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Caremark Oldham testimonials

At Caremark Oldham, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Good morning,

My mum, has recently started having companionship care from you.

After a very negative experience with a previous agency mum was not keen on trying again.

However, your carer visited her twice last week and mum has been absolutely delighted. She has gone from dreading and trying to cancel visits and always cutting them very short to being really enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoying her time with the carer.

Many thanks for supporting mum and making such a positive change.
Clients Daughters22/05/2019
Caremark have provided some fantastic carers for our mum. Carer x understands her dementia and manages all her needs better that we ever expected. Our mum has missed male company since my dad died and a visit and cup of tea with Carer xx makes her day. My sister & I have both recently been away on holiday and Caremark have managed our mum with skills beyond what we expected. Regular communications during this period, particularly from Carer xx were very reassuring. We are so pleased with the care from Caremark that we are increasing the care hours for our mum so we can have more time to enjoy our own children & grandchildren.Clients Daughters17/04/2019
Thank you for your help with the our client.

I really appreciate your efforts to put in the support at such short notice. Your help has enabled the client to remain in her own home and has prevented further trauma for her at this already difficult time.
A professional28/03/2019
Dear all at Caremark Oldham,

Some letters are easy others like this one are really difficult. To say thank you for caring for my Mum doesn’t explain the gratitude we really feel.

Every time we have met your front line staff, the people with the gloves on, we are filled with gratitude and reassurance that my Mum is in safe hands.

I used to say to my staff – remember the 3 ‘C’s – kind, caring and compassion, your staff have this in abundance.
Family members23/10/2018
“I have needed help on occasions and to this end, the care manager and her team have been extremely helpful to me and recently went the extra mile and more. If I could, I would award them 5 gold stars.”Client's Husband30/07/2018
Thanks to you and your staff for all the support you have provided for my parents over the past few years.Son of Clients27/02/2018
I really enjoy working for Caremark. I love helping different people on a daily basis and doing different things. My colleagues are all very nice and we make a good team.N Broadbent - Care & Support Worker18/05/2017
My experience using Caremark has been excellent. All members of staff that have come to provide care for my father have been exceptional, giving quality care & support within his home. I have had this agency for over 12 months and highly recommend them. The support that each individual has to offer is such of a caring nature, my father is given his dignity and comfort of being able to live at home. Caremark are a high quality agency, recommended to take care of your loved ones.Daughter of client09/05/2017
Once you have Caremark looking after you loved one, I can honestly say you will not want anyone else. My Brother has many medical problems, one of which is complete deafness. I needed a company that would have continuity of service, with the same carer and another to cover for holidays etc. Caremark introduced the 2 ladies to my brother that would be coming in and also kept their promise of being on time every visit, so that way my Brother knew who was coming through the front door, and also reliable in all weather. The carers would communicate with my brother by the use of a white board, then my brother would answer them. The log book were always up to date and if they had any problems they would contact me. The ladies caring for my brother, always went ‘the extra mile’ nothing is too much trouble and completely trustworthy.Sister of Mr E29/09/2015
I would recommend Caremark to anyone as I think it is the best care company I have ever had.Mr T- Client03/06/2015
I would recommend this company and staff to anyone seeking care for loved ones.Mr H - Husband of client26/05/2015
Only had Caremark going into Mums for 6 weeks, once a week, but what I’ve seen has been absolutely fantastic. No problems at all and Mum has started saying “her girls” are coming.Son & Daughter-in-law of client16/04/2015
I have been working for Caremark Oldham for nearly a year. I absolutely love working for the company as they are more professional than other care companies. Caremark is a friendly place to work at and if there is a problem they actually get solved.Ms A - Care & Support Worker08/04/2015
The service I get from Caremark for my two sons is wonderful. I have no problem with the staff they come on time every week take my boys out to the park when the weather is nice, or indoors when the weather is bad. I think this service should continue to help families who have special needs children. Staff are friendly especially the Care & Support works we get on a regular basis.Oldham based customer10/02/2015
Every carer in the company are good, they all know how to do the job well, they all know my moods and are very sympathetic of my illness. We have had Caremark for 2 years and have always been happy. Staff are efficient, helpful and friendly.Mr B - Customer05/12/2014
Caremark provide the Time Out service for my son who is autistic. Since starting with Caremark I can see such a difference in my son, he has more confidence and is less shy around people. The carer turns up every week and never lets us down. It gives my son a chance to socialise with other people as well as give us the family a break. The service is amazing.Mum of a young person24/11/2014
The carers at Caremark are brilliant they are all helpful and efficient. They all make my life so much easier and don’t make me feel a burden. They are all happy to chat and listen which is what I look forward to the most.Chadderton based customer05/11/2014
“Just a brief ‘thank you’ for coming to my rescue last Thursday. The Care Manager and the escort were excellent, and very helpful. Hoping to use you next time.”Chadderton based customer09/10/2014
Caremark’s staff are helpful, kind and friendly, they don’t make you feel a burden or a nuisance. I know it is their job but they do it very well. I said to my care and support worker “I do enjoy you coming here” and she replied “I enjoy coming to see you”. Caremark give me a sense of security. Carers turn up and on time which is very important (and of course always let me know if there are any changes at all). The care I receive is exemplary; above and beyond I would certainly recommend Caremark.Mrs F Uppermill based customer07/10/2014
Please thank Susie (Care Manager) again for our Dementia Awareness session yesterday, the girls have said they found it really informative and enjoyed the session very much.Tracy, Practice Manager, Saddleworth Medical Practice25/09/2014
Caremark are an outstanding company. Carers are excellent, attentive and do their best to accommodate my needs. I enjoy the carers coming to support me, not only do they do the jobs they are supposed to but go the extra mile to ensure I am ok and provide me with some companionship. The carers are professional, friendly and efficient and nothing is too much trouble. They have really helped to make my life in my older age enjoyable and easier.Ms G, Greenfield based customer09/09/2014
The Care Manager has provided excellent attention to my wife who is suffering with dementia. She has a lovely manner and cares respectfully to my wife’s needs with understanding and compassion.Customer's Husband02/09/2014
“I have a daughter who has special needs and challenging behaviour, I have my own health issues which makes it hard for me to take care of her all the time. Since Caremark have given me and my daughter support I can manage life much better. My daughter receives 8 hours care per week which helps me to recharge myself and get back the energy I need to support her.”Mrs T, Werneth based customer11/06/2014
“You’re looked after very well. Very helpful and kind. They don’t make me feel like a burden. I feel very lucky to have them. It’s a pleasure to see them and they’re very friendly and kind. I am very happy with the care and support I receive and the carers are very polite.”Mrs F, Uppermill based customer20/04/2014
“The person I ring (in the office) is brilliant. She doesn’t make me feel a burden or a nuisance. She is always so very helpful and pleasant, very very lucky to have her.”Mrs M, Uppermill based customer01/04/2014
“We would like to thank you and all the Caremark staff involved in my Mum’s care during her final days. Your ability to organise 24 hour care at such short notice made such a huge difference to us all.
All your carers provided wonderful care for Mum and treated her with such compassion and respect at all times. Special thanks to xxx, xxx and xxx, who spent so much time with Mum and the family – their support helped us all greatly through those final days.
With best wishes.”
Daughter & Grandsons30/05/2013
Letter from a customer based in Royton:

I am writing with regard to a visit at my Mums on Thursday 31.5.12. When I was due to leave around 8.15pm I found the lift had broken down and around 10pm was told that it wasn’t going to be fixed that night. Because of this I was concerned that my own care wasn’t going to be completed that night.

The duty social worker suggested that I slept in my chair for that night; I then contacted my care provider Caremark for help and spoke to your Care Manager who said she would contact a Care & Support Worker who would get the important things I needed from my home and come to me with them. When the Care & Support Worker arrived she organised the fire and ambulance services to attend and continued to show me attention and was helpful towards the other professionals who attended.

After I had arrived home by Taxi, the Care & Support Worker then gave me all the assistance that I required. I found Caremark’s staff to be very helpful and showed great kindness, in all the Care & Support Worker was with me for 1 ½ hr. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caremark’s staff for all their help that night – I am very grateful thank you very much.

Thanks again, very kind regards,
Royton based customer
Letter from Mrs H:

I came out of hospital in June 2011, I needed personal care and help with my mobility.

From June 2011 to January 2012 my care provider was XXXXXX. During this time I endured substandard personal care and my mobility went from bad to worse. I was informed by my local council that I had the right to choose my own care provider, at that point in October 2011, I started to search for a company that could deliver better quality care and assist me with improving my mobility.

I spoke to a number of companies one of which was Caremark. From the offset Caremark responded promptly and professionally but with a high degree of compassion. Following our conversations the business owners came to see me and I was extremely impressed with their proposed plans to provide my personal care. During my first discussions, they suggested I made contact with a physiotherapist that they recommended. In fact they had started to help me even before I had started to purchase services from them. I was impressed by their knowledge and confident they were the right organisation for me.

Since October XXXXXX have delayed the transition to Caremark, however the business owners have helped me to start the delivery of their services, which commenced in January this year.

I would like to commend Caremark for their services. What has impressed me most is the way that I have met each care worker prior to them starting to give me my personal care, indeed Caremark have encouraged me to choose care workers that I’m comfortable with. The care workers from Caremark are professional and very caring. They obviously have a very strict recruitment criteria. I was able to choose the services that I wanted and Caremark helped me in understanding the process.

Since starting with Caremark I’ve had peace of mind, I sleep better and I’m more relaxed, my quality of life has improved ten-fold. On top of this the physio has managed to help me take my first steps in just over twelve months.

I cannot thank Caremark enough for giving me back my life.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs H
'Thanks for your help in caring for my Dad recently. The best aspect of your service is the offer of a bespoke solution. Your approach offers flexibility with the option to change the arrangements at short notice. If my Dads circumstances change in the future, he simply needs to pick up the phone to engage your service again.'Son of customer, Saddleworth
“Since starting with Caremark and previously had other companies I can without doubt recommend this company. The carers are superb and the whole management structure first class. Long may you continue in the vein. Stephanie and Helan are both very approachable.”Mr I, Royton based customer
Habito - Live In Care, February 2013

“Since February 2012 Caremark Oldham & Tameside have supplied us with excellent care through staff who make genuine and sincere ‘bonds’ with the person they are caring for. I assume this always occurs and especially did with my husband whose life changed so dramatically in 2011 when he became unable to walk. His long term care was excellent and neither he nor I could ever fault it.”
Saddleworth based customer
“I was absolutely satisfied with the Care & Support Workers they were very pleasant and courteous and they supported me whilst my PA was on holiday, with meals and shopping etc. They always checked on my health and were very professional. Blackie (my cat) did not want them to leave.”Mr M, Fitton Hill - February 2013
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