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Caremark Cheltenham & Tewkesbury testimonials

At Caremark Cheltenham & Tewkesbury, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
My carers are the very best, most helpful, very kind and polite and considerate.AS, customer27/07/2020
I have had wonderful care from all the carers that have visited me. Each individual carer has treated me with care and respect. I would recommend their care service to anyone. Thank you to all my carers.Janet, customer27/07/2020
I have found carers very helpful, friendly and happy to chat. Nothing is too much trouble. I would certainly recommend to my family and friends in the future if the need arises.Michael, customer27/07/2020
I cannot speak highly enough of Caremark. The care my mother received was exemplary. The staff really care about their clients and went over and above to ensure my mother received a very high standard of care and made to feel as cheerful as she possibly could be, given the fact she was so unwell and confined to her bed. The staff were always cheerful, they made my mother's last days as comfortable as they could be and offered us as a family kindness and support. My only regret is that I did not find Caremark sooner. If I had known about them when my mother was initially discharged from hospital sleepless nights and days full of anxiety could have been avoided. My family and I will always be grateful to Caremark staff for the care they gave to my mother and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needed care either for themselves or a loved one.Jane, daughter of customer27/07/2020
“The carers are always very nice and respectful and I look forward to them coming on the morning. They always do what I ask, even when I am bossy!”Isabel, a client07/10/2019
“They are great; I definitely couldn’t do without them.”Ron, a client07/10/2019
“I welcome the support the carers give Ron; they are always very cheerful and kind and I am grateful for what they do.”Ann, wife of a client07/10/2019
"The carers are exceedingly good and they do everything I ask of them. It makes a big difference having their support.”Liz, wife of a client07/10/2019
Penny, (Joanne & Michael)

I want to thank Joanne and Michael for the most meaningful 3 days of training.
I really appreciated the attention to detail and the warm hospitality. Both Joanne and Michael were engaging, interesting and supportive.

Andy Lawrence06/08/2019
My care team are lovely and all very helpful. The team in the office are very kind and considerate and always happy to help meThomas - A client04/07/2019
“All the people who provide my care are very good. They are all polite and I have no complaints at all.“I especially like my carer Laura. She knows everything about me and I look upon her as a friend.”Dorothy, a client14/01/2019
“They take very good care of me and I am very grateful for the support they give me which enables me to stay at home.”Maureen, a client14/01/2019
“The support Caremark provide to my mum is invaluable to our family because some days she is unable to get out of bed.

"She is very proud and independent so allowing carers into her home was a big thing for her, but they gained her confidence and she now looks on them as being part of the family.”
Peter, son of a client14/01/2019
“One of my carers, Laura, massages my feet, which helps to ease my pain and this means a lot to me.”Sheila, a client14/01/2019
"The people who come from Caremark are great, they take such good care of me.

"It’s not just the day-to-day things though, it's all the little things like feeding my fishing, putting a bet on for me or getting me a paper that add up. Having them coming in makes me feel safe and they know me really well. I enjoy their company."
Tommy, a client01/10/2018
"It’s important to eat properly and having the carers come in to cook for me helps me do that – they’ll cook what I fancy.

"I find it reassuring knowing the carers are nice and friendly and that they will come in regularly. Nothing is too much trouble for them."
Sheila, a client08/06/2018
"One of my carers in particular is worth his weight in gold. We’re like an old married couple now, we may not say much as my hearing is so bad but it’s about companionship and just knowing he’s there.

"He thinks of everything and if he notices something needs doing, he just does it."
Bill, a client08/06/2018
"They are helping me stay at home really, helping me stay independent. I have three visits a day and it’s very reassuring to know they are coming. I appreciate everything they do for me very much, I do feel pampered.

"I would recommend the Caremark team to other people who are looking for care. It really is the little things that make the difference."
Maureen, a client16/05/2018
"Caremark are 50 times better than the last people I had supporting me. I feel reassured that I know who is going to be coming in and out of the house."Betty, a client23/04/2018
"I think the ladies who come in to help me are wonderful and kind. They don’t rush, they spend time with me. The way they are with me, I don’t feel like I lose any dignity.

"Having the same people means they get to know me, and I get to know them. They’re prepared to do whatever I ask them to do and they don’t rush me."
Lynne, a client27/02/2018
"Firstly I want to say that Caremark are good, good, good, good, good! The carers are excellent, really patient and friendly.

"Having the carers come in means I can keep my independence which I really value – if that was taken away I would be lost."
Goldie, a client23/02/2018
I am very happy with the service I receive. I feel that I am listened to with regards to my wife's requirements, and the team are caring and compassionate.James a client
My husband has been with the company for nearly a year. His care has been excellent and he is happy with the carers that have been coming in. This has improved his quality of life and mine (main carer). This has given me and my husband peace of mind.Rosaleen - A client
Overall the service is very good. Most carers go over and beyond and do a fantastic job. Some seem to be slack in what they have to do and don't bother doing the job properly. Everyone is so friendly, they listen, I would recommend Caremark to anyone who needs help. Being an ex carer myself, I know what you all have to put up with. I always say if you need help just ask.A client - review on
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