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Caremark Redbridge testimonials

At Caremark Redbridge, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
We are very pleased with the care Chris receives. All the carer who attend to him are extremely pleasant. Very efficient and do an excellent hob.Jennifer - Chris’s wife21/05/2021
The staff are so helpful and considerate. A true example of great care. Highly recommended!AP07/05/2021
Caremark is a fantastic company that focuses on making a positive difference. The commitment, quality and team work are the core values that make Caremark a great place to work.

The management team truly care about their. Clients and carers. I fee so lucky to be a part of the Caremark team. Thank you
To all the day and night carers I am writing to you all, to say thank you for all of your help and support. I would like to say thanks to the weekend carers for helping me shower. I would like to say thank you to the morning carers for helping me get out of bed and finally I would like to say thank you to the evening carers for getting me readying helping me into bed. I am really going to muss all of you, I am grateful for all your help and support, I have even got tears in my eyes writing this. I am going to miss you all so much. Don’t worry, I will be alright. Take care all of you, I will miss you.Evie14/04/2021
They are experts in the care industry and call each and every member of staff. They are supportive, innovative, respectful and very friendly.SC23/03/2021
Caremark offer a professional service whilst being very approachable when it comes to adjusting the care package. They have been supporting my mum for over 7 years and she gas built up a good friendly relationship with the carer. Two areas in particular have been of great comfort and support. Thank you to your team.David H25/02/2021
I’d like to say a sincere thank you to all Caremark staff, especially the carers visiting my mum. It is such a comfort for me to know that the carers are checking in on mum and supporting her at this really difficult time, whether it’s through practical support, a kind word or a joke. Mum has nothing but nice things to say about her carers and I know after a visit her spirits are always lifted. Thank you for everything you do for her and the kindest you show. It really is so appreciated.Lisa R26/01/2021
The Staff are so helpful and considerate. A true example of great care. Highly recommended!Maximilian Rossi23/01/2021
Excellent friendly service. Totally non-judgemental, respecting and good level of care given.Veronica Addy10/01/2021
Now the carers are helping us out in the morning, it has made such a difference as things get done quickly and professionally, we couldn’t be happier with the service we are getting.AG21/09/2020
My carer is always smiling, consistently helpful and professional. Efficient in every capacity, the best carer you could wish for!MJ05/07/2020
Without Caremark, we would be lost, nothing is ever too much trouble, I really can’t praise them enough, the carers respects Mum’s dignity they’re amazing!KM28/06/2020
My carer is incredible! I couldn’t cope without her support. She’s changed my life, turned it around. She is perfect! Thank you CaremarkLJ22/06/2020
The care given to my father has been of the highest standard. Thank you CaremarkJamie & Ken06/06/2020
I can not stop singing Sharlene's praises! I am grateful for the work the Sharlene does. She cares. She knows what she is doing and she is just fabulous.Anne, niece of AL19/06/2019
Baylee, is always bright and cheerful and Sharlene is caring and thoughtful, responses to any concernsMR, daughter of IB01/05/2019
Pat does a good job. I will always thank Caremark for the help she has been providedJN01/04/2019
Kirsty T has made a giant connection with my dad and Ewa W makes my dad smileKW, daughter of DH01/03/2019
I have had the same carer, Marnie for years. Marnie is so caring and understanding.LR01/02/2019
My carer Zydrune is always smiling, consistently helpful and professional. Efficient in every capacity, the best carer you could wish foranonymous01/01/2019
Dear Caremark,

I carried out a routine home visit to Mrs P on 25/10/16.
Mrs P remarked more than once on the caring qualities of her care worker Fareeda. Mrs P stated "she is always kind and caring she knows what I need and she takes good care of me, I feel safe with her".

Kind regards
C.P Waltham Forest Social Worker02/11/2016
I just wanted to say that your carers are amazing. They really are, I can’t say it enough. Thank you for how accommodating you have been for my mum.Mr G (son of a client)31/10/2016
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the services Caremark have provided.

Mum has been very pleased with the ladies who have provided her care.

They have all been very helpful & courteous and well able to undertake the tasks mum needed help with during her recovery.

I would like to add that I have been very pleased with the excellent service and high level of professionalism of those working at Caremark Redbridge especially Susan and Agnes..
Name Withheld (A Client's Son)13/04/2016
Dear Caremark,
Thank you SO much for taking the time to keep me updated and let me know what is happening with my mum, and for the helpful way in which you and your carers are dealing with her needs. Living so far away from mum is a worry but I know we can rely on Caremark to keep mum safe and well.

Thanks again
Caremark (Redbridge) recently received some great feedback from Waltham Forest social services. The letter read as below -

I visited Mr D at London,E4 on Friday. I just wanted to say that Mr D was really well presented and appeared to be in good spirits. Mr D’s niece, and Mr D both said that Caremark Carers are wonderful to them and care for Mr D in a friendly and kind way.

Mr D's niece is the main informal carer and said that the carers before Caremark agency (re-ablement I presume) were really judgmental of her and her family. They were bossy and critical of their life style (which she thought was unfair as her family had taken their uncle in when he was ill and had no where else to go).

I said that Caremark had also told me that they feel the care package is going really well too. No problems!
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to Caremark for working with Mr D’s family in such a supportive and nonjudgmental way. The niece is only 21 & suffers from panic attacks therefore she too benefits from the kind of support that Caremark are providing to Mr D.
Many thanks
Waltham Forest Social services09/07/2013
Dear Leanne,

I want to give you some positive feedback about the care that is currently being provided by Caremark for my Aunt K.

As you know, we have had some really serious issues with the care that has been provided by various care agencies over the past five years for K. However, following some bedding-in/change-over issues, that were resolved promptly and effectively by Caremark, we have now got a care package that works really well; K receives two regular carers every day, even at weekends; they both arrive on time, together, every single day and for every single visit; and they both wear a Caremark uniform.

The two carers, Mary and Akile (this may be the wrong name spelling) are two of the most caring workers that I have met and have a positive and understanding attitude to their work; they treat both K and G with dignity and respect; and, without being asked, they do those extra small things that have never been done by carers before, e.g. make a cup of tea for K and G or take dirty cups into the kitchen, etc..

Caring for K can be challenging at times, and I have always been aware of that; but they are both able to deal with those challenges compassionately and professionally.

I also have a very good relationship with both the carers and the agency; and communication and resolution of any issues that have arisen has been effective, and quickly dealt with.

I cannot tell you what a positive impact that this had made to our situation as a family; so thank you very much for persevering with us and finding a Care Agency that really does what it says it will.

I would commend Caremark to Newham Council without hesitation.

Many thanks for all your support.

Kind regards,
“On behalf of my parents, my sister and myself, I wanted to write to you just to express our gratitude for your help you have given us over the past months. I can honestly say that the care they received by Caremark has been to a standard way beyond anything provided directly by Newham. Please pass on my thanks to your staff who have been so helpful throughout”.One letter from the son of parents to whom we were providing care
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