Pradeep Shetty

Pradeep Shetty

Managing Director

After having a career in the hospitality sector, Pradeep’s passion for business and working for himself drove him towards this new venture. Pradeep has some close friends who are part of the Caremark franchise network and after seeing how much of a difference they were bringing to peoples lives and also giving back to the community he wanted to be a part of it too. Also, from a personal experience he witnessed his grandfather being bedridden for years after a bad stroke while his mother and her sisters would take it in turns to look after him. Pradeep recognised that they were fortunate enough as a family to be able to do that but not everybody is in that position and he likes to think Caremark can help families who need it. These are some of the reasons why he chose Caremark, so he can make a difference in someone’s life while they are staying at their home and give them their independence.

Prajakta Karmarkar

Prajakta Karmarkar

Managing Director

After completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management and a successful career in the Hotel Industry, Prajakta changed her career path to Retail Management to suit her motherhood role. From the flourishing Travel Retail to E-commerce, opportunity has knocked again to take up a new role in the care sector which she always yearned for.

At Caremark Elmbridge Prajakta wants to make footprints to follow and would like to say: “If we could look into each others hearts and see the challenges each of us face, I think we would treat each other with more love, kindness, compassion and patience”.

Alice Adobe

Alice Walsh

Registered Care Manager

Profile – Bio coming soon

Mencillia scaled

Interim Field Care Supervisor

Field Care Supervisor

Mencilla’s life’s journey has been a blend of roles and experiences – from motherhood to professional caregiving. Mencilla’s roots in Zimbabwe have instilled in her a deep appreciation for community and togetherness, which she carries into her work as a Care Supervisor.

With a strong foundation in caregiving and management, Mencillia has accumulated good years of experience in overseeing care services. Her dynamic and adaptable approach allows her to address challenges with a keen eye for detail and a bold, forward-thinking perspective.

Marvellous scaled

Marvellous Mandati

Office Personnel

Marvellous comes from Zimbabwe and loves supporting our clients to live independently. Marvellous understands empathy in caregiving and treats every client as if they were her own family member, ensuring they receive the love and respect they deserve.

Marvellous enjoys shopping and she shares her thoughts on shopping as

“Shopping isn’t just about buying things; it’s an opportunity to connect with the world. Whether it’s picking out fresh produce, selecting a thoughtful gift, or simply strolling through local markets, I find joy in the process. I believe that shopping can be a therapeutic and social experience, and I’m happy to offer my assistance with shopping tasks for my clients.”

Marvellous speaks native language Shona and English.

Shylet scaled

Shylet P

Interim Lead Care-Coordinator

Shylet joined Caremark Elmbridge Team in May 2023 and is very passionate in delivering good quality care to our esteemed customers. Shylet hails from Zimbabwe, speaks three native languages, Shona, Ndebele and Xhosa apart from English.

Shylet’s life journey has been a blend of rich cultures and experiences from Zimbabwe and South Africa. These experiences have shaped Shylet into a caregiver with a deep sense of empathy and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of those she serves.

With many years of professional caregiving experience, Shylet had the privilege of caring for individuals with diverse needs. Shylet’s skills and training enable her to provide personalized care that goes beyond physical assistance, focusing on emotional support and companionship.

“Passions Beyond Caregiving”- Reading Novels and Listening Music.




Bhakti K

Assistant Care Coordinator

As a Care Coordinator, Bhakti finds immense joy in providing support and care to individuals while embracing her love for traveling and cooking. Bhakti is fluent in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, and is very excited to bridge cultural connections through her work.

Bhakti’s role as a Care Coordinator goes beyond managing care schedules and resources. Bhakti believer’s in fostering a strong sense of trust and compassion, ensuring that each individual receives the highest quality of care while respecting their cultural backgrounds and personal preferences.

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