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Caremark Barnsley testimonials

At Caremark Barnsley, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
We received a lovely call from our clients son who wanted to tell us that all the carers that have been to his dad, especially in the mornings are amazing and have been brilliant with his dad, he said he would recommend Caremark to everyone as we have brilliant carers working for us.

Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback- it really means such a lot to us and our staff to hear when we make a difference- thanks you!
Mr. P13/04/2019
'I am highly satisfied with my carer, Sarah, who visits me on a regular basis'.MF13/03/2019
'The best thing about the service is that my wife is cared for to the highest standard. I also get good support from the carers should I need it. The carers chat to her when they visit and make sure that she is happy and comfortable at all times'.DT13/03/2019
'Its a friendly, approachable service that seems professionally run. The service provides much needed support to the family- a real safety net when we cannot visit'.SB26/02/2019
'We are very satisfied with the care provided by all the carers- they are very polite and helpful and we are very grateful to them'.MT22/02/2019
'My Dad's carer's always see he is alright- he has regular Carer's and they know him well.'GK18/02/2019
'Julie H is my regular Carer and we get on very well. She is always very caring and respectful- a lovely lady'.Anon05/01/2019
My staff who come are always Caring and Helpful and treat their clients with dignity.MM16/07/2018
Prior to my Mum’s recent illness Mum was really active and independent; visiting the local high street a few times a week; attending Church and Age Well events and also the local Luncheon Club and, although I did a lot for her, she pretty much looked after herself washing; cooking cleaning etc. So, the whole idea of long-term care was new to us and, if I am honest, a little bit scary.

But, we had nothing to worry about. Your carers have been just lovely with her; kind caring and patient (goodness knows how they keep so cheerful singing the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ over and over again!). Every time the carers leave, my Mum says to me ‘aren’t they lovely’ ...... and they are.

When a family member takes ill, it affects the whole family. But I have to say as prime (and only) carer for my Mum the positive impact your carers have had on me has been immeasurable – it has made my life so much easier and makes me feel happier and more confident in trying to get a better balance, between looking after my mum and being a Mum to my daughter.

I would be really grateful if you could pass on my thanks and gratitude to all the ladies who have visited so far – I know its early days but I just wanted to let them know that they are doing a wonderful job and, as a family, we are really grateful.

I do hope as a company you look after your carers as they make such a positive difference; helping the elderly to be able to stay in their own homes, which is where they so desperately want to be.

Many thanks
K G11/07/2018
We asked our clients via our annual survey to tell us what they think the best thing is about our service- here's what one of our clients said; 'Consistency- I am very satisfied with the overall service and support I receive. Julie is my regular support worker and we get on very well, she is always very caring and helpful- she is a lovely lady.'AF10/07/2018
I would like to have Tracey & Irene seven days each week if possible!

Time Keeping- excellent
Caring Attitude- excellent

An excellent example of what Carer's should be.
Mr H. B06/07/2018
I love my job
Care Assistant (Current Employee) – Barnsley

To be honest I had no idea what to expect, I wanted to make a difference for people. I enjoyed the training and felt confident after it, the shadowing was really good, I met some amazing carers.

My supervisor introduced me to my customers too which I thought was good. It can be hard work, tiring at times, but it's rewarding, I really love it. Good support too

Good training and support amazing customers too
People's needs change you have to respond at short notice sometimes
Care Assistant18/06/2018
Just received a phone call from G at social services in regards to NS as they have had a review today with the client, they wanted us all to be proud of ourselves for delivering such good care to her and the family and that Anna Allen (main carer) does a fantastic job.

They wanted me to express this to all involved. We have called Anna as well to inform her what they have said, she was very happy and expressed a couple of tears- of joy!

Well done everyone!
To 'ALL' the staff at Caremark Barnsley....
Thank you for your kindness and caring over the years for my mother AW
A special thank you to Karen, my mothers carer, who tirelessly visited my mother while she was in hospital and later in respite.
BW (Son)16/03/2018
I would wish to place on record, my sincere gratitude to your two cares Amanda T & Donna F, who attended to my wife, on 3 of the most horrendous days for some years this week, snow and ice, 4 times a day and on time give a few minutes either way, that is care and commitment, well done them!!
Some people are quick to complain, but not too quick say thank you when things are right, I am of the latter.
Once Again Many Thanks to Them and your Company
Mr T L05/03/2018
"I am very happy with my run. I feel that should I need anything I can speak to Jason or Nikki (my Care Coordinators) and they will amend it for me. I enjoy my job and this is reflected in the work I do. I am happy at work and I am proud to work for Caremark."Care & Support Worker EB03/03/2018
"very happy with the carers, they are very helpful and attentive".Son of BT03/03/2018
"I am extremely satisfied with the care I receive from my carers''.Mrs D H19/02/2018
We came to Caremark by chance, after a largely unpleasant experience with another care provider. The difference between the old carers and Caremark was immediate. The staff were far more professional and caring. There were never any issues while we were with them. Of course there is always the usual glitches when people go off sick or such, but overall I was most satisfied with the service they provided. As already stated, the regular carers who visited our home were all good and trustworthy and keen to provide the best service possible. I cannot thank them enough. I would recommend Caremark to anyone who is in need of such a service.via NHS Choices05/02/2018
My mum is one of your clients in P. Her main carer is KS and I would just like to let you know how fantastic she is. She makes us feel like she genuinely cares about our Mum and her welfare and she goes above and beyond the call of duty time and time from clients daughter21/01/2018
" Amanda is my regular Carer and she is very good".Anon30/11/2017
"I think my Carer is a good, kind and caring lady, she is on time and always looks smart in her uniform. I like to stick with Julie because I know her now and she knows my needs and I always feel safe with her".

"Its a very good service with good staff, easy to talk to and I think it is well led".
Mrs. B M30/11/2017
''I found the training I received from Caremark to be very enjoyable and informative, the skills that I have gained I feel have prepared me for the job. The course was also well paced and we were encouraged to ask questions, if we were unsure about anything. Excellent training"!J Y Field Care Supervisor29/11/2017
I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Lesley and her team for the support they have provided me with at a very difficult time'.Carer25/11/2017
''I have a Carer called Julie, she is kind and talks to me, Its good to see her, she is like a Friend too. We have a laugh and I feel at ease her, nothing is too much trouble. My Carer always acts in a professional manner, she is clean and on time, she is very kind and caring and she has my complete trust''.Mrs. B M02/08/2017
''This letter is being written to acknowledge Five Carers who in my opinion put the word CARE into your company- Caremark. They not only cared for a very dear friend of mine, but when my friend was coming to the end of her life they were there for me as well. They went above and beyond what their duties were. I cannot thank them enough, the words Thank You cannot express the gratitude I felt for these girls. I cannot remember their surnames, but their first names are; Lynne, Danielle, Kerry-Ann, Keely and Lyndsey. Without these girls I know I would not have been able to cope. So once again girls a big Thank You''.S01/08/2017
"The staff who look after me are well mannered and Kind".JB20/07/2017
"Amanda is my regular Carer she is so kind and lovely, she is a very good Carer''.Anon18/07/2017
''The best thing about the service I receive is the friendliness and everyone is always very helpful with everything''.Mr C.M01/07/2017
''My main Carers are both professional and go above and beyond the call of their duties, which I really appreciate''.Mr D.J01/07/2017
''My Carers are as near perfect as I could wish and are only missing for holidays, they're always on time''.G,S30/06/2017
''The best thing about the service is the re-assurance and support the Carers give both my husband and I. The staff are always very pleasant and we do appreciate the help they give, which I am pleased to say that at the moment is minimal and if the staff complete the jobs we ask them to do in a shorter time than allocated they always ask if there is anything else they can do- they never leave without asking if there is anything else we need."Mr & Mrs A G30/06/2017
"excellent service from all staff coming here, good support and a very professional service that suits my needs''.CT30/06/2017
''I came into care for the first time three months ago, I cannot believe how much I love my new career, I love my clients, I've had great support from my Supervisor and Coordinator and I've been blown away with some of the care staff who I've been working with- they are incredible, so caring and professional''.

There have been occasions where I have car shared and really got to know my colleague and had some fun between addresses, but as soon as we reach our clients address their 'game face' goes on and they become an incredible professional, they're amazing!"
This company came to us after my mother came out of hospital. Some excellent staff, nothing was too much trouble. If I called for anything they were always very prompt at actioning things. My mother loves the staff coming into see her. I was a little unsure at first as I had read people's experiences however really good service and staff.NHS Choices05/05/2017
To all Carer's, P & KW would like to pay a big thank you to all the Carers who helped us look after our Dad over the last few weeks. Everyone has been so kind and helpful without exception.K&PW12/04/2017
I am very fortunate to have two excellent carers who work hard and efficiently to enable me to, with their help, make the most of living with complex health issues.

Thank you all so much for your support and commitment to my care.
An excellent service, by caring staff and an organisation that listens to my concerns.NW03/04/2017
'Thank you for all that everyone did for our Dad (T), his care was first class and helped us through a bad time, thanks and love'.K&M08/03/2017
'I really can't thank you enough- your thoughtfulness means such a lot to me and my partner at this hard time for us'.B08/03/2017
Unfortunately we did not need Caremark for long as my gran sadly passed away but we did have a pleasant experience with friendly workers. We did have a few teething problems but the care company were happy to listen to us and adjust the care provided to suit our Gran. No complaints and we would recommend to others,Anon15/02/2017
I am M, I am in my seventies, live on my own with limited mobility and complex health issues. I am fortunate to have two regular carers, L & S, who work alongside me and both are committed to enabling people to live their lives to the full and be as independent as is possible.

L delivers my personal care with the utmost sensitivity. My health is unpredictable thankfully L is very perceptive and on my good days she will encourage me to do more for myself. She has taken the time to get to know me and how I like things doing. We have worked together on my support/health plan and has designed an exercise regime. L takes me through a 20 minute daily routine which is already making such a difference to my health, my body and my life. She is lovely company, very kind and motivating.

S works with me in the community, together we work out what needs doing, shopping, doctors. He is extremely kind and caring, always coming up with ideas that will raise my spirits; nothing is too much trouble for him. He also is perceptive and notices any changes in my health/mood and encourages me to talk. He is committed to ensuring that I get the most out of the time he is with me. He helps me cook and we have intelligent conversations.

All in all these two carers have made a significant difference to my life and leave me feeling nurtured and very cared for.
''My husband was in the last stages of life, the care he and I received from Caremark was outstanding. The Carers were all exemplary, their care practice and attention to detail was wonderful. The truly outstanding thing for me was their kind and caring nature- every one of the team was lovely, genuinely and sincerely decent and kind. They would talk to my husband to let him know what they were about to do- even though he was in a very deep sleep, I thought that was really important. I also must thank everyone for the kindness they showed me- they would always make sure they made me a warm drink and tidied my kitchen before they left. The staff and management were absolutely wonderful- we could not have managed without them''.P McK27/01/2017
"All I want to say is they (the Carer's) do a brilliant job, I am very grateful and very proud. I couldn't be more proud of the job they do''.SU16/12/2016
"I was at my wits end- at breaking point as my husbands health has recently deteriorated significantly. Caremark have lifted a weight from my shoulders. Sarah (Field Care Supervisor) spent time with me- she reassured me, she introduced me and my husband to Shereen, who is now our Carer- she's lovely and my husband really liked her immediately. Shereen is professional and really gives us confidence- I feel so much better now- I was at breaking point. Thank you Caremark".P. McK15/12/2016
''Julia (my Carer) is alright! I live on my own so there's not much to do, Julia does what I ask and helps maintain my home, I score Julia 11/10Service User14/12/2016
Our client said ''I called the Caremark office about six weeks ago after reading in the Caremark newsletter to nominate Shirley as Carer of the Month. Shirley is fantastic and every aspect of my care and support is done to a 'T'. I am totally confident in the care she delivers."SU14/12/2016
''I am very happy with my Carer's- they make time to sit and talk to me, which I enjoy- I like to have a natter! I have no complaints".Mr. K. M12/12/2016
"I think all my Carer's are brilliant- I have no complaints, they treat me with respect, in-fact they spoil me".Mrs. M H12/12/2016
"I love my Carer's- I have the best Carer's in Yorkshire"BT- Client Survey28/11/2016
Kindness, Compassion and Dignity.

To all Care Staff

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your kindness shown to Mum. Throughout her time supported by Caremark the care workers have treated her with Kindness, Compassion and Dignity.

Thank you once again
Customers Family25/11/2016
I just thought I would drop you a quick email regarding a recent visit I made to one of your clients. Three of your care workers were in attendance during my visit and the level of professionalism I witnessed was commendable and I feel should be highlighted.

All care workers too the clients wishes in to consideration and although he has limited communication skills, they were able to determine his wishes, which is a skill in it's self. Consent was attained at every opportunity and this was exceptional in a somewhat demanding environment.

It was a pleasure to see such professionalism

DE Nursing Advisor
Nursing Advisor31/10/2016
Replacing poor service..., caremark took over our care package and support needs. Battling to get our son into school seemed a challenge - Caremark attended the educational review and working with RMBC were able to provide support in school. All completed within two weeks of the request and has run without concern for a year. Julie is a caring carer, the bond with out child says it all! Going the extra mile or 40 to ensure we have support as a family and giving us a break. We can not express our heartfelt gratitude to her and her colleagues that provide the support to my family. Thank you Julie!SB01/07/2016
"Sarah (my daughter) loves her Carer's, they have been great for her, particularly Janine- she's a similar age and they have lot in common- she really looks forward to her coming. Janine is lovely and also very professional.''Mrs. P. W23/06/2016
"Caremark looked after my father, I cannot fault it in any way.
A special very big thank you to his Care team- words are not enough to say thank you for the care they gave him- a big thank you for all the support and comfort I was given too".
Although this service is for respite for my mother, I look forward to my Carers visit each Friday, she (my Carer) is always exactly on time, always pleasant, and I must say my mental health has improved enormously due to her care. Thank you Caremark.RB05/05/2016
''Kara is lovely, she is always on time and gets on really well with me. She has brought me out of my shell- Mum says she has never seen me look forward to anything as much as Kara coming''.AB04/04/2016
We have some fantastic examples of mature people who have joined us, we would like to introduce you to Joy.

Joy has worked for Caremark for almost 5 years, joining us when we were a new organisation. Joy has worked in the pub trade and has raised a family of her own and is now a grandmother to 4. Joy is a truly caring lady who has a passion for people. Working in the licensed trade Joy is a social person who enjoys chatting to her Customers and they all love this about Joy.

Joy told us about what she likes about her job “I like to see what a difference I make, it is good meeting new people. The team have supported me during my time here – they have identified Customers for me to support who fit around my family commitments. I like to have my grandchildren on a Thursday each week”.
'I am absolutely more than satisfied with all they (the Carer's) do for me- they make my life much easier and I look forward to seeing them.'E.P05/03/2016
We're really proud of our Team, they make a difference to people's lives- some of our staff leavers have left some feedback that we think is worth sharing, this is Vikki's account...

Being a Care Coordinator is very much about getting an even balance. All you want to do is your best for the customers both current and future, and for the staff too. As a coordinator there is nothing worse than an unhappy staff member, or having to make the decision as to whether or not we can offer a service to a new customer in need, I know personally I wanted to have the right answers for everyone. When all said and done you can think you’ve prepared for every eventuality and then something unexpected will come along and turn everything around... you need to stay on your toes and be resilient enough to keep going, even when you think you’ve ran out of ideas.

I’ve never had a job that felt so rewarding. I always felt so proud to be able to help someone remain living in his or her own home, or even go home for the last time. I didn’t have any care experience so I wouldn’t have been the best in a customer’s home delivering the care myself but I took great delight, and responsibility, in ensuring that customers received the best care from well trained professional carer’s.

I wanted to make sure everything ran smoothly and carer’s and customers were both happy with their routine. I know for myself, if something wasn’t quite right I felt personally responsible. Even though I physically wasn’t the one going out and providing the care service, it was decisions that I made in the office that impacted on both how the carer’s managed their work, and the service a customer received. All anyone wants at Caremark Barnsley is for the customers to receive the highest level of care possible; you feel that from the very start.

I felt very much part of the team at Caremark Barnsley, and I wanted to extend that sense of feeling to the customers and the carer’s too... when I had the time I would always like to spend some time talking and sharing experiences, I’ve always felt people work at their best when they’re listened to. Communication is such an important part of delivering the best possible service.

Following any challenging period we would always come through as a team and you would feel the appreciation from the very top, Mark and Andrew always extended their appreciation of dedication to the whole team, not afraid to come in with some motivation when the team needed it the most.

Caremark Barnsley gave the opportunity to grow and develop as a person, I got stuck in right from the beginning and learnt as much as I could, I will always have fond memories of my time at Caremark Barnsley and I really do with the company all the best for its future endeavor’s, Some of the experiences I have shared with customers and staff will remain with me for the rest of my life.

All I can say is thank you Caremark Barnsley for allowing me to be a part of the team!
Vikki White03/03/2016
Caremark helped my wife when she broke her hip. She had two Carer's who came four times each day. They built her confidence up to walk again and get her life back. We only have one Carer now and she only needs to come in the morning to assist my wife out of bed. They are always happy and helpful.BR19/02/2016
I have three calls each day- morning, noon and night, I am a very independent lady and my Carers know this and support me just when I need it.

I have attended a couple of Caremark's Tea Dance's which have raised funds for Alzheimer's- I am looking forward to the next ones in 2016.
Mrs G D16/02/2016
All the Carers are lovely and are always happy to help- its a pleasure to see them.Mrs Nellie W11/02/2016
Here's some feedback from some of our ex- employees;

I joined Caremark as a Care and Support Worker in September 2011 as one of the first recruits. This was a total career change for me at the time and what a rewarding job this turned out to be. I was given all adequate training and was supported throughout the recruitment process. I found great satisfaction in my role as I made so much difference to peoples lives by supporting them to live independently in their own homes. The support network out in the field meant I could fulfil my role without worrying that I was out there all alone.

After about six months I moved into the office as a Care Coordinator. This job was very challenging and sometimes pushed you to the limits but was also very rewarding. I loved working with all my work colleagues both in the office and out in the field and we all worked as one big team. I could always go to Mark and Andrew for advice and they would always listen and provide support when needed.

I loved every minute of my time at Caremark and was very upset when I left due to my personal circumstances but I am sure I will return at some point in the future should the opportunity arise.
Sharon Callan02/02/2016
Caremark provide two calls each day to help my wife out of and in to bed. They also give her a nice shower- if it wasn't for Caremark I wouldn't be able to cope, they are marvellous, my wife suffers from Dementia.Mr. H.M01/02/2016
''I would recommend this service to anyone who needs help, the staff are kind, well mannered and helpful''.Mrs TH01/02/2016
''All staff members are very kind to me, they are well mannered and very jolly, which makes my day''.Anon01/12/2015
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the gift voucher you sent me for my Care Worker of the Month nomination.

I appreciate the kind things which you have all said about me, both as a person and as an employee. I work hard to make our Customers as happy and comfortable as possible and I enjoy doing my job to the best of my ability.

It is nice to know that it has not gone unnoticed.
CB- Care & Supprt Worker27/11/2015
''The staff are better described as Angels...''Customer Annual Survey comment01/11/2015
The team who look after my family member are all smashing lasses, they are genuinely caring and kind- they are also very reliable and that means so much to my husband and I.Mrs C. W20/10/2015
The best thing is the care and kindness shown by every Care & Support Worker that comes to my mothers home. The service is first class'Mrs K K (daughter of Mrs H B)12/05/2015
''Nothing's too much trouble, they are all cheerful and happy, they are helpful and dependable''.M.O06/05/2015
''Great team and same Carer's which is excellent. All the staff are very happy and friendly when they are here- they are excellent at their jobs''.Mrs A. R02/05/2015
''The quality of the care plan is excellent. The Field Care Supervisor (Karen) really listened to the complexity of my daughters needs and managed to find the right Carers. The detail in the plan has meant that the Carers have given outstanding, appropriate and empathetic care and support. Care arrangements have been smoothly managed, I have recommended Caremark Barnsley to friends and family already!''R. S (Mother of client)07/04/2015
"I receive care for myself and my husband. We have Carer's at regular times and set Carer's each day so we know who is coming. We both have personal care and meals and drinks prepared. We are treated with respect at all times- we would not be able to manage without them. They also keep our family up to date with any problems and concerns''.Mrs D. R02/04/2015
"Great service! What would I do without it is my question. I couldn't manage if wasn't for the help of my Carers. They help me live independently''.Mrs J. H01/04/2015
''I would recommend Caremark Barnsley to anyone due to the high standard of care I have myself received from them. They are excellent with both myself and my family and respectful to my home and needs as an individual'.Miss K B31/03/2015
''All the Caremark Barnsley staff we have encountered are caring and professional.

They have taken time to get to know their client and interact very well with my brother in law, treating him with dignity and compassion at all times.

They have also taken time to get to know his wife and made her feel at ease with a difficult situation''.
Mrs. S. S (Sister in law of Mr G. P)31/03/2015
''My Carers are very helpful and they will do anything for you- they go the extra mile''.Miss Y K31/03/2015
''The Carers are very nice- nothing is too much trouble for them- they could not be better and I am so grateful for them. I am always happy to see their smiling faces and there is nothing they could do any better''.Mrs E. H31/03/2015
''The service is excellent- I can't fault it. The Carers are very good, really helpful young ladies who visit my wife and I regularly''.Mr C. M31/03/2015
''The child I care for is quadriplegic (I am a Foster Carer) and therefore needs a high degree of care. The staff sent by Caremark Barnsley have always attended on time and followed my lead in ensuring a high degree of care is delivered.

There is never any attempt to override or sidestep me but rather a genuine wish to follow the plans and procedures I have set.

The staff are competent and more importantly are genuinely caring".
Mrs JM29/03/2015
''The staff are always professional, nothing is too much trouble, I am always informed if there are any problems, in short they are all marvellous and a credit to Caremark Barnsley''.SH (the son of EH)24/03/2015
The team we have could not be bettered!GS04/02/2015
Our regular Care & Support Workers are brilliant and professional in everyway.DR29/01/2015
On behalf of my parents and the rest of the family, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and all the staff at Caremark Barnsley who have been involved with providing care to my parents. Without the efforts you have made to provide the increasing level of support needed, particularly over the last 6 to 12 months, they would not have been able to stay in their own home as they have.

Particular thanks go to Joy, who has been the stalwart member of the team and who has shouldered more of the challenges than anyone else, and done so with a professionalism that is to be commended. Also to be commended is Jane, who in her own quiet manner, provided not only care, but care with compassion, which I know was much appreciated.

Although I have specifically mentioned Joy and Jane, we do appreciate that the care you have provided has been a team effort with a commitment from throughout your organisation, so please extend our thanks to all your staff who have played a part in supporting my parents.

Your sincerely
I think this is a fabulous service that you provide- we are very pleased with it and all the ladies that come are definitely doing a good job.

The Carers look after both me and my wife and they are brilliant- I couldn't ask for better help.
I want to say a thank you to Caremark for being so good.
The Carers are the nicest people, Amy and Loren are our regular Carers and they are both very good. We really liked Mary too- we miss her.
From a one of our Care & Support Workers;

"I am currently doing my Health & Social Care level 2 diploma- I was a bit worried when I first started the course, but I needn't have been- the help and support has been excellent- I have a good tutor"
"Caremark provide a wonderful Carer for our disabled son. Our son can be extremely difficult but the knowledge, understanding and overall professionalism is outstanding. Our Carer gives us the much needed respite to recharge our batteries. The management went above and beyond to find the right Carer, it was definitely third time lucky for us (as we had two disappointing previous providers). Our son cannot wait for his Carer to arrive.''KG26/11/2014
To the most Wonderful Team,

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job when we needed it the most.

We couldn't have wished for a better team, you all made us feel so special and important- not like it was just a job.

My Mum was also really happy with you all and the way you treated her and cared for her.

Your all a massive credit to each other.

We only met a few but it was such an amazing experience.

Thanks Again

Caremark have been very good with my Mum. They look after her very well. They do everything what we ask them to do and always make sure that she is okay. We have got no complaints at all. Thank you ever so much!SH20/11/2014
"P, my Carer is a very happy and friendly person who will do anything I ask- she always asks me what I want and gives me chance to think about it- I really like that''.JS18/11/2014
I feel comforted with my Carers, when the Carer's come up my stairs with their smiling faces it makes my day. They always go that extra mile, always ask if I need anything else. I love them all.HR17/11/2014
I've been really impressed with the efforts that the staff have made to get to know my daughter as a person and to make sure the care package was put together to suit her needs.

A great deal of care was taken to match her with the right Carer. It was definitely worth all the thought, time and effort put into the planning.

My daughter has 'clicked' with her Carer who is kind, attentive and very empathetic. She's a pleasure to have in our home!
''Thank you to you and all your staff that attend our difficult clients YOU ARE DOING A BRILLIANT JOB''.KP- BMBC Social Services11/11/2014
My wife is end of life and I can't thank Caremark Barnsley enough for what they do for her as well as looking after me, making sure that I am fine too. All the carers are fantastic and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, my wife loves to see them they always make her smile and when she smiles so do I.LL11/11/2014
Since having carers assist my husband with dementia I feel alot more relaxed and know my husband's hygiene is at an excellent level because he lets carers wash him but doesn't let me, but the FCS has explained this is quite normal.EH11/11/2014
''The care and support I receive allows me to access my community, which I couldn't do without my care and support''.E.P06/11/2014
Still very willing and very helpful and adaptable after all this time!

Me and my family were impressed at the responsiveness of Caremark, which they provided with hardly any notice. I am very happy with Caremark Barnsley as a service.
To all the Carers and Staff at Caremark Barnsley;
A big, big thank you to all the Carers and Staff who attended to my Dad (OM) who has sadly passed away.
Special thanks go to Terri, Caroline, Christine, Pat & Richard whose devotion, dedication and professionalism meant that he could fulfil his big wish to live at home.
I know that all the Carer's loved his banter and jokes and enjoyed his company- he especially doted on Terri, Caroline, Christine and Pat.
I would also like to thank the other fantastic staff who helped him through his final days.
I wish you all success and happiness and thank you with all my heart for your help and assistance.
Yours with affection DM
Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the Carers who looked after Mum in her last few weeks.

A special thanks to Lynn and Mary who were her main Carer's.

Thank you again from M, T & M
M, T & M10/10/2014
Thank you for sending Sonya & Ashley to help me, they are a diamond team and nothing puts them off. They helped me with my husbands death- it was so much easier for me after they had been.

Thank them for me- I am Mrs A M, the wife of Mr. C M
Mrs A. M17/08/2014
Thank you so much for the services that you provided for my Mum, Mrs B J. She was so very happy with her Carer's and was sad to loose them as she went into hospital and is unlikely to return home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Caremark Barnsley and your Carers to anyone.
Just want to say a big thank you to all the carers who looked after Mum In her last few weeks. A special thanks to LG and MS who were her main carers. Thank you again from all the family.30/05/2014
Just a little note to thank you R, T, C & S for being so good with my Dad24/05/2014
To all the carers and staff at Caremark Barnsley. A big thank you to all the carers and staff who attended my Dad who sadly passed away in April.
Special thanks to TW CA CB PC and RE whose devotion, dedication and professionalism enabled him to fulfil his big wish to live at home.
I know that all the carers loved his banter, jokes and enjoyed his company. I would like to thank all the staff who helped him through his final days. I wish you all success and happiness and thank you with all my heart for your help and assistance.
Yours affectionately
Please thank the amazing Carer's for being so brilliant with my Dad, Richard, Terri, Caroline, Christine and Sue.

They cared for him with kindness.
C & L14/04/2014
Review of Caremark (Barnsley) on Thursday 6 February 2014 by Eileen Poole (Client)

The carers do all that I ask and more. I wouldn't like to be without them now. They are a boon to my life. I would compliment them in every way. My carers enable me to do what I can by myself and we have a good routine. My carers have become like a second family to me. I am really content.

Overall Standard: Excellent Staff: Excellent Care / Support: Excellent
Management: Excellent Treated with Dignity: Excellent Value for Money: Excellent
Recommendations taken from website06/02/2014
We are thrilled with all our carers. We would struggle to find fault with any of them. Nothing is too much trouble. Our carers are very punctual, they always arrive on time.

Overall Standard: Excellent Staff: Excellent Care / Support: Excellent
Management: Excellent Treated with Dignity: Excellent Value for Money: Good
Review of Caremark (Barnsley) on Thursday 6 February 2014 by Richard & Winnie U (C06/02/2014
The carers do all that I ask and more. I wouldn't like to be without them now. They are a boon to my life. I would compliment them in every way. My carers enable me to do what I can by myself and we have a good routine. My carers have become like a second family to me. I am really content.EP06/02/2014
To an amazing team..
Just wanted to say thanks very much, you were a massive help in my recovery and life. You did a brilliant job and will be missed so much.
SL (client)31/10/2013
To everyone at Caremark Barnsley
Thanks so much for all your support over this last year that I have been working for you.
I am sorry that I was unable to finish my notice due to illness. I hope everything goes well and all the best for the future.
With Love
Z - (Care Worker)15/09/2013
A huge thank you to everyone at Caremark Barnsley for your kindness to M.. You have always obliged with every request we have had. Please put on record that all the Carers who have been to M's house have been first class. I will recommend you.
God Bless
M (Sister)10/09/2013
Once again, I would like to thank all the staff at Caremark Barnsley who have helped us, especially when special problems have arisen. I know if M was able to, she too would like to thank everyone. She could never have managed without the care and friendship she received from H and S and others who helped in their absence. If you ever need a personal recommendation I would be glad to help.
Thank you again
D (Sister)01/09/2013
Review of Caremark (Barnsley) on Monday 12 August 2013 by S. L (Client)
I currently receive care from this company and have done since 2012. I have recently had a change in carers and I would like to praise both JP and JC. They help with my son, pay very close attention to my food needs and always present everything very well. To me they are like friends and I think its brilliant as I don't have many friends or family here that I can talk to so openly. JC in particular is by far the best standard of carer I have had alongside JP and D (unsure of surname). Also the Supervisor (G) is brilliant especially if introducing or checking on carers. She is lovely to my son and dog and all the Caremark staff in the office are lovely too. Very pleased.
SL (client)12/08/2013
Review of Caremark (Barnsley) on Thursday 8 August 2013 by Annette (Brother/Appointee)
I have found this company to be very accommodating in every way. The care staff allocated to my brother (Barry, suffering from Vascular Dementia) are extremely helpful. They have an excellent approach and mostly have worked with the family to improve Barry's level of care and we have had an excellent result. Office staff communicate well and return calls when asked, overall a very satisfactory outcome. This is a very factual and unbiased account of the level of care achieved.
Mr J’s daughter M, advised me that the family is really happy with the care being provided, both M and her sister D feel that their dad is making improvements. He is doing more tasks for himself and the carers are being very good with him, prompting and encouraging him, but being firm with him, ensuring he does things for himself. Mr J’s family have been asked by Caremark to arrange some items for their dad, such as bedding, making a list for them, the family are happy with this arrangement and have provided the items requested.
M stated, that for the first time in a longtime, she has been able to spend some time with her dad and enjoy his company, rather than just cleaning up after him and nagging at him about his personal hygiene needs.

Thanks for your good work
Mr J’s daughter M
Dear Julia
I would like to thank Caremark (Barnsley) for your support in the care of mama. I would especially like to thank Sharon & Sarah who were proffesional at all times and maintained mama's dignity throughout whilst having a human touch.
Thanks again
Kind Regards
Dear All
I would just like to thank your carers Holly & Jack who took excellent care of my husband Mr W. It meant I could relax and unwind from caring as my husband was happy and relaxed with the carers, which meant I was happy that he was in safe hands.
Thank you for the wonderful carers you employ and the high standards.
Thank you
Mrs W
Dear Sharon
I would like to thank you for the compassion and support you offered during the last few weeks of Mama's life, especially the last weekend when your support was invaluable and 'above the call of duty'. Thanks again
Dear Julia and the Caremark Team,
Thank you for all the care and support you've given to my Aunty and family over the past few weeks. It is a fantastic service and I don't know how we would have done it without the carers, they have done a brilliant job and really care about the people they look after in a very sensitive way.
Love from S,J & family.
Dear Joy and all the team at Caremark
Mum has settled in to her new home in H. I know she would like me to say 'thank you' to you all for your kindness and care given during your visits.
Best Wishes
Good evening Mark,
Just to say a big thank you for the care given to M. It seems to be working very well with Helen. It’s a huge weight off all our minds. In August we will need to increase the level of care from 17th to 26th August as my mum is away on holiday with us. Please can you liaise with D nearer the time.
I recommended your company to a friend who needs care for her aunty.
Kind regards
Hello Andrew ,
I refer to our telephone conversation today when I confirmed my fathers move .
On behalf of my father and family I would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation of the care , consideration , and professionalism of your colleagues who were involved in delivering his care needs . We were particularly impressed with how they were able to balance the competing interests of being friendly but maintaining their professionalism . This is no easy task .
Would you please pass our thanks to all concerned .
We would have no hesitation in reccomending your Company to others who may be seeking care needs for members of their family .
Regards ,
I cant believe how well it works, it allows L time for herself' I am really pleased with the service.Mrs M
I enjoy talking with the staff and get on very well with them. They tell me everything they are doing and work really well together.Mrs G
My mother in law is very happy with the service, carers always look clean and tidy.
The care workers are very caring and dedicated, pleasant girls. The have an excellent relationship with my husband and myself. They appear to find no task to daunting and tackle the most personal care without any signs of embarrassment. I have found both caring and management staff very helpful and easy to talk too and eager to satisfy my requirements.B.M (Wife of Client)
To the Care Manager and Staff at Caremark (Barnsley). My family and I would like to thank you all for the way my husband was cared for and a big thank's to the carers Sue,Lz, Stacey and Lisa who looked after him so professionally and also for the support they gave me.Mrs O
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