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His favourite carer is Kelly. She completely adores Josh and vice versa and it’s great to see them together. She can now identify one of his seizures before they come on and take the necessary action, so it’s a real comfort to know he is in such great hands with her. At 21, Josh doesn’t want his mum with him all the time. He is his own person so the support I get from Caremark helps the both of us.

Benita, mum of Josh

I would like to add that the support from Caremark by your team and yourself has been crucial to supporting xx , helping them to minimise the financial risks and impacts of debts accruing. They feel more financially secure and has often said what an amazing team of carers they have.

Advanced Social Work Practitioner/Best Interests Assessor

A big thankyou to everyone for sorting my Mum’s difficult situation on the morning of 28th. Please extend our appreciation to the office staff for sorting it out so quickly and for Elaine for coming back out to see Mum that morning. All concerned were brilliant. Nice to know that the team are there, especially when it counts.


I would like to say that I know I only been a service user since yesterday Donna and Karen have been great. Hard working polite helpful and lovely to talk to and thank u 4 letting me be a Caremark Mansfield service user.


I wish to thank all of you who looked after my mama over the years for your kindness, care, sympathy and great cheerfulness. You all have a very difficult job to do, made harder by the virus and not helped by the constant pressures put on you to be quicker, more efficient etc. You maintain a remarkable humanity in the face of all these difficulties and I will remember your care of my mother for the rest of my life.

My wife and I were also extremely moved to see some of you outside my mother’s house today at her funeral. Would you be kind enough to pass this message on to everyone who was there? I would like to thank each one personally. Did any of you attend the service? There will be another one – the interment of my mama’s ashes next to my father’s in the churchyard. It will probably be next year given current restrictions. I would like to have all your contact details so that I can invite each one of you who knew my mother well to come to that occasion and join my wife and me afterwards at a suitable venue in the town.

I think there is a video of today’s service that is being put together. If you wish, I will let you know where to find it on the Internet.

Lastly, may I ask you to thank Claire, Nicole, Karen, Jackie, Sarah, Amanda, Abbey, Donna and Stef for the funeral tribute? It was very moving to see their care embodied in such a beautiful form. I have a photo should anyone wish for coy.

With our best wishes and thanks once again

Christopher, Marina and Elaine

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the care you are delivering to my mother it is absolutely amazing, she is getting on really well with all the carers especially xxxxx, she is really chatty and mother really likes her

Mrs T

I was very optimistic about having care support workers into my home as I have not had them before but I can say for sure that I am so pleased I made the decision, the care is second to none and they also support me as much as my husband, thank you to your team

Mr & Mrs S

We were keen to let you know how thrilled we are with your company and the standard of care my husband receives and also the support I get as his disabled carer.

All the carers are kind, friendly and professional and we would particularly like to mention my regular cares who go beyond our care and support expectations.

Mr & Mrs B

We as a family , have had a very difficult 9 months, since Mum took really poorly. We went from being told she would not come out of hospital, to they could get her home but she had weeks to live. She is still classed as end of life but is still firmly in the “ Amber zone” . We are truly grateful to have Mum with us but it’s also extremely challenging. The life line Caremark (Mansfield & Ashfield) has given to us has been so very much welcome. Generally the care provided has been second to none and Mum does like the absolute majority of her carers and so I am truly thankful to the company for this.

Mrs B

Thank you for all your care and support over the years ( 7 years)
You have been like my mothers extended family to her and we as a family cannot thank you enough to all the carers that helped extend her time living at home.

Mrs A.P

As an employer, it makes me very pleased when customer remarks on one or more of our guys doing a good job for them. As i have said, you have many good carers, but a couple do stand out and their names are XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX. They are absolutely marvellous with my mum. My mums face lights up when she see’s their name listed on her roster several times. Their work ethic is exemplary, both extremely hard working and so caring. They both go above and beyond, and we are all so grateful for that.
Stay Safe and good luck


Me and the rest of the family are really pleased with Sarah. We’ve all really taken to her, and we’re all so grateful for all that she does for Mum. She is so caring and is always on the ball, she is such a star.

DH – customer’s daughter

Sarah – Thank you for your help in allowing Dad those last few weeks at home. It was where he wanted to be and we know it meant a lot to him. For the family it was not an easy option to enable him to have his wish and at times we felt we should go under trying to get help through all the bureaucratic channels. Having your knowledge and support in the background to call upon, at a time when all “the powers that be” didn’t seem able to get past their endless form-filling and assessments to see the “wood for the trees”, meant more to us than I can express.

GH – customer’s daughter

Mum passed away yesterday – we’d like to say how much Mum enjoyed the company of your care workers, they were all so lovely and pleasant. Mum particular enjoyed the company of Chelsea – she’s very good at what she does, and she always went the extra mile for Mum. Thank you

Customer’s daughter

Sophie has been great dealing with my husband during his care, she really brightens his day. Sophie is lovely, and we hope she can come to us more often!

MP – customer’s wife

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