on a weekly basis. The staff are always trying their best to make sure everything is taken care of. I'd most definitely recommend it to everyone who is thinking about receiving care at home or access the community.Mr LS (client)04/02/2020
All staff are extremely professional and friendly. Care workers completely know their client. They are always checking to make sure all is okay. Highly recommend.Mrs JAB (mother of client)02/02/2020
The staff are all lovely and friendly. Very happy with the service. Always feel comfortable enough with the care workers to leave mum with them.Ms EM (daughter of client)31/01/2020
I have found everyone that I have dealt with just wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble. My Aunt was always a priority.Mr CB (nephew of client)13/12/2019
We have always had an efficient and friendly service from the staff at Caremark.Mrs CS (sister of our client)16/04/2019
Both myself, sister and dad couldn't be happier with the care we all receive from Caremark.
Dad was initially resistant to strangers coming in but he adjusted immediately which is a testament to the lovely carers.
The office staff are always understanding and extremely friendly. They are practically an extension to our family.
Our heartfelt thanks to all staff at Caremark - you are now invaluable to us.
Mrs ES (Daughter of Client)22/03/2019
We are very happy with the care provided. Excellent communication and very reliable service. Quality of carers is excellent. JT particularly feels comfortable with her usual morning carer, who deals with her personal hygiene and I regard this as very important. The Carers/ Office staff have responded well to any problems, illnesses with professionalism and communicated well with me.
We have been happy with the level of service and have increased this in the last month.
Mrs MK (Friend of Client)22/03/2019
The family have been very impressed and pleased with the level of care provided. Staff are very professional and caring, arriving on time and completing all tasks with care.Mrs SJ (Daughter of Client)21/03/2019
We have been using this fabulous care company for a month now and they are fabulous.
I am treated always with dignity and respect. The carers genuinely care. They are always thoughtful of my needs and provide a service above and beyond what is asked of them.
Mrs RG15/06/2018
My uncle has a Caremark carer everyday for 1 hour to help him shower, shave, dress and get ready for the day. Michelle, Claire and Sharon are friendly, professional and my uncle really enjoys their visits.

Caremark has made a huge difference to my uncle's quality of life and helps me to get on with my morning and sorting out our kids.
Ms KC (niece of client)31/01/2018
I am very pleased with the service and the carers from Caremark and my brother seems very happy with them all.Ms MG (sister of client)18/01/2018
Mum receives excellent care from Caremark carers.
Carers arrive on time, professionally dressed and assist Mum to go to the toilet and getting in bed.
They also provide meals and take time to listen to Mum and what she requires.
Always friendly and courteous and attentive to Mum's needs.
Mr DB (son of client)12/01/2018
Caremark provide a wonderful service and we have been extremely happy with every carer that has been here.Mr JF (son of client)08/01/2018
I wish I came to Caremark sooner!Mr CL (father of Mr DL)23/10/2017
Caremark carers provide excellent care and support for my mum. The carers are very friendly, helpful and have taken the time to find our mum's interests and talk to her about them. They assist mum with getting about the house, going to the toilet and the garden and ensuring her needs are met.

All in all a very professional and friendly, caring service is provided ensuring mum is well looked after.
Mr DB22/05/2017
I really like by carers and I have been able to go out with them everyday.Miss SW05/05/2017
My carer is very nice and willing to do anything I ask her to do. The lady from Caremark comes regularly.Mrs JR03/05/2017
My daughter and I have found Caremark to be very supportive and very caring in that care needs are reviewed regularly and that we are listened to.
The care is reliable and also flexible to our needs.
Very happy with Caremark!
Mrs AB (mother of client)03/05/2017
Caremark (Hillingdon) have been professional and efficient in all areas of service. I particularly value the experience of the Care Manager and Field Care Supervisor who have shown great willingness and flexibility in trying to achieve the best support for mum. They assessed mum's requirements carefully and continue to carry out regular inspection visits to ensure that her needs are being met.

Communication is good and I feel confident that any queries I have will be dealt with quickly either in person or by phone or email. The carers themselves have been supportive of mum. Friendly but professional.
Mrs JB26/04/2017
I'm very happy with my carer. She's a very kind lady. She's never late and always tries to help me, even the ladies from the office that come to see me in my home are always nice.Miss DW27/06/2016
Caremark staff are very helpful and always willing to help. My family are very happy with the service given. I have even told my friends about Caremark.Mr LR27/06/2016
We receive an excellent service from Caremark. Carers are always on time. They treat me with dignity. They always carry out the tasks that are on my care plan.Mrs BC25/05/2016
I am very happy with the care I receive from all Caremark carers. They arrive on time and carry out everything within the support plan.

I would recommend Caremark to my friends.
Mrs SY25/05/2016
I really look forward to the weekly visit from my carer. He brightens up my day and makes a huge difference to my life. He helps get my affairs in order. Thank you.Mr VP12/05/2016
To all the staff at Caremark who cared for our father who sadly passed away, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the carers for looking after him. It was much appreciated. Being a nurse, I was impressed with the high standard.
My father was very grateful for your care and it enabled him to maintain some dignity with his family.
Family of Mr LT16/09/2015
Dear Christina,
Thank you for the care & kindness your company has given to Mr AK. Your staff were excellent.
They are very sincere, compassionate and have delivered a high standard of care.
This is the result of great leadership. Mr AK shall always recall a happy memory with your girls.
Please give my sincere regards to all your staff.
Thanking you.
Mrs C28/08/2015
In general the service that my mother received was excellent. The Carer was always on time which was a very important requirement that my mother had. The carer assisted my mother in all aspects of getting ready in the morning making sure that she did not rush the routine and adapted to my mother's pace. The carer was very helpful, respectful and understanding. My mother was very positive about the whole experience and based upon that we would strongly consider using Caremark again.Mr SK05/08/2015
All the staff are good and punctual. All staff assist me to get washed and dressed daily and have a chat with me.Mrs BC08/06/2015
Very good! My carers are always punctual and treat me with dignity and respect.Mrs SM01/06/2015
Very happy with Linda. She really helps me!Mrs PW15/05/2015
Very good service provided by Caremark.Ms EH14/05/2015
My carers are very good. They take me to get my shopping. The also play pool with me.Mr HS13/05/2015
My carers always turn up on time, are all very pleasent and very good at their job.Ms JH12/05/2015
Very happy with the Caremark staff.
I can now find my paperwork and my flat is now clean and tidy. My books are on a shelf.
Mr JW14/08/2014
Very happy with my carer. She is very pleasant, considerate and always on time for my visits.Mrs JC06/08/2014
Very happy with the service we are receiving. The carers are all very nice. To me they are excellent.Mr JS04/08/2014
All the carers look after my mum very well. It makes her feel safe.Mrs TM04/08/2014
Very happy with service we are receiving. The morning calls are a great help to us and makes my life easier.Mrs JO30/07/2014
Dear Caremark,
I would be very grateful if you could make sure that the 2 Carers for Mr KN receive these thank you cards on behalf of Mr KN's family and girlfriend.
It was sad that he died sooner than we thought, but he was grateful for the help and support from his 2 Carers, and up till the last week of his life, he was able to talk and laugh with them, and he liked them both and they were very kind to him.
We were also very grateful to your agency to send such nice girls to Mr KN. Thanking you for all the help you gave him.
Yours sincerely
Ms CA29/06/2014
The carers are very good. They encourage me to eat my food. I feel very at ease with them. The carers have my highest regards because they are so nice. They are always very helpful.Mrs MK09/06/2014
"I am very happy with all the carers that visit me. They are all very nice and helpful."Mr AK05/06/2014
"I am very happy with the care provided for my husband. The carers are always smart, on time and friendly. Caremark always lets me know if there is ever a change in carer in advance. I also appreciate that Christina went out of her way to help my husband get the leg rest for his wheelchair."Mrs CB26/03/2014
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