We love our customers, and they seem to love us too!

I had been taking some strong antibiotics with really severe side effects, 5 days in, I couldn’t cope anymore, and phoned my care provider to cancel my call that day and the next few days. Whilst on the phone, the lady who answered my call talked to me, asking quite a few questions and then advised me to talk to my GP or ring 111. I phoned my GP, and he confirmed I was definitely having an allergic reaction and to stop them immediately!

This is the difference of quality and standard of care that I have come to expect from this care agency. They know their clients really well, and in spite of the constant business of the company, nothing is too much trouble.

Caremark are absolutely first class. I have always been really pleased to be with them, and this is an example to show why they always go above what one would expect.

A.B Horsham customer

Since my son was discharged from hospital after a PE, he has MS, we have had our first experience with Caremark. They have proved to be lifeline for my husband, myself and of course David. They endeavoured to provide a carer who suited him, as originally he wasn’t keen to have this personal care at all. The two carers he has are always on time, cheerful, they motivate him and make him laugh while dealing with his care. The managers and office staff always try to accommodate altered times to fit in with his lifestyle. We couldn’t do without them, David is 40.

Mrs S – Mother of customer

“Dear Vicki, I’d like to place on record my thanks to them for their care for Mrs L.B over the years and especially in her final weeks of life. It was so good that she could end her days in her own home, as was her wish, cared for by the people that she knew and loved. They cared for her with such kindness, love and went the extra mile, bringing in things to tempt her appetite, travelling to Redhill to visit her when she was in hospital and so on. I was glad to able to meet most of them, when I was sitting with her in her final days and was grateful for the support of so many of them attending her funeral.
My special thanks to Karyn, their supervisor who was a great support to me at a difficult time and nothing was too much trouble for her. Many Thanks M”

Mrs L.B.

I am really thankful and grateful for all the efforts you put into Mrs P’s rotas, it is very much appreciated. I know you work very hard on the rotas and it cannot be easy working with an ever moving target.

Mr P – husband of customer

I truthfully never expected to be registered disabled and need the support of Carers in my life at the age of 54.

To help me navigate this situation has been the absolutely brilliant Paula Byrne. I had to share with her a really serious health scare, I had so many appointments which meant frequently having to leave home to go to hospital really early. I had absolutely 110% support from Paula as she did a major job in changing the times of my showers and I know that she kept it confidential as I asked her too, because no one has ever mentioned it to me. I do still have appointments as I have many ongoing health issues, and again, with plenty of notice, I am supported with the time altered.

My husband is a Carer and a Care Supervisor, and he has promised me the lovely bubbly greeting that I always hear when I have phoned to speak with her, and how things are ‘never any trouble’ is not how it really is, it’s a very challenging job sometimes to get all things sorted out for the clients and Carers!!

In my opinion, Paula is an absolute credit to you company, she really is superb and I’m so thankful for her.

KP – Horsham customer

To Javi and the Horsham Caremark Team,

We wanted to say a big thank you for your support and care of R.D. We really appreciate your hard work and think that you are the best care company that R.D has used over the years!

From the family of R.D

Caremark have changed my life. I had no hope at all until you started visiting me. Thank you and happy holidays.

C.P Horsham customer

Caremark care for my mother in law making four calls a day. She has been with Caremark for nearly four years and we have always found the carers to be thoughtful and kind to mother. She requires all aspects of care and is incontinent. The carers are well trained and all work well. Their supervisor is at hand if any issues arise. Caremark liaise with the district nurse and call her GP when they have concerns about her health. We have regular reviews with Caremark with mother present to ensure the level of service is maintained.

A.B Horsham customer

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