Sharan Dhaliwal

Managing Director & Care Manager

Sharan understands the challenges of providing care to vulnerable individuals with complex needs and in populations of diverse ethnic cultures, having worked across all territories of Cardiff and Central and East London as a Midwife and Health Visitor.

Sharan decided to leave the NHS having given over 25 years of dedicated service to set up Caremark Cardiff & The Vale after she was left to care a family member when they encountered life threatening ill health and she herself discovered a real gap in the domiciliary care service provision. Due to this Sharan’s main focus is to develop the great reputation of Caremark Cardiff & The Vale of delivering the highest quality standard of care and support to those in need and who choose to remain living in their own home.

Sharan knows that she could not achieve success without her team of dedicated staff. Having first hand experience herself of working in the care sector, Sharan is committed to supporting each staff member in their professional development and valuing every ones contribution that makes Caremark Cardiff & The Vale standout from every other agency.

Sharan’s goal for her staff is to ensure they leave the training room with in depth knowledge and confidence to go out and deliver the highest possible standard of care to all their customers.


Simran Dhaliwal

Deputy Care Manager

Since Simran joined Caremark Cardiff & The Vale Team she has fitted in like a missing piece of a jigsaw. Simran is a young energetic leader who shares the passion and commitment of the entire Caremark Cardiff and The Vale team to deliver the highest quality of care at all times.

Simran’s enthusiasm for her role as Deputy Care Manager is so plain to see, she is warm, friendly and caring, but her determination, compassion and professionalism is not normally found in somebody so young. Simran has an approachable personality and responds to challenges in a calm manner.

We are so proud that Simran is part of our Caremark family, her colleagues and customers all love her and we see a very bright future for her in the care industry.

Olivia Robson

Field Care Supervisor

Olivia joined the Caremark family during the Covid-19 pandemic as a care assistant. Olivia has recently completed a degree in Criminal Justice and Youth Justice. Olivia joined Caremark as she was looking for a part time role whilst studying for her degree. Olivia always knew she wanted to work in a Health and Social care role as it broadened her knowledge obtained within her degree, she knew there was shortage of care staff during the pandemic and wanted to give back to the community. Olivia connected with a customer through the love of her 80’s music and this was a heart warming moment for her. Olivia has always been a dedicated and hard worker and brings a smile to all our customers faces when she visits them in the community. Olivia was promoted from Senior Care Assistant to Field Care Supervisor in May 2022. Olivia’s great grandfather, who was a significant role model in her upbringing, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and sadly passed away in February 2023. Olivia has lots of knowledge regarding Alzheimer’s and has a passion for training staff who attend customers living with Alzheimer’s. Olivia’s great grandfather is always in her thoughts when working towards providing high quality care at Caremark.

” I love working for Caremark because it enables me to learn about different medical conditions and how they affect the elderly in different ways. I like being able to learn about the customers history, their interests and their stories, I like that Caremark enables to continuously learn new skills each day to support my learning and development in my role and progressing ahead” – Olivia Robson

Justine Dunsmore-Hill

Field Care Supervisor

Justine joined the Caremark family in 2018 as a Care Assistant. Justine was promoted to Senior Care Assistant and then Field Care Supervisor in 2021. Justine is a friendly bubbly character and has a strong passion for delivering high standard care to our customers. Justine always receives lots of lovely compliments from our customers and is a well liked and respected member of the team. Justine strives to ensure that the care assistants are their best selves, and that they always confine in her if they require further support and training. Justine enjoys working in the community where she’s able to complete observations on care assistants, and also enjoys going out to complete reviews with customers and their families.

“I enjoy working for Caremark as it’s nice to be able to share my knowledge and skills with the care assistants. I like that the care assistants confine in me when they want to gain more experience and want more training in the community. I enjoy that my job entails different challenges daily that keeps me empowered and confident in my role as Field Care Supervisor” – Justine Dunsmore-Hill

Tia Humphreys

Care Co Ordinator

Tia has recently joined our Caremark Family as an experienced Care Co Ordinator. Tia has worked in Health & Social Care for 6 years as a care assistant, senior care assistant and agency care assistant. Tia decided to join the health care sector after moving in with her grandmother, Tia provided care for her grandmother and then decided that working in care is something she wanted to peruse as she has a passionate and caring nature. Tia completed her Level 3 in Health & Social in 2018 and has gained lots of knowledge from her various roles in Healthcare. Tia enjoys training the care assistants out in the community to provide the best standard of care to our customers. It feels like Tia has been working at Caremark for years as her experience reflects in her work and has settled in quickly!

” I enjoy working for Caremark as I am part of a supportive family, I feel comfortable and confident with my amazing team. I am supported by Sharan and Simran to continue gaining more knowledge, training, advice and experience on how to be a strong leader – Tia Humphreys”

Shalika Hewa Garusinghage

Care Co Ordinator

Shalika joined the Caremark family in March 2023. Shalika moved to the UK in February 2022 to study MSc Management in University. Shalika was working part time with Caremark when completing her studies and graduated in August 2023 and has become a full time Care Co Ordinator. Shalika worked as a care assistant and teaching assistant prior to joining Caremark, and has gained lots of experience in the Health & Social Care sector. Shalika is a warm and likeable individual who puts smiles on all the management teams faces daily. Shalika understands how important it is to provide the best standard of care to vulnerable individuals. Shalika takes pride in doing a good job daily, and completing work to Caremark’s standards.

“I love working for Caremark as it enables me to gain more experience in Health & Social Care. The management in Caremark support me daily to ensure I am by best self and provide the best standard possible. I am supported and encouraged to take on new challenges and learn new things daily. I love working in an environment where I can freely share my ideas and opinions. Working for Caremark enables me to extend my skills both professionally and personally” – Shalika Hewa Garusinghage


Front Desk Receptionist

Tommy joined the Caremark family in 2020 as a Front Desk Receptionist. Tommy’s role at Caremark was the first ever job he applied to and was successful in. Tommy had no previous experience within the Healthcare sector, but has since gained a lot of knowledge into the Healthcare sector. Tommy thoroughly enjoys answering the phones and speaking to customers, Care Assistants, healthcare professionals and families. Tommy is always happy to help anyone with questions they may have and always knows the answers!

“I love working for Caremark as I’ve gained lots of knowledge and have been fortunate enough to have a lifelong role. I love working for Caremark as when I’m in the office, I receive lots of encouragement, belly rubs, treats and praise by telling me I’m a good boy” – Tommy

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