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Karen Beach

Business Development Manager

Karen is the Business Development Manager responsible for Pulborough. She is a conscientious and professional person with extensive experience in care.

She is passionate about Care and giving maximum support to customers to achieve person-centered quality care. Her background and skills in Health and Social care has fetched positive results over the years in the delivering of quality care.

Karen continually praises the teamwork and the positivity among staff both in the field and in the office and is looking forward to building even greater team rapport and to empowering her team to be the best they can be.

Danut Gheorghiu

Care Manager

Having studied finance at Goldis University in Romania my early career was in finance and retail where I utilized my skills in both accounting and sales. Once I moved to UK it was at this point when I had a career change and started to work in the health care sector. Since then, I have continued to develop my skills and abilities in a variety of different roles and care settings. I have since managed services across West Sussex to include learning disabilities, mental health, forensic mental health and elderly and dementia.

I joined Caremark in January 2024 with the intention of making a further difference to a company that has already established themselves between  UK’s leading  professionals .

In my spare time I have a multitude of interests such as spending time with my family , travel and sports . I usually play basketball and golf fairly regularly. I like to travel every chance I get as I enjoy new cultures, food and places . I have a soft spot for good tacos and I always make a point to visit USA at least once a year to see friends and family but mostly for tacos! I like to keep healthy and often try various healthy regimes to enhance my performance both physical and mental.

Marta Albino

Training Officer

Marta started her career with Caremark Pulborough in October 2015 as a Care Assistant. It was quickly recognised that Marta had great managerial skills and was promoted in September 2016 to the role of a Field Care Supervisor.

Marta remained in this role until April 2019 at which point she moved to a different company working for Caremark as a Bank Care and Support Worker. In August 2019 she was offered the position of a Care Coordinator and made the decision to come back to us on a permanent basis.

As of 2022 Marta is now the Training Officer for Caremark Pulborough.

Debbie Russell

Digital Marketing & Recruitment Executive

Embarking on a journey within the care sector in 1994, my path has been one defined by a desire to support individuals facing unique challenges, particularly those with learning disabilities. Over the years, I’ve held diverse supervisory roles, gaining invaluable experience and honing my understanding of this vital sector.

Currently entrusted with the roles of Recruitment and Digital Marketing Executive, I thrive on the intricacies of connecting the right people to the right roles. It’s a dynamic task that taps into my enthusiasm for matching talent with opportunity.

My enthusiasm for Caremark’s vision runs deep, an unwavering dedication to ensure each customer receives care reflective of what we’d wish for our own loved ones. This vision drives me to advocate for positive change within our community, aligning with the profound belief in the transformative power of compassionate care.

One of the most gratifying aspects of this journey is witnessing our dedicated Care Assistants exceed expectations and give back to the local community. Their commitment to going above and beyond underscores the values that unite us in this fulfilling mission.

Claire Eady

Digital Marketing & Recruitment Executive

Claire has held management roles in both Financial Services and Gatwick Airport before joining us in November 2022.

She is excited to have been able to join Pulborough office and knew she wanted to work in Care after she was heavily involved in volunteering when on Furlough.

She brings with her a wealth of experience and a comprehensive understanding of recruitment and retention.

Melanie Mavers

Field Care Supervisor

I fell into care by chance 6 yrs ago and now realise it is the best job I have ever done especially during covid when we were the only people customers might see.

I have been married for ever and have two children who have left the nest and am soon to be a nanny. I have three dogs who definitely rule the roost and we love taking them to the beach even when the wind is howlng and waves are big!!

Charley Ayling

Field Care Supervisor – Storrington

I started my career in care when I was 18 after doing my A Levels in psychology, sociology and health and social care. I worked in a care home on a nursing floor for 2 years and then went onto work on a dementia unit where I worked up until 2023. Whilst working here I worked my way up to a team leading position where I was responsible for running the unit and guiding my staff.

I joined care mark in 2023 as a field care supervisor. This job role has grown my confidence and I always work ensuring high quality person centred care. I take pride in my work and ensure I am a great support and listener to both our carers and customers. I am extremely passionate about my job and very proud of what I do.


Alfonso J Quesada Lledo

Field Care Supervisor Horsham

I was born in Alicante, Sapin. I have one brother and two sisters; we are a very close family.

I moved to Horsham 3 years ago when my wife open her own Law company in London. In Spain I was a Professional Golf teacher, and I had my own restaurant for 4 years.

I started to work for Caremark in May 2021. Coming from a different type of job I found out soon this job passionate me and after six months I had the opportunity to be promoted as a Field Care Supervisor for Horsham Rural and a few months ago I took over Horsham North.

I really enjoy being in the field supporting the Care Assistant team and visiting my customers.


Paula Byrne

Care Co-Ordinator Horsham

I am the care co Ordinator for Horsham North and South, I started with Caremark in 2020 as care support worker and moved to the Caremark office in 2022.

I worked as a carer for over 12 years and then moved into retail for 22 years, returning to caring during the pandemic.

I believe that you need to have a caring nature and people skills to get the best for my team and customers

Alex Charij

Care Co-Ordinator Steyning & Henfield

I started out my care career journey after deciding to have a change, going from managing a private Ambulance Company where I had been for 8 years to becoming a Care Assistant in Wiltshire Oct 2020.

I was a Care Assistant for 2 months before it was recognised.

I held the skills needed to be a Co-Ordinator. I Co-ordinated in Salisbury Wiltshire until Feb 2023 when I moved to West Sussex I joined the Caremark team as a Co-Ordinator in March 2023.

I pride myself on listening to staff and customers and doing my utmost best for them and always live by the moto’s treat how you wish to be treated and don’t expect someone to do something your not willing to do yourself.

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