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Caremark Slough testimonials

At Caremark Slough, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
I can't thank the manager and her team enough. I was in a real pickle trying to organise care for my sister after being let down last minute by another care provider. The speed at which Caremark responded and their ability to provide carers was incredible. The carers were amazing, so respectful, kind
and caring to my sister and her family and friends. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for help.

Liz. P – Sister of Windsor Client
Liz.P ( Sister of Windsor Client)13/09/2021
Having had care from another company that was truly awful.
The team from Caremark (Slough and South Bucks) have been life-changing, all the ladies are amazing and do their best to work with you to improve your life.
The management team are very friendly and look out for both clients and staff.
Awesome team and company.
Mr D.F (Windsor Client)09/08/2021
All the Carers are excellent. Michelle is always comes in singing and dancing, she is always cheerful when she visits me and always makes me laugh.Mr E.B26/07/2021
After being let down by another Care agency, I contacted Caremark at very short notice, to see whether they could help us arrange care for my Mum in her own home. She was in respite at the time and we were desperate to bring her home, as we knew she was nearing the end of her life. From our first contact, I was incredibly impressed by the Care and compassion of the Manager and her team, and they did everything possible to enable us to bring my Mum home the following day. The Supervisor and the other Carers were so kind and considerate towards my Mum and so patient with her, especially as she was very anxious and becoming more immobile. We will be forever grateful that Caremark enabled her to be at home and to have dignity in her last few days.Mrs A.M (Daughter of a Client)07/06/2021
The Caremark team are absolutely fantastic they are a caring lovely team, especially my daughter's carer Debi. My daughter has Autism, selected mutism, ocd, adhd. Debi has been with us since last November she's amazing with my daughter knows her needs very patient and understanding my daughter adores her and gets excited when she comes, even my other 2 children love it when she comes. she is an absolute gem 💎 Mary Poppins in my eyesSarah (Mum of Client Windsor)14/05/2021
Dad has had the carers only for a few months, they have been very good to him so far. They attend to him three times daily freeing up my own time, I only have to cook for him in the evening. The carers are very nice and have a good laugh and chat to him.Mr. R.J (Son of a Client)08/02/2021
Thank you all so much for looking after my mum. You help her and me and make it possible for her to enjoy living in her own home and enjoy her life the best that she can. A big thank you for all you do. You are all very much appreciated.Mrs J.A (Daughter of a Client08/02/2021
In July this year, we decided to get mum some care, as she had lost much of her mobility and had an ongoing health issue, to help with getting dressed and breakfast, basically to get ready for the day ahead. On recommendation, we contacted Caremark in Windsor. They quickly made an appointment to come out and assess what we needed and set up a care package. She had a lovely team of carers and regular visits from the care supervisory team. This worked very well and was a great help to mum, both with physical and mental well being. From our experience, we'd highly recommend The Windsor Caremark team.Mr. P.B (Son of a Client)23/11/2020
Dear Suki,

Mum called earlier this evening to say she had a lovely conversation with the carers tonight.
I looked to see who had been there and it was Nusrat and Alice. with dad not being there and not having to sort him out, they just took the time to sit and talk to mum. I thought it was lovely and they made 'an old lady' happy !
Mrs M.O (Daughter of a client)10/11/2020
To all at Caremark,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers, also the chocolates, yum yum! I have been feeling rather low and your very kind gift made me remember the good things.
Thank you again.
Mrs B.P (Wraysbury Client)14/09/2020
I'm happy with Caremark. Good points I get help with what needs doing, i get support when I need it.
I feel safe with my Care Worker Debbie
Miss SF (Maidenhead Client)03/08/2020
The Caremark team cared for Mum at home for a number of years, and we always found their staff to be very caring and compassionate towards Mum, even in difficult and challenging situations we found ourselves in.
They were always offering flexible help or solutions to problems we encountered as Mum's
health deteriorated.

Stephen H (son of a client)
Mrs. J.H (Windsor Client)30/07/2020
All my carers are very good, they are good company for me. Supervisor comes to visit me, and we have a good chat. My shopping call is done well by Frankie. Lisa is doing a great job with cleaning my house.Mr. DD (Windsor Client)15/05/2020
Everything is fine. I’m happy with the carers. All the carers are meeting my requirements. The O.T was good and understood my needs.Mrs JH (Windsor Client)15/05/2020
Everything is good, fabulous. Honestly cannot fault the carers, marvellous.
Mum is getting on very well with the carers. They always ask if anything else needs doing and they go beyond the call of duty.
They inspire me with things to do with mum.
Mrs. AD (Daughter of a Client Mrs. MS)12/05/2020
To everyone at Caremark

Thank you for all your help in caring for mum. It was a great help to us and gave us peace of mind. Mum thoroughly evjoyed her visits from all the ladies

Many thanks
Sue and Jim
Mrs P.B (Maidenhead Client)17/04/2020
The wonderful carers of Caremark, in particular Debi and Michelle, worked brilliantly with my teenager daughter over a six month period which allowed family life to continue as normally as possible in less than normal circumstances.
They literally became like members of our family, and truly cared which was so important. We are very grateful and highly recommend them.
Mrs N.C (mother of a client)24/03/2020
Hi Suki,

I just wanted to let you know that I have found all staff from Caremark that I have dealt with provide exemplary service and conduct themselves very professionally. You are the 4th company I have engaged with and would have no hesitation in recommending you as an excellent local provider.

Best Wishes,

Mrs H.C (Windsor Client)17/02/2020
Thank you for providing an excellent standard of Personal Care. With special thanks to Becki, Jocelyn and Michelle who have all helped with my recovery.
I will definitely recommend Caremark to all my friends in the future.
Mr C. R (client - Maidenhead)22/07/2019
Very friendly carers, good conversation with all of them.
Accommodate my needs, nothing is too much trouble. Can ask freely if I need any shopping or fish and chips brought in or bacon rolls from the bakery, they do in their own time.
Mrs P.B (Maidenhead Client)20/06/2019
The main carer who I have is very accommodating has a very positive attitude and makes me laugh. She is the highlight of my day. Goes out of her way, I can phone her anytime to bring me in my shopping. Sends me postcards when she's been on holiday and buys me Christmas and birthday presents. Also, I
get birthday cards from the company.
Mr D.G (Maidenhead Client)20/06/2019
All my carers are very lovely, positive, caring people. They all go the extra mile to make my life a lot easier. All of them have done things in their own time to picking up bits of shopping and taking me out, I feel valued.
My growing care needs are being met. They put a referral through for a wheelchair.
Mrs S.D (Maidenhead Client)20/06/2019
Brought Percy home from hospital.

Mandy on scene. Lots of concerns, professional, compassion, clearly know each other well. Very reassuring.

Well Done!!!
Mr M Quincey (wexham ambulance crew)18/06/2019
We have used their services for the last 15 months and so far the care has been wonderful. They are very understanding and flexible and willing, providing a personalised service. The pool of carers of 4 are all wonderful and provide great care, understanding and patience. These carers have specific skills which were required, and they all do amazingly well. They all adapt accordingly and listen and understand. This is a very friendly, professional care provider and we are very lucky to have the trust and confidence in them.Ms S.B ( daughter of a client in Slough)26/05/2019
Friendly and professional care from an experienced team. The carers were always on time, clean and ready to deliver excellent service to the client. My mum has advanced Vascular Dementia which often made her aggressive and uncooperative, but her carers were calm, patient and honest. They left an accurate and full report of each visit and importantly, had a good connection with the local Social Services. This enabled us to access specialist equipment like pressure sore mattresses, slide sheets, commodes and hoist as necessary. We cannot recommend Caremark enough. Many thanks.Mr S.A ( son of a Client Datchet)14/05/2019
Rosie always cheers me up.
She has a dry sense of Humour, she is very caring.
no faults with Rosie, she is a pleasure to have around.
I can't fault her she is a true carer.
she is a pleasure!!!
Mrs J.H (Windsor Client)13/05/2019
Lovely, Very happy. I like them all. I love all the carers washing my hair everyday.
Everything is good, everything is done well. Wonderful people.
lucky to have such good carers
Nusrat is very good she will always change my bed sheets.
Mrs J.G (Windsor Client)14/03/2019
I have engaged Caremark twice now and cannot recommend them highly enough. The staff are exceptionally friendly, caring and cannot do enough to make you feel comfortable. Each carer went out of their way to meet and exceed what I required. They also make an effort to select the ideal carer for you based not only upon your physical requirements but also to ensure you will connect on a personal level. I could go on and on about how fab they are. I genuinely don’t have a single bad word to say. I am having surgery again in a few months time and can honestly say I am looking forward to having them help me again. They make a painful, long and boring recovery so much easier to get through. The girls just lifted my sorority every day. They are quite simply the best.
I also found them to be extremely flexible as my needs changed. They were extremely willing and able to tailor the service as my recovery progressed.
Miss L.C ( Maidenhead client)27/02/2019
The girls are absolutely fantastic. I am happy with Caremark's service! The girls work so hard, I feel sorry for them. I had a lovely shopping trip the other day with Rosie.Mrs. J.B (Client in Wraysbury)25/02/2019
All my carers are lovely. Becki, Michelle and Carolyn are great! The carers always keep my kitchen clean and tidy after making me something to eat.Mrs. S.D (Client in Maidenhead)25/02/2019
I am happy with all the carers. All the carers are meeting my needs. Rosie is my favourite she has a nice personality and does things without being prompted. We like Manju aswell.Client in Wraysbury (Mrs. M.R)08/02/2019
All the carers are very good, never been so clean in my life. I like all the carers. Sinead goes the extra mile, very thorough when tidying up, all of them are - all clean well.Mrs. J.G (Windsor client)21/01/2019
Everything is going well. I'm very glad to have Becki, she is extremely helpful, does my shopping and knows what to buy me, even without me asking. My other carers Michelle and Carolyn are excellent.Mr. C.G (Maidenhead Client)21/01/2019
Things are going pretty good with my Carers. Sainabou works very hard. Rosie is lovely. Jocelyn has only came twice, doing good with the cleaning. Sainabou is very positive. Very happy with my Carers, Sainabou and Rosie have helped me with my Ipad.Mrs. P.L (Windsor Client)21/01/2019
I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help with mum over the past four months, I couldn't of managed without you!Our Windsor clients daughter - (Mrs L.P Daughter of Mrs. M.C)10/01/2019
Things are going well with my carers. I enjoy going shopping with my carer and we have lots to talk about. My carers always ask if I want anything, they're all friendly. Its nice to know carers are coming.Client in Datchet (Mr. G.S)08/01/2019
It was with sadness that we had to accept that Mum was no longer capable of living in her own home safely and that she needs 24/7 care.
Words cannot fully express our gratitude to the entire team at Caremark for the exemplary care that you extended towards Mum for 18 months. The care and the respect that you showed towards Mum ensured that her needs were met and that she remained content and happy.
Mums main carer, Becki, went ‘above and beyond’ in her care and consideration for Mum. She is a true professional and a tremendous credit to your company. We are still ‘bowled over’ by the attention she paid to Mums welfare by visiting her in hospital and keeping us updated when we were out of the country. We are truly grateful for everything that she has done.
We wish everyone at Caremark a very happy Christmas.
Mr. D.B and Mrs. B.B (Son and Daughter in law of our Maidenhead Client)07/12/2018
Care provided has been exceptional. The staff live up to the name carers, they really do care. Nothing is too much trouble and any requests or queries are acted on very quickly. On one occasion my Dad had a fall and an ambulance had to be called for, the crew made a comment to me that these carers you have here are fantastic; he was quite impressed with them.Mr. R.M (Son of Mr.E.M and Mrs. F.M).27/11/2018
Thank you very much for dealing with our request so promptly. Mum is certainly very fortunate to have such an efficient and caring company looking after her needs. Please extend our grateful thanks to Becki for her continued professionalism and kindness.Mr D.B (Son of our Maidenhead Client Mrs. C.B)13/11/2018
Caremark has been in charge of my Mum's care needs for only a month.
I have been in close contact with the whole team about varying issues, and they have been fantastic in addressing them.
I am never made to feel that I am bothering them (even if I think I am!) and the team are very friendly and approachable.
My Mum has had excellent care and attention so far, and neither of us has any complaints whatsoever.
Mrs. L.P (Daughter of our Windsor Client Mrs.M.C)03/11/2018
I would like to say a very big thank you for the way in which Caremark handled the whole situation when mum had her fall last Sunday. Our whole family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Becki. The care that she extended to mum was exemplary. Becki assessed the situation accurately and acted accordingly, with great professionalism.Mr. D.B (Mrs. C.B Son - Client in Maidenhead)02/11/2018
All of the carers are lovely carers and treat me well. Thank you very much for all they are doing for me. The service I receive is first class.Mr. G.R (Client in Windsor)02/11/2018
Care has been outstanding! I appreciate the flexibility when needed.Miss. S.B (Daughter of Mrs. G.B - Client in Slough)31/10/2018
I like all my carers. Two special ones.Mrs. C.MD ( Windsor client )28/10/2018
All my carers are lovely and welcoming. They look after me very well.Mrs. C.B (Client in Maidenhead)27/10/2018
It was lovely to meet Mandy earlier and we feel positive that "G" is in very good hands.
Thank you for pulling out all the stops so his care can start on Monday.
He's really pleased to know that Mandy will be coming!
Mrs R. T (daughter in law of Mr G. R - Winsor)15/10/2018
Dear all,

I very much enjoyed my first visit to one of your events - why did I wait so long?
Also with my thanks for all you do for me!
Mrs. B.P (Wraysbury Client)05/10/2018
We would like to thank you for your time and understanding. Your professionalism and calm of presence was greatly appreciated when you came to St. Marks, and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who asks.Colin and Carol family members of Mrs. J.N - Maidenhead24/09/2018
I like Sainabou, Sinead, Michelle and Patsy. Can't grumble about any carer. I am very pleased to see Michelle receive the Carer of the Quarter. Carers are meeting my needs. Patsy notices anything different in me, she is very good!Mrs. C.MD ( Windsor client )18/09/2018
Its good, no complaints. Rehana was very good when I had a bleed on my hand. All the carers are ok. Happy with everythingMr. R.G ( Client in Wraysbury )18/09/2018
Everything is going well. The Carers are first class. They do everything well with my daughter. Whatever we request, the carers will do, they never say no.Mrs. U ( Mother of Windsor Client Miss. S.U )14/09/2018
Thank you to everyone at Caremark for all your care and support to mum. We will miss you all and will forever be grateful for all you have done to help make our journey in life that little bit easier and joyful!

Love from all of us!
Our past Client, Daughter and Family! - Windsor Mrs. P.M12/09/2018
To the Caremark Team, Thank you for all your help and support with dad.

(Card Gifted with chocolates)
Clients Daughter and Family (Mr. D.B - Maidenhead)29/08/2018
On behalf of Kate and myself, I would like to record our sincere gratitude to you and your team for the excellent care which you have provided for mum over the past few months. It has made her quality of life at Moores very much better and gave us comfort to know mum was in such good hands.Mr. B.L (Clients son - Datchet)23/08/2018
A Paramedic this morning who was in attendance to a Client this morning that had a fall, commented to the Son on how impressed he was with us as a Care Agency, we were one of the best he has ever dealt with and found us to be very professional!Paramedic23/08/2018
Sainabou and Helen are very good. They do what I ask of them.Client - ( Mrs. PT in Windsor )20/08/2018
Thank you so so much for your work. None of us would hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Your carers are lovely and the way you run the business is suberb!Mrs. J.G ( Daughter of client - Mr P.D in Windsor )20/08/2018
You guys all do an amazing job - the carers for the excellent care they take of Nan and you for organising everything.Mrs. K.F ( Grandaughter of Datchet client Mrs. D.L )15/08/2018
To all at Caremark sorry for messing up your rotas! We really appreciate everything you do. With thanks.

(Gifted with chocolates)
Mr. B.L & K.F ( Son and Grandaughter of client Mrs. D.L - Datchet )14/08/2018
Thank you for all your wonderful work!Mr. J.H ( Father of client Miss. K.H ) - Maidenhead06/08/2018
Thank you for the care you have given mum. I will miss knowing that someone has been in to check on her and give her a hand each day. I can see the difference it has made to getting her organised and keeping her fit and healthy.Mr. M.C ( Son of client Mrs. P.C ) - Windsor06/08/2018
I received assistance with bathing from Caremark for a year. This was because I had fractured my leg and needed to regain my confidence (I am permanently in a wheelchair as a result of polio).
The carers always greeted me on their visits by name which I appreciated. I had no need of the carers contacting nurses, doctors, etc. on my behalf but I'm sure they would have if needed.
At all times I felt confident with them.
Client - Maidenhead ( Mrs. B.C )23/05/2018
My mother is a recent client, so my experience is limited to a few months. However, the quality of service and care that mum has received has been first class. The staff show a consistently high attention to detail and the communications, both with the client and family and with other agencies has been excellent.
Mum has also expressed her view that all the Caremark staff have been very friendly and helpful.
Bernard L ( Son of Client - Datchet )09/04/2018
Your carers and supervisory staff go the extra mile to help improve the life enjoyment of the patient. This has involved coming up with solutions to various problems encountered by the patient. Also and importantly your caring staff have built very good relations with the patient and looked after him with great love and care.(LPA for our client Mr. D.B in Farnham Common)05/04/2018
Carers are all meeting my needs. Patsy was very good a week ago, noticed my right eye was red. Went to pharmacy it was Conjunctivitis. Shes good at noticing things. Carers meet my needs, always ask if i need anything else.Mrs. C.MD ( Client in Windsor )06/03/2018
All the carers are good, you have a good bunch. Excellent service. Very happy.Mrs. N.B ( Client - Maidenhead )09/02/2018
All the carers are first class. No issues at all. All the carers work well with my daughter and she gets on well with all her carers that come to her.Mrs. U ( Mother of client Mrs. S.U - Windsor )09/02/2018
It is early days in my mother's care but everything has gone smoothly and the care provided has been excellent.Mrs. J.H ( Daughter of Client Mrs.G.M in Wraysbury )05/02/2018
The care my Mum has received these last four years has been ABSOLUTELY EXCEPTIONAL and as I said to Suki recently, I can think of no one better to look after ME when I am old, leaky and difficult, than the Caremark carers. It will not be easy for Mum and I am the first to appreciate that she will not get the same levels of one-on-one care in a nursing home that she has been enjoying these past years. But she will be much safer given the number of ‘incidents’ that are likely to occur when she is alone.

So may I offer you and the whole Caremark team my sincere thanks on behalf of the Z family.
Mr G.Z ( Son of client Mrs L.Z - Old Windsor )23/01/2018
I would like to add to my son's testament re the care and kindness shown to my Mother Mrs. J.H Nothing was ever too much trouble and their visits made mums day, she was so appreciative and it so good to know that her last year's were happy ones. You were all such a help to me also. Thank you so very much xMrs N.H ( Daughter of client Mrs J.H - Windsor )19/01/2018
Thank you to all at Caremark who looked after my Nana, Mrs J.H . I know she looked forward to your visits and how very kind and caring you all were towards her. The fact that you can show so much compassion to those outside your immediate friends and family says more than even I can articulateMr P.H ( Grandson of Client Mrs. J.H ) - Windsor08/01/2018
A big thank you to everyone at Caremark in Windsor for the excellent care that they provide for my mother. All the carers are polite and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. The office staff are very efficient and often able to accommodate last minute requests for additional assistance which is really useful. I am very happy with Caremark and would recommend them to anyone looking for caring assistance. They have allowed me to continue to work full time and to have my own life whilst my mother is still able to live in her own home. Thank you.Mrs C.S ( Daughter of Client Mrs S.H - Windsor )08/01/2018
To all at Caremark

Thank you all very much for the help you have provided. You have made such a difference, thank you!
Husband & Client - Mrs. & Mr. J. - Old Windsor11/12/2017
All the carers are reliable and friendly and I am very grateful.
They are very patient, kind and caring. Also if you have any worries, the carers certainly try and sort it out.
Many thanks for all of the carers and office team.
Mr R.S ( Son of Client Mr R.S - Windsor )06/12/2017
I cannot stress enough how this care company and its staff have looked after my aunt. She has dementia and is extremely difficult to handle, her carers have shown her so much patience, much more than I, her own family could have done. I live 65 miles away, they have made sure she has been seen by her doctor when needed, well fed and the cleanliness is exceptional. I don't know how I and more importantly my aunt could have coped without them. I feel they are there for us both and I know they have made my 92-year-old aunt's last years more happier and dignified.Mrs S M (Neice of client) - Datchet04/12/2017
All of your carers are all 100%. They welcome me with a smile, they are so helpful and easy to talk to. They all offer to help with all personal jobs as well as helping with tea and toast etc. They are real carers.

I am going to move to near Cambridge close to my daughter but if I do not settle I shall come back home and be in touch again. Thank you for being lovely carers!
Mrs A.H ( Client - Windsor )28/11/2017
I think it's the personality of the staff - caring and responsive to her needs and wishes.
Mum has put on weight. Having increased the lunch visits, she's washed and dressed now. Generally we feel all is going well! Very pleased - a relief for us as we are out of the country.
Mr D.B ( Son of Client - Maidenhead )24/11/2017
All the girls are good to me. The girls carry on and do what they need to. Both night carers are good.Mr D.B ( Client - Farnham Common )21/11/2017
Happy with the way things are going. Dawn is very good at trying hard to remember everything. Everything is going well.Mrs B.C ( Client - Maidenhead )21/11/2017
Things are going well, carers are all good, always on time. Do what needs requiring. In the mornings the carers insure I am washed and dressed to how I like it.Mrs P.L ( Client - Maidenhead )21/11/2017
Everything is working well. Very happy with the carers, superb service, No issues. My mother in-law is very happy, and happy with the girls. She looks great!Mrs K.G ( Daughter-in-law of Client - Windsor )21/11/2017
Everything is going well, can't complain. All meeting my needs.Mrs C.M ( Client - Windsor )21/11/2017
Generally care is good. All the carers are good.Mrs S.S ( Client - Windsor )21/11/2017
Everything is going very well, the carers look after me well. No complaints, carers meet my needs. Sometimes carers nip to the shop if I am short of anything. They sit and chat with me and spend time.Mrs M.T ( Client - Windsor )21/11/2017
Carers are wonderful. They go out of there way, do a fab job.Mrs N.B ( Client - Maidenhead )03/11/2017
Everything is fine. Dee is meeting all my needs, very nice girl, caring & thoughtful. Punctual.Mrs B.P ( Client - Wraysbury )03/11/2017
All the carers are good and look after me well!Mr D.B ( Client - Farnham Common )03/11/2017
Everything is working well. All the carers are nice. Nusrat is nice. All the Carers are meeting my needs and ask me what I want.Mrs E.S ( Client - Maidenhead )03/11/2017
All the carers are very good. They all know my routine well. They are very patient, kind and caring.Mrs L.Z ( Client - Old Windsor )03/11/2017
All working well. Both Rosie and Michelle are good. Carers always punctual, stay the time and talk to us which is lovely.

If we have any worries - carers sort it out.
Mrs M.B ( Client -Windsor )03/11/2017
All the carers are very good and meet my aunts needs.Mrs J.B ( Niece of Client Mrs E.S - Maidenhead )03/11/2017
Thank you so much for ensuring the MRI scan was done. Becki deserves a medal!!! Please give her our sincere thanks and gratitude!!!

Many thanks for your continued help and support.
Mr D. B (Son of client Mrs C. B - Maidenhead)20/10/2017
Caremark staff have been extremely flexible during the past two years we have had sitting care at our home. A quite serious fall while
I was out was responded to with professionalism and compassion by the carer present and the support of office staff. Having
carers being introduced and giving continuity has been important and hopefully rewarding for all concerned. Caremark have always
tried to be flexible when further visits have been requested.
Rosemary D (Wife of Client)20/10/2017
My mother suffers from dementia and was unfortunate to have a severe stroke earlier this year which left us in the position to find carers to provide assistance at home.
They say first impressions are lasting which is certainly true of Caremark. A staff member took the time to visit my mother in the hospital before discharge to assess her needs and decide how they can best help at home; including sourcing extra equipment that has been invaluable.
I can say all of her needs have been catered for and they administer her medication which was a concern to the family. They kindly arranged for her to have her hair cut at home as it is now more difficult to take her out.
All the carers that we have met are genuinely caring and concerned about my mother. They always inform me of anything they think I should be aware of which has been a great relief to me as I am assured that my mother's care is in safe hands.
I would not hesitate to recommend Caremark to others.
Mrs J. W (daughter of Mrs M. B - Windsor)16/10/2017
In my opinion, after experiencing the ever underwhelming performance of another care agency, it was a breath of fresh air to have people from Caremark who were on time, pro-active, courteous and full of common sense. I could rely on them even when not present, an important attribute.Mr S. S (father of client Mr/s S - Datchet)12/10/2017
We recently needed care at home as a result of my wife having an accident. Previously we had used Caremark back in 2012 for a few months whilst my wife was recovering from an operation. Their level of care is so superb that when we needed help again, following her recent accident, we didn't hesitate to contact Caremark. Their level of care is exemplary. The owners and staff are wonderful, friendly, attentive and understanding. Nothing ever seems too much trouble for them, and they certainly have made a huge difference to our lives. I myself am physically disabled and found it difficult to fully be able to care for my wife. Using Caremark has made life at home much less stressful. I cannot thank Caremark enough for the help they have provided to us.Mr A. J (client - Old Windsor)06/10/2017
All the carers are good, everything is going well. The Carers are reliable and friendly and I am very grateful. They do everything I want, I would be lost without them.Mrs A. H (Client - Windsor)14/08/2017
The Service is very good, Carers are excellent!Mrs U (familiy member of Miss S. U) - Windsor10/08/2017
I am very happy, very positive and reassured that Mum is being looked after in the absence of the family and am happy with the service provided.Mr D. B (son of Mrs C. B - Client - Maidenhead)20/07/2017
I wish to thank you all for the care and professional way you have shown and given to my sister "M" and myself over the past 6 years.

It has been a pleasure to have met you all and for the assurance it has given to "M" and myself.

I wish you all the best for the future.
Mr F. N (brother of Miss M.N - Datchet)19/07/2017
I am happy with everything, Rosie is very caring and cares for me very well - she is an outstanding carer!Mrs M. B (client - Windsor)11/07/2017
All the carers are marvellous, they work very hard and are willing!

I am very happy with the service.
Mrs N. B (client - Maidenhead)25/06/2017
Our nephew was visiting Mum on Sunday and was heartened to see the level of care that the Carer provided and at the friendly interaction between Mum and the please extend our grateful thanks to your Staff.Mr D. B (son of Mrs C. B - Client - Maidenhead)21/06/2017
Thank you for your kind letter and condolences regarding my mum's passing. It would be wonderful to see some of the carers at mum's funeral. I know she would like that because as much as they were her carers, they became her friends too - albeit for a short period of time.

I really wanted to write to you to tell you how just amazing the ladies have been that looked after my mum.

My first encounter with anyone at Caremark was with Anne Dalby. She is a real asset to your company and from the moment I met her at Wexham Park Hospital on Ward 18 last year, I immediately warmed to her and felt completely at ease discussing the difficult times ahead with mum's issues. Anne is a wonderful, empathetic and professional lady who is a fantastic ambassador for Caremark; a real asset to your company.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the ladies who cared for my mum, and in particular I would like to mention a few. Dawn and Natalie were often there at the weekends when I was visiting. Both ladies have such lovely, cheery and positive attitudes. They always did their best to preserve mum's dignity by talking to her and soothing her whilst attending to her personal care so it was not too much of a trauma for her. They have made my life easier and less stressful and have always endeavoured to keep me and Mary (mum's morning companion) informed of any issues and concerns. I would also like to thank Michelle and Linda for their kindness and care. Although I have not been around very often when they have been looking after mum, I know from Mary that these ladies are truly committed to their patients and the work they do.

In addition to this, there are also three other ladies, Laura, Becky and Louise whom I know have subsequently left Caremark, but if you happen to cross paths with them again, please pass on my sincere thanks for everything they have done.

Everyone involved in mum's care is more than welcome to attend the funeral and the post-funeral reception if they would like to. Even if they cannot attend the funeral service, they will be more than welcome to come to the reception and share a drink and some food with the family.
Mrs K. S (daughter of Client - Mrs E. G - Maidenhead)07/06/2017
Dawn thank you so so much for all your kindness and help. Your are a fantastic lady with a lovely personality and so cheery in your work. I will miss our little chats. I will be writing to Caremark and will be singing your praises along with a number of other ladies in hope they will recognise your value.Mrs K. S (daughter of Client - Mrs E. G - Maidenhead)06/06/2017
Carers are smashing!
Very helpful when meeting my needs and are very good with medication.
Mrs M.T (client - Windsor)18/05/2017
All the carers are very good with Dad, everything is working well. The carers know what they are doing and we feel safe that Dad is being cared for by Caremark.Mrs I. T (daughter of Mr I. B.)18/05/2017
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for sending me mum's weekly schedules. They have been very helpful to me as I live so far away in Trinidad.Mrs B. A (Daughter of Mrs N. B - Maidenhead)25/04/2017
My mum had a local care company provided by Social Services when she came out of hospital, which I must say, was lacking in care. Mum and I both decided to go down the route of finding another company. I called Caremark and it was the best thing we ever did. The staff were so helpful, reliable and honest. Mum used to call her regular carers "my girls" that's how comfortable and happy they made Mum feel. I could go away knowing that mum was safe and happy and being very well cared for which means a lot! Mum used to have an afternoon out in the week. She looked forward to going out and about with one of her "girls", having a good look round and a laugh and trying out new chip shops as Mum loved her chips. Unfortunately, mum passed away suddenly and mum's girls even took the time to visit her in hospital and attend mum's funeral which I appreciated very much as some had calls to make afterwards. Caremark were never late, never missed a call and treated mum with care and respect. You can't go wrong with Caremark.Mr J. C (son of Mrs P. C- Maidenhead)25/04/2017
The carers are very sympathetic and good with Mum, everything is going well, the carers always communicate very well with myself and the PA's.
Carers are 100% kind and caring!
Mrs K.S (daughter of Mrs E.G - Maidenhead)16/04/2017
Carers are smashing! Very helpful in meeting my needs and are very good with my medication.Mrs M. T (client - Windsor)06/04/2017
I am very happy with the Service provided by Caremark. The carers are good and are meeting my needs - with them, I have grown in confidence.Mrs C. M (client - Windsor)28/03/2017
I am very happy with the Service provided by Caremark. The carers are good and are meeting my needs - with them, I have grown in confidence.Mrs C. M (client - Windsor)28/03/2017
Caremark give an excellent service!
Best Girls in the Country!
Mr J.W (client - Windsor)28/03/2017
The care provided by Caremark (Slough and South Bucks) was at all times outstanding. From the time we called with an enquiry about care for my mother the whole team were great. The initial assessment was a thorough one, taking into account the needs and wants of my mother. And then the care started and from the word go all the staff were professional and kind. Nothing was too much for the girls. And a genuine interest and friendship grew up between my mother and all the staff. I am a health care professional myself and I was very impressed with all aspects of the care given to my mother by Caremark.Mr J. P (son of Mrs H. P - Maidenhead09/03/2017
To all of "Mum's Girls" and all the staff at Caremark, I would like to thank you all for the fantastic service and care you provided for my mum "P".
You were not just a care company, you became Mum's friends, she felt safe and well looked after and she loved her chats - which in turn, made my life so much easier.
Mr J. C (son of Mrs P. C- Maidenhead)07/03/2017
I am happy with the service provided. My carers are all very good - especially my regular carers - Dee and Mandy. Having regular carers who are meeting my needs is good for me. They keep my home clean and meet my nutritional needs and are good company for me as I may not see anyone all day. They also do my shopping for me.Mrs L. Z (client - Old Windsor)06/03/2017
I am extremely happy with the service Caremark are providing to "R". She has consistency with her carers, she has had the same carers for years now and they know her very well.
The carers have introduced foods and drinks which "R" didn't eat before eg: eggs, roast dinners, Ribena. "R" 's environment is so much better, everything is so clean and tidy.
Thank you also for making "R" 's Christmas special by buying a Tree for her!
Mrs S .M (niece of Miss R. B - Datchet)03/03/2017
After my Aunt was taken quite poorly 2 years ago, it was obvious that more support was needed, other than what I could provide. At this point, we were introduced to Caremark in Windsor. Working within social care myself, I was apprehensive, but on initial meetings with the main 2 care staff, I felt confident in their service delivery, and have never looked back.
They have been amazing, going over and above what is required of them. The reliability of staff is really important to me, and was to my Aunt. Other than a couple of other staff who would visit occasionally (and were also excellent at their job) staffing hasn't changed in the 2 years. Often there would be occasions when extra tasks were needed, and emotional and physical support was needed by myself, the carers didn't hesitate to provide that.
My Aunts last 2 years were enhanced due to the care, empathy, and compassion of such caring individuals, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.
Ms B. Wyatt (niece of Miss F. S - Wraysbury)27/02/2017
Before my husband went into hospital at the end of November 2016, we had two care companies providing one carer in the morning and one in the evening. Before he was discharged in January 2017 he needed two. As the morning company could no longer provide any carers, Caremark took over both visits that were needed, I am so glad that they did. I had no problems before they took over and I still have no problems.
They have helped me out when I needed assistance. Very helpful and friendly.
They are first class.
Mrs S.S (Wife of Mrs M.S - Windsor)08/02/2017
To all the staff at Caremark:-
I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who visited G.R over the past two years. It meant a great dealt to him, for the start of his day, to enable him to be greeted with a cheery face, plus giving the care that he required.
It was very much appreciated by him but also by me.

I would recommend Caremark to people I meet - requiring and looking for cares in their homes. Thank you for your kind words to me and to Manju for coming to his - and I hope - fitting funeral, a fond farewell.
Ms H (long term friend of Mr G. R - Windsor)02/02/2017
Very thorough and professional. You are informed of any changes to your care plan and changes to staff who are calling.Nothing is too much trouble.Miss E. S (Client - Maidenhead)31/01/2017
Have used the agency since 31st January 2016. Very good rapport and service.Mrs P.M (Client - Windsor)27/01/2017
Always confident to leave my mother in Caremark's hands when I go away.
Very helpful and efficient.
Mrs A. H (daughter of client - Old Windsor)26/01/2017
Caremark consistently delivered high standards of care and customer service by fully understanding mum's changing needs, excellent staff training and monitoring.

They provided invaluable support, not only to mum but to Dad and myself as we managed with the decline in mum's health - from reduced mobility to being completely immobile and dependent, including having all medication, fluids and nourishment through PEG delivery (feeding tube through the abdomen).

Caremark staff carried out their roles with professionalism, sensitivity, care and pride and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing support.
Debbie P. (daughter of client - Mrs M.F - Windsor)19/01/2017
Very happy with the level of personal care for my father. The staff know exactly how to deal with very challenging situations. We also have received lots of support from the office team.
The staff are cheerful, helpful and give advice and guidance if we need it.
Mr S. B (Son of Mr N. B - Maidenhead)11/01/2017
To all the Caremark team,

Thank you for all you do for mum, it is so good to know she is in great care.

Christmas blessings!!
Mrs J H (daughter of Mrs P M)22/12/2016
To All at Caremark,

Thanks for all your help and support!!
Family of (Mrs C B)19/12/2016
To Dearest Manju & Gurdip,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment. And for going over, above and beyond. Means the world!!!

All over love!!!!
Miss L S (Client) and Ms B W (clients niece)19/12/2016
Dearest Suki, Ranjit and the Team at Caremark,

Thank you for the support over the last year and staff consistency. It makes all the difference and is rare to find in the care sector.

Love and best wishes
Mrs B W (niece of Miss F S)18/12/2016
To All the Management and Carers ,

Thank you for doing a lovely job!!

Best wishes and Happy New Year!!!
Ms C S (partnership of Mr J W)15/12/2016
To The Management and Staff of Caremark,

Thank you for the service and care that you have provided over the past year, it has been most helpful.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year!
Mr F N (brother of client Miss M. N)13/12/2016
With the help of the wonderful staff at Caremark, Mum could stay at her flat and keep her independence right until the end. She was treated with dignity and the carers bent over backwards to make sure she was happy. Not only were the carers brilliant but so were the office staff - accommodating and flexible - I spoke to them from time to time as requirements changed, and they moved heaven and earth to help out. Mum was initially very resistant to the idea of having carers, but once the visits started, swiftly embraced the idea! And from my point of view it gave me great peace of mind as I lived an hour's drive away from her.
Thank you Caremark for everything!!
Mr J.T (son) for Mrs E.T - Maidenhead12/12/2016
I would like to thank Caremark for all the support given to us as a family and to Mum, we couldn't have done it without your help and we are very grateful.
A big thank you to Becki in particular, she was fantastic at the last morning call and could not have got through the morning without her there - she was a true star!
Mrs L.T (daughter) of Mrs L. S (Maidenhead12/12/2016
To The Caremark Team,

Wishing you joy and peace this Christmas

Thank you for all you do, it is very much appreciated!
Mrs J H (daughter of Mrs P M)12/12/2016
To all the Staff at Caremark. Thank you for looking after my Mother once again. She is always very happy to see you.
I will contact you again when I need you!
You are like the Good Fairies on this Card!
Mrs A.H - daughter of Mrs M.P (Old Windsor)10/11/2016
The Care provided by Caremark is making a difference in her day to day routine and Sinead being her regular Carer has also noticed an improvement with her mobility and I feel she really knows her routine well - I really like her.Mrs P. M (Client - Windsor)04/11/2016
I would like to Thank Caremark for getting an Occupational Therapist to check on M's mobility. I think it is very good that Caremark takes so much time with clients - helping them with getting equipment in.
I also feel that when we received a Thank You card after we attended your Coffee Morning, was very thoughtful.
Mrs S. S - wife of Mr M. S - (Windsor)03/11/2016
The service provided by Caremark is very good and it is making him feel safe with his transfers. I feel very supported and relaxed when the Carers are around.
I like my regular Carers to continue to visit me - Sinead, Rosie, Kelly and Nicole.
Mr J. W (client - Windsor)03/11/2016
I wanted you to know that Mum is extremely happy with all of the care workers & the work that they do.
Our family would like to thank you and the staff who care for our mother.
Mrs F. A - Daughter of Mrs N.A (Windsor)24/10/2016
All at Caremark,
The family of Mr and Mrs L, would like to thank all of you at Caremark for the help that you gave to Mum and Dad. It was a very hard decision to have to put Mum into residential care but when Dad does get discharged we feel that even with the help of the short term care team, he will struggle to look after himself.

It made a big difference having regular faces, turning up at regular times and if we need to look for carers for Dad, we will be contacting you immediately!

Again thanks.
Family of Mrs S.L (Windsor)27/09/2016
The Care and Support you give to my Dad is outstanding! I have nothing negative to say. Dad appreciates all that we as a Care Company are doing for him.Mrs I. T (daughter of Mr I. B.)12/09/2016
I am very happy that we decided to stay with Caremark through a Direct Payment!Ms B. W (niece of Miss F. S - Wraysbury)09/09/2016
I am very happy with the care that my aunt (Miss R B) receives from Caremark. All the carers are very good, I feel they all do a good job!

I would like to say a "Big Thank You" to them
Mrs S M (Neice of client)25/08/2016
Without the support from the carers my Aunt (Mrs J B) would be lost. All the carers are very good!!!!Ms T A ( Grandaughter of Client)24/08/2016
Can you thank Michelle for doing such a good job at my Grandad's today please!Ms B. B (Grandaughter of Mr J.A - client - Windsor)26/07/2016
The girls Rosie, Patsy, Sinead and not forgetting good old Denzil are a credit to your company.Mr J.W (client - Windsor)18/07/2016
Everyone is very caring and considerate. I feel as though they have made a positive impact with "S" and the family.
Fantastic service and the support workers are great!
Family of Miss S. U (Windsor)04/07/2016
Donna, Dawn and Frankie are good, they deserve a Gold Star!
Very happy with the service - Caremark are excellent!
Miss N. C (Client - Maidenhead) and Mrs A. C. (mother)01/07/2016
Becki is a very hard worker, she is good with "M". She is very reliable and trustworthy.Mr P. B (Client - Maidenhead)01/07/2016
The service your Company is giving, is exemplary. Thank you.Mr J. W (client - Windsor)27/06/2016
I would like to say a big "thank you" to all the Carers that visited Mum while I was on holiday. Mum was very happy with all the Carers and looked forward to seeing them and can't wait to see them all again in July.
Mum enjoyed having her hair done on Sundays when the Carer put rollers in her hair!

Once again, "Thank you so much"!
Mrs A. H (daughter of client - Old Windsor)27/06/2016
Becki is always kind and thoughtful. She gets on very well with everyone at our Coffee Morning, she goes beyond her Duty and she is liked very much by everyone. We would really miss her if she was to go.Mrs M.C (M. S. Society)24/06/2016
Thank you and all of your team for the help and assistance you guys have given Mum and Dad over the last year or so, I know they appreciated the help everyone gave them to stay in their home until they passed away.Mr B. P (son of Mr & Mrs P. - Windsor21/06/2016
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for how Gemma handled the situation and her calm authority and experience showed through throughout.Mrs R. D (wife of Mr T. D - Windsor)10/06/2016
Both myself and Auntie are happy with the consistency of carers, the ladies are very good. Wednesday 8th June - Rosie helped Auntie get out of a Car and was very thankful for this.Ms B. W (niece of Miss F. S - Wraysbury)10/06/2016
The cares are very reliable and if there is a problem, they always phone.
I am lucky to have my girls!
Mrs L. Z (client - Old Windsor)10/06/2016
The service has been brilliant! All the carers have been very nice, no problems.Miss L. C (client - windsor)03/06/2016
Thank you very much for sorting out the extra calls for Mum whilst we are away. We really appreciate the calls from the girls/yourself when they find anything different with Mum, as you know she is particularly frail at the moment.
Thanks again for all you and the team do. We couldn't manage without you!
Mr N. D (son) of Mrs P.D (Maidenhead)25/05/2016
Thank you so much for all your help, the Carers are lovely and we cannot thank them enough for all the kindness they show my Mum, she will really miss them all. We would not hesitate to use you again when needed and would definitely recommend you and your team to others.Ms S.T (daughter of Mrs P.T)23/05/2016
Caremark cared for my mother, I mean they actually cared! She had to be moved to a nursing home for a short period of time, and Caremark went above and beyond, even visiting her while she was in the home so she saw a friendly face she new, and the night my mother passed the carer popped back in her own time to check in on her as she thought something was wrong, now that stands for so much to me and my family and that is truly caring, thank you Caremark, and a special thank you to a particular lady, she knows who she is xxMrs J. I (daughter of Mrs E.P)21/03/2016
I wish to give my thanks to Suzie Rolls and the team for being kind and considerate when taking care of my husband "J" who passed away on 22nd January 2016.Mrs S (wife of Mr J.S)10/02/2016
Dear Anne,
"A very big Thank You" for helping me and for staying with me. You were very kind and I am very grateful.
Mrs J. F (Client)01/02/2016
The greatest of thanks to Anne, who went over and beyond her duties as a Supervisor in helping Auntie yesterday. I was so pleased that she was there and she did as much as she did in the emergency which materialised.
Auntie's neighbours were equally impressed with the manner in which she dealt with the situation and would be delighted to act as a referee for Caremark in their praise for Anne. She handled the situation with the greatest of ease and professionalism.
We, as Auntie's family, are extremely grateful, so thank you very much Anne.
Mrs S.H (niece of client - Miss J.F)11/01/2016
To everyone at Caremark,
Thank you for everything you all did whilst looking after my mum. I am really grateful as you all made a difficult time so much easier.
Best wishes!!
Mr G C ( son of client - Mrs S. C ) and Daisy (family pet)08/01/2016
Thank you to Sinead for working so well with me, I am so happy that she helps me and I am very impressed with her work, thank you very much,Mr M.P (client)08/01/2016
I would just like to thank all of Caremark, especially Manju for all their help and hard work with mum. It's very much appreciated!!Mr J H (daughter of client - Mrs P.M)05/01/2016
Dear Manju & Rosie,
Thank you for all your help and kindness you showed Mrs P S.
Best wishes
Ms C T (friend of client) and Ms A M ( niece of client - Mrs P. S)26/12/2015
To Everyone at Caremark
Thank you all for your kindness to my Aunt (Mrs J F.)
It is much appreciated!!
With our very best wishes!
Ms S H (niece of client)24/12/2015
To Everyone at Caremark,
Thank you so much for the excellent care!!
Love and best wishes!
Miss L S (Client) and Ms B W (clients niece)23/12/2015
Dear Caremark,
Thanking you all for the service that you have provided over the past year in helping my sister to obtain a quality of life.
Hoping that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Mr F N (brother of client Miss M. N)23/12/2015
Thank you for all your help!!Mrs M F (daughter of client) of Mrs P P21/12/2015
To all the office staff and Carers who looked after Mrs P S.
Thank you all for taking care of her.
With best wishes
Ms C T (friend of client) Ms A M (niece of client - Mrs P. S)21/12/2015
Dear Suki and Team, Just to say Thank You for stepping up when E.A needed help.Mrs T.A (wife of client)08/10/2015
I write briefly for my mother and on my own account to thank you and your people for the care you have provided for my mother "G" and the caring support you have given her.
I am grateful too for the way you have kept me informed about her and the services you provided and any matters that needed attention.
Please pass on our thanks to those concerned and, especially so, my mother's thanks to Denzil and the kind carers of whom she became very fond.
Mr P.C (son of Mrs G.C)21/09/2015
I have spoken with Mr E this morning who is very happy and said that all of the carers who attended yesterday were great.
Thanks for all your help!!
Ms J.S (social worker - RBWM)02/09/2015
I would just like to say how impressed I was with Suzie and Chloe at today's lunch visit at Mrs A.N's. They were very caring and very helpful, it was a pleasure to see them work so well.Ms C.J (Social Worker - RBWM)21/07/2015
I would like to say that Suzie is very good, she knows exactly what I need, she looks after me very well and Joanna is lovely, she is a sweetie and she is a very good carer.Mrs P.D (client)21/07/2015
My mum (Mrs S.C) would like me to pass on a message to Manju - the showers that she gives her at home are far better than the ones she receives at the hospital!Mr G.C (son)20/07/2015
Dear Suki, this is to thank you for your very nice letter. Yes, I feel too that Rehana and Gemma like to visit. They are so kind and helpful which is what we old ladies love!
So thank you, I'm so pleased you answered my distress signal!
Mrs M.S (client)13/07/2015
You are so good (Anne) I don't know how you do things, you must have to deal with so much, thank you very much.Mrs P.P (client)11/07/2015
Thank you for all that you do, I know that you sort out all my issues as and when they arise (Anne).Mrs M.G (client)09/07/2015
Joanna and Natalie are very good, they have been with me from the start, the younger girls are all very good too and I enjoy helping them with their cooking skills!Mrs M.G (client)09/07/2015
Just a quick note to let you know that my mother passed away last week. I wanted to pass on my personal thanks to all those who cared for her over the last 5 months and were so friendly, helpful and flexible. Although she didn't want to have carers to start with, they soon became like they were friends coming in to help her, particularly in the mornings. Many thanks again.Mr M.M (Son)23/06/2015
Both myself and my Aunt (Mrs F.S) are very pleased with the support she receives. We feel that we can trust Manju with her life!Mrs B.W (niece)19/06/2015
Thank you Manju, I really appreciate you and all your team for all that you do to try to support Mum. I do realise how difficult it must be for you all at times.
I just wanted to say, you are all great and thank you for all for everything you do.
Mrs J.H (daughter)07/02/2015
Hello Caremark, I would like to thank the Management and all the staff especially Anne, Suzie, Becki, Deana, Laura, Joanna and Chloe for caring and helping my wife J.
You all made life a lot easier for Jenny, especially in the last few months. I will remember you and when you are around this area, you are welcome to pop in and have tea or coffee with me.
Take care all of you.
Mr M.M (husband)05/02/2015
Dear Manju, This is a quick note to thank you for all your help. Mum looked forward to the weekends when she knew you were coming, which says to me you worked too hard and were too methodical. She really appreciated it.
Thank you for everything.
Mr N.H (son)08/01/2015
This comes with Thanks and great joy for the Care you have all given to "I".
She appreciated you all very much and despite her mobility difficulties, your kindness and lovely manner meant a great deal to her.
You have all been there when she needed you. Over the last week, you have proved to be exceptional. Although I've not named you, you only will know exactly to whom I refer - including Superman last Saturday (Denzil).
Ms H. (family friend)17/11/2014
I am writing to let your company know about one of its employees. As D.S's Son, I worry very much about my Mums wellbeing, We have had some poor carers over the past year or two and since my Mum has moved, I think we now have a good team of people that care for her with one exception. Amongst the ladies that care for my Mum is one that sticks out like a shining star, I wish we could have had her from the start, She goes above and beyond what most others do and I am very much at ease knowing she looks after my Mum. Gurdip - this woman is awesome and should receive a great honour for what she does and how she does it.

As I told your Manager if you all do not honour her I will. She is a great asset to your company and a benchmark on how caring they should all be.
Mr C.S (son)14/11/2014
We have received a compliment from your services from the daughter of Mrs C.U, they are both very happy with the care you are providing.RBWM SS23/10/2014
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff, for your exceptional care, help and support during the time Dad was being cared for by Caremark.Mrs P.B (daughter)14/10/2014
We have had support from several care agencies over the last 4 to 5 years. We can say without a doubt, Caremark has been the best we've worked with and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you or provide a testimonial if you ever need one.
We certainly couldn't have managed since Mum's discharge from hospital last year without your help - with organising call times around us, additional sitting services and of course, your wonderful well trained carers who took the changes to Mum's needs in their stride. They have been absolute stars and the commitment and kindness they have all shown, not only to Mum but also Dad and me is incredible.
Once again, we'd like to thank you all for your understanding and support.
Ms D.P (daughter)24/09/2014
We have had great confidence in all the Carers you assigned to us, they all worked to a high standard and were a pleasure to meet. We have also very much appreciated the good lines of communication with Becky and yourself.Mrs G.H (daughter)23/06/2014
Thank you to Suki and the carers who provided the most important front line care for my dear wife who passed away recently. I was very grateful and happy with the care provided and it was more than enoughMr K (husband)12/05/2014
To the dear staff and Caremark, as you know our darling mother and dear friend IM, died peacefully on Thursday 27th February. We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of both our mother and us to thank you so very much for all the love and care that you have showed towards her. We are all truly grateful and know that she received the best possible care from you all.
With all our heartfelt thanks.
Family of IM01/03/2014
Having Marlene (carer) has been a most welcome presence every Friday and her excellent work and friendly company has been very much appreciated by mum and her partner. As I am caring at a distance and only able to spend one week in four with mum, having the support of Caremark has made a great difference to me.

I have really appreciated the very good communication you have established over Mum's care.
Mrs G.H (daughter)04/11/2013
Anne Dalby gave my husband wonderfully sympathetic care and I consider her a specially dedicated carer.
(end of life client)
Mrs L21/10/2013
I am writing to thank all of your staff for the wonderful care they gave to my mother - DS whilst she was at home with us.
Sadly, the time had come when due to her increased needs we were no longer able to cope at home and the only way we have managed for so long is solely due to the terrific team, lead by Anne, who took care of her during their 3 daily visits. The care and attention they gave to my mother could not be faulted and as a family we became very close to them all.
Without them we do not know how we would have got through what were some very difficult times. They were unfailingly cheerful and always managed to get a smile from mum and she loved chatting to them. In addition to the wonderful care they gave, the friendliness and happy attitude really were important and their visits always cheered her up.

As a team leader Anne was excellent, she always came and introduced new members of the team and carefully instructed them in the ways of my mother and her family, and we could always call to her if we had any concerns.

Please can you convey to EVERYONE from Team DS our wholehearted thanks for all that they did for mother. She misses them and it is a great pity that she will no longer see them, but we have the confidence to know that during the time she was here, needing extra care, we had some wonderful people to help. Many, many thanks to everyone.
Family of DS22/08/2013
To all at Caremark, we just wanted to say a thank you to all the carers that have helped look after Mum since she has been with you. Knowing that the carers would be in to care for Mum, helped enormously. We know that Mum's quality of life was greatly improved by their visits.
Once again, thank you so much.
Mrs W and Family01/08/2013
I want to place on record our huge appreciation and respect for Marlene's (carer) kindness and most professional, dedicated and thoroughly excellent work. We could not have found anyone better and are very thankful indeed for her superb skills and attitude. She truly is a star.Mr M.B (family member)15/05/2013
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Ranjit - Director), Suki, Diane, Manju and all the wonderful care staff that have looked after Mum and Dad over the last few years. We have been very happy with the service that you have provided and it has enabled my parents to stay in their own home for as long as possible.Mrs S.P (family member)15/05/2013
I've been meaning to write to thank you for the services provided, to my mind they have been invaluable.Mr B.L20/11/2012
We can't thank you enough for the help all of the girls have been. It has made the transition after the Op so much easier. All of the girls have also been such lovely people and they are a credit to you.

Congratulations to you all, we have really appreciated the service of all of you. I have no doubt how hard you and Ranjit work to keep up such good service.
Ms H.J (client)15/10/2012
To Suki and all of the staff at Caremark;
Thank you so much to all of you who have been involved in the care of my mother, PG.

You have all been marvellous and we very much appreciate all you have done to enable her to stay in her flat all this time.

She went into St. Marks in Maidenhead at the end of last week and is slowly settling in but misses you all very much.

Once again, many, many thanks to you all!
Mrs S.B (family member03/09/2012
“I am grateful to Caremark who have given me such high quality of care whilst staying in my own home. I can see all my neighbours and be in the home where I raised all my children and I know my wife is even happier that I am at home too”.Mr. H S L. (Private customer)
I would like to say a " Big thank you" to Frankie for going above and beyond her duties as a carer to investigate a water leak that was coming from a neighbours flat.

Mrs E T and her neighbour were very greatly and impressed with how she dealt with the situation.
Mrs E. T (Maidenhead)
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