Shipra Mehta

Registered Care Manager

Shipra’s experience ranges from teaching, insurance and has recently been working for NHS 111 emergency and urgent care services.

The lack of professional healthcare has become a growing concern in the U.K and has put our elderly adults at risk. Having ageing parents with growing need for care, has inspired and motivated her to do her bit for the society we live in.

Hence, Shipra and her closest friend Swati Bagwe decided to set aside their jobs and tie up with a very reliable and professional Caremark franchise. Through their professional and personal experience of the care system, they believe that the quality offered by Caremark Hounslow and Chiswick would set them apart from all other providers. They want to give those people the opportunity to spend time as a family member and not just as a carer.

By looking after our customers like members of our own family, we allow their family members to enjoy time with their loved one whilst we take the pressure and demands of caring away from them if they so choose. By placing their trust in us, customers and their loved ones can have the confidence to enjoy a more independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.”

Shipra is passionate about quality and ensuring that the individuals that she supports receive the best possible service. She believes that we have a long-term commitment to providing personalised support which is meaningful to individuals, enabling them the opportunities to achieve the quality of life that they deserve”.

Swati Bagwe

Managing Director

Swati has a degree in clinical engineering and has been working as an underwriter for medical insurance. She has had a first-hand experience caring for my ageing father. His constant struggle to remember things and communicating with people has been a worry to both her and her family. Hence Swati and her long-term friend, Shipra Mehta, decided to do something for others suffering with a similar condition. They have taken franchise to deliver a professional, friendly and caring service to suit everyone’s needs. Since visions and goals are the same, they put in their honest efforts in bringing about a change in people’s lives. Swati and Shipra look forward to be at your service whenever you need them.

Myself and my team are passionate about ensuring people have choice and control over their lives and delivering high quality care and support. We are committed to supporting our service users to continue to live fulfilled lives with dignity and independence and to be participating members of their own communities”.

Fredrick Onyona

Care Manager

Fredrick is a seasoned health and social care practitioner and a critical customer service promoter with over 15 years in education management and 5 years in social health care. His background is in education management. He was fortunate to teach in some of the most amazing schools in East Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. He have had a short stint teaching in the UK both at primary level and most recently lecturing at the university. Fredrick joined social health care by chance when his friend Mr. Norden persuaded him to try it just for the sake of it. He did, got hooked, and never looked back. “It has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I ever made“.
With a Level 5 in Adult Social Healthcare Management, a MSc in Psychology and an ongoing PhD in the same, he has increasingly found himself wanting to really make a difference in the lives of the people he interacts with; be it Service Users or colleagues at Caremark whom he works with closely. He has found out that paying close attention to the very obvious and the little things in social care is what distinguishes a good Care Manager from the others. Fashioning care tasks/activities to truly meet individual’s personal needs has become an important influence on how he makes decisions as a Manager; the very practical approach.
With an attitude to empower and inspire, the journey has been thrilling despite the occasional challenges that come with his role.
Joining a brand like Caremark was definitely the right move. We are determined to offer exceptional services to our customers.”

Sally Rayner

Field Care Supervisor

Sally Rayner joined us in 2015 as a Care & Support Worker where she quickly excelled with the Care Certificate completed along with first hand field experience. Sally soon worked her way up to a Senior Carer and due to Sally’s excellent understanding and commitment to quality care for our customers, we quickly recognised her potential, promoting Sally to the role of Field Care Supervisor

Vineeta Nurani

Field Care Supervisor

Vineeta joined Caremark in 2023 as a Field Care Supervisor. Vineeta has worked into different sectors such as Sales and Customer Service before starting her career into Health & Social Care. She started her career in Care since 2017 and have worked for clients with complex needs. Vineeta has a positive personality and likes to bring smile on Client’s face by making sure the care is delivered as per Caremark’s standard and for that she ensures that everything is up to date as she is well organised.


“There’s nothing better than caring for someone in this World and that’s why I am happy to be a part of Caremark and do what I’m doing as we ensure the care we provide is always up to the mark.”

Priyanka Kaur Sudan

Senior Care Worker

Priyanka started her career in Care sector in 2019 while working in New Zealand. When she moved to the UK in early 2021 , she joined Caremark as a Support worker.  Due to her hard work, commitment towards her duties in no time she moved her way up in the team. Priyanka worked with complex care customer over one year . Priyanka is determined to make changes while taking on extra duties and  taking new job responsibilities.

Laura fox

Field Care Supervisor

Laura joined us in 2019.

She has been in health and care since 2013, starting as a care assistant and gradually moving up to the position of a field care supervisor.

Laura consistently shows unwavering commitment to her responsibilities. Her genuine empathy and care make her a valuable asset in the health and social care field. Laura demonstrates flexibility and easily adjusts to the dynamic demands of the healthcare industry. As a Field Care Supervisor, she takes charge with confidence, guiding and supporting her team effectively. Laura’s attention to detail ensures that every aspect of care is handled meticulously. She conducts herself with professionalism, maintaining a high standard of work in all situations. Laura motivates her colleagues with her positive attitude and dedication to providing excellent care. Her colleagues can always rely on Laura to fulfill her duties with diligence and reliability. Laura understands the needs of both her clients and her team, creating a compassionate and supportive work environment. She takes initiative to address challenges and seeks continuous improvement in care services.


Merlyn Ferrao

Care Co-ordinator

Merlyn started with us as a care coordinator in December 2021 and bringing years of experience from being a Personal Assistant for 15 years in Construction to moving into Banking with the Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase for 13 years altogether worked in different line of business like Mortgage, Credit Card to Auto, Customer service being her forte she enjoys every bit of her work.

Suhasini Kancharla


Suhasini joined with us in 2022.

Suhasini possesses extensive knowledge in health and social care, providing a strong foundation for her training sessions. Her empathy enhances the learning experience, creating a compassionate environment for trainees. Suhasini serves as an inspiration, motivating trainees to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on the lives of those they care for. She easily adapts her training methods to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring everyone can benefit from her expertise. She excels in conveying complex information in a clear and concise manner, facilitating understanding among trainees and demonstrates patience in guiding individuals through the learning process, recognizing that each person progresses at their own pace. She fosters a collaborative learning environment, encouraging trainees to work together and share insights for mutual growth. She provides unwavering support to her trainees, offering guidance and encouragement as they develop their skills in the health and social care field.

Suhasini positively influences the learning culture within the agency, contributing to the professional development of those she trains.

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