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Caremark Guildford and Woking testimonials

At Caremark Guildford and Woking, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Submitted via Postal Card • Report • R J is Extremely Likely to recommend Caremark (Guildford and Woking).

I have had very good experience with all the helpful staff up to date, they are most considerate always greet me with a smile etc. I admire their sense of humour, especially with older people who tend to be a bit down from time to time, like me. I am very satisfied, I have been for the past 5 years. There is just one small thing that I would really be thankful for, that is a return to regular daily time of visits, so I can plan ahead.
R J (Client)08/10/2020
Marian W is Extremely Likely to recommend Caremark (Guildford and Woking).

Thank you, Caremark for stepping in at a difficult time and taking over seamlessly the care of my friend. From the initial telephone conversation with the manager to the first meeting with our carer and the following day starting care, I have been bowled over by your sensitivity and competence. Nothing was too much trouble. For those final two months of my friend’s life, you provided excellent personal care as well as friendship. I shall continue to be grateful that my friend was able to end her days at peace and in her own home, thanks to your provision.
I shall certainly recommend you without hesitation to anyone who needs such services.
May God bless you all.
Marian W16/07/2020
Susan M is Extremely Likely to recommend Caremark (Guildford and Woking).

During this incredibly difficult time, I have been so very grateful to Caremark for providing regular and reliable care. It has been so comforting to me and my siblings to know that Mum still has this invaluable social interaction and support twice a week from her two kind and patient carers. In addition, the respite this has provided has been a lifesaver for our father. I am all too aware that the Carers are putting themselves at risk by continuing to offer their services but I can't thank them enough for doing so.
Susan M30/04/2020
We are all so pleased with our Care company (Caremark). Our service is first class. Can’t thank the team and particularly Stephan enough for all their hard work.

Communication has been exceptional and I know that when I am not there, I have great confidence that Dad is being looked after.
Client's daughter (Woking)24/08/2018
Having only just started working with Caremark, I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism shown by the team, and by Hana the Supervisor in particular. Very cheery and very caring.Anon09/02/2017
Caremark (Guildford and Woking) is a very helpful and caring company.P Watts29/06/2016
The care is very good, excellent. Carers all have a cheery disposition. The best carers encourage him to move purposefully and to do as much for himself as possible. The agency are very approachable and respond to requests very quickly. Concerns are acted upon and it is clear staff liaison happens. We have confidence in the carers and int he agency. A difficult, stressful time in our family life is being made much easier than it might be.J Finbow07/06/2016
The carers we have from Caremark are always lovely and they are professional.P Finch29/06/2015
Caremark have been looking after my wife and I for 18 months now and we have built a trustworthy partnership. Caremark have been particularly helpful in dealing with the extra stress caused by my wife having 2 operations. The carers are friendly and attentive and pleasant to have around.D Phillips29/06/2015
Always go above and beyond.

Very impressed with the service from Caremark. Very friendly staff who go beyond the call of duty.
J Bell11/06/2015
An excellent service with care. I am very happy with the service from Caremark as a whole, I especially like having the carers around to talk to, they listen and respond accordingly. They are excellent in maintaining a safe and habitable environment for me to live in and I feel they manage my medication well ensuring I do not run out of medication. I always feel the carers are caring and always happy which makes me happier if I am feeling down.H Broadwood09/06/2015
I am extremely pleased with all the wonderful carers provided by Caremark. It is very nice having people come in and check I am safe and well. I enjoy talking to my carers and feel that they always listen and try to help me even when I am confused.Barbara Knowles08/06/2015
The family and I would like to extend our grateful thanks to the team at Caremark (Guildford and Woking) for the care they provided for our Mum in the last few months of her life. It is always hard to name particular individuals but Mum built up a close bond with her carers and they always lifted her moods. Everyone who came to the house was lovely.Fiona D05/06/2015
The service from Caremark (Guildford and Woking) was always of the highest standard. All aspects in planning were covered and detailed which gave us confidence that all would be well if anything unexpected occurred. The carers were ideal, experienced, down to earth and honest. My wife had a great time in their company, laughing and joking. They certainly added to the enjoyment of both holidays. Without Caremark stepping forward and taking on the challenge of our desire to holiday abroad our future would have been more restricted.Anon04/06/2015
Thanks so much to all at Caremark (Guildford and Woking) for all they have done for our relative. We really appreciate everything they have done over the last few months, she became very fond of her carers and looked forward to seeing them and their help, but most of all to a good chat and putting the world to rights. The most important thing to her was her dignity and Caremark ensured she kept that at all times.B Lindsay04/06/2015
Caremark (Guildford and Woking) provided an excellent home care service for which we are very grateful.J.C.Hogg04/06/2015
Caremark (Guildford and Woking) helped us to provide Mum with what she wanted, which was to stay at home. All of the carers had a kind and caring manner at every visit.Anthony H03/06/2015
It was very comforting to know that Dad had help and company when he became unwell and unable to cope on his own. The family appreciated all that Caremark (Guildford and Woking) did for him as we know he was very set in his ways, the carers were all very patient and understanding with him.Christine02/06/2015
The carers from Caremark (Guildford and Woking) are always lovely, always on time, very helpful and always do what I want them to do, and they do stay to talk which is nice. All the girls seem to enjoy their role and I never heard them complain about any aspect of their work. The office team are always available to speak with me, if I have a question about something. They are very quick in responding when I have needed to change any part of my care plan.Anon02/06/2015
The family and I would like to express out thanks to Caremark (Guildford and Woking) for everything they have done for my Father during his illness. Each and every one was extremely kind and helpful.Angela02/06/2015
The Care and Support Worker has fitted right in to our daily routine and since receiving help from Caremark I've been able to leave the house for the first time in a long while! What makes the biggest difference is having the same Care and Support at each visit, my husband is very happy.Wife and carer of a client01/05/2013
I am very impressed with the service provided by Caremark, especially how flexible you have been when I've requested changes to my Care and Support plan. I also appreciate the little things, such as staying for the entire call and never leaving early. I always recommend Caremark to other people.Anon (Client)16/04/2013
Mum is really pleased with her Care and Support Workers who go in to see her. She is just so happy that they take the time to sit and talk to her and looks forward to seeing the same facesDaughter of client13/02/2013
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how lovely the live-in companion you have provided is. The difference in Rodger* is amazing, he is happy and chatty and speaks very highly of his Care and Support Worker. In fact he said he hopes they will never leave! Rodger* loves that his Care and Support Worker sits next to him and talks with him and doesn't complain when he needs anything. It is lovely to see Rodger* in such a good frame of mind.
*name has been changed for confidentiality
Social Care professional07/02/2013
Our Care and Support Worker is very smiley and has an excellent manner about her. Mum is not always willing to get up but she has an excellent way of encouraging mum to start her day.Daughter of client11/12/2012
Life savers! Mum needed a social connection more than a carer and the girls that visit her are brilliant, caring, cheerful and helpful.Christine (next of kin)
All the carers are cheerful and very good, company wise. I am more upbeat when they leave.R. J. (Client)
Caremark are caring, smart and friendly and efficient.Anon (Client)
They make me feel relaxed and comfortable. They talk to me on my level. All the carers I have had all enjoy a good laugh which brightens my day.Anon (Client)
Quality care from a very caring service. [Caremark] provides an excellent care provision, from the office to the carers. They are very kind, polite and punctual.Shaun T (Client)
Fantastic. All staff are very helpful, kind and caring. All I do is ask if I have a request, i.e. hair wash, and it is never a problem. Always cheerful and never rush and willing to chat as it can be lonely sometimes.Janet (Client)
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