Ranjit Dhillon

Managing Director

Ranjit set up the business in September 2009 after personal circumstances meant that he needed to look into Home Care for his own father.

Ranjit has come from a business background and has owned his own companies previous to this.

A very personable, approachable Managing Director.

In his spare time, Ranjit enjoys playing football, gardening and DIY.

Manju Dhillon

Field Care Supervisor

Manju started working with us as a Carer in January 2010 and has been with us ever since.
She has a wealth of experience working in the community and really excelled herself when she was an integral team member in a complex 24 hour care package.
Manju then moved into the Office to work as a Care Co-ordinator in June 2013 and has brought the office alive with her excellent office skills and friendly and approachable manner.
After a long spell, Manju was then promoted to Field Care Supervisor and has excelled in all elements providing excellent support to her Care Team and to all of our lovely customers.

Rosie Braggins

Care Co-ordinator

Rosie has left Caremark to go on Maternity Leave and we are delighted to announce the safe arrival of her beautiful baby boy!  Both Mummy and baby are doing very well and are safe at home.

We look forward to welcoming Rosie back next year!

Rosie has been with Caremark (Slough & South Bucks) since 2013.

In 2019, Rosie applied for the Care Co-Ordinator position as she wanted to expand her skills. Rosie excels in this role and is comfortable with managing the Office and Client/Carer needs with total understanding of what is needed.
Rosie has completed her Level 2 and 3 Diploma in Adult Health and Social Care and is also the Medication Champion for Caremark.
In her spare time Rosie enjoys spending quality time with her Family and enjoys playing competitive Board Games!

Suki Dhillon

Care Manager

Suki set up the business with Ranjit in September 2009.
Suki has brought all her valuable skills gained from other industries to the Company and applied them successfully.

She manages the Office and the Workforce extremely professionally and has an excellent understanding of how Home Care works as she worked in the field for a long time, to gain a good understanding and empathy with all her staff.

Suki enjoys keeping fit and eating healthily and going for long walks with her beautfiul dog – Cooper – and her 2 beautiful children.

Myrsini James

Care Administrator

Myrsini started working with Caremark from 2022 as a Care Assistant working in the community. Myrsini has a wealth of experience previously working in Care, and enjoys supporting the most vulnerable clients.

We are delighted to announce Myrsini’s promotion as Care Administrator in the office, covering Rosie’s Maternity Leave.

Myrsini brings with her a wealth of experience in the Administration sector having worked in various departments in Hospitality and is showing confidence and excelling in covering all the areas in the office environment.

Myrsini has a family of 3 beautiful children and is devoted to family life and her faith.  In her spare time she enjoys bike riding with her kids, and looking after their 3 furry friends, Guinea pigs! (Carlos, Timmy and Nighter)

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