Night Care in Cardiff: Providing Peace of Mind and Support Throughout the Night

At Caremark Cardiff, we recognise the significance of safeguarding the safety, comfort, and well-being of elderly individuals during the night. Our nocturnal care services are specifically crafted to offer dedicated support and assistance throughout the night, enabling individuals to rest peacefully and uphold their independence in the comfort of their own homes.

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Ensuring you experience a restful night’s sleep

Dedicated Night Care in Cardiff

Through our night care services in Cardiff, you can find reassurance knowing that your loved one is in capable hands, receiving the care and support they require throughout the night. Our care assistants undergo training to provide assistance with activities of daily living, medication reminders, mobility support, and any other specific requirements.

Our committed night care team are accessible throughout the night to guarantee the well-being and safety of your loved one. They possess experience in delivering compassionate care and are skilled at addressing any concerns that may arise during the night. Whether it’s assisting with personal hygiene routines, ensuring medication is taken at the right time, or offering a comforting presence, our Care Assistants are there to provide support tailored to the individual’s needs.

Personalised Care Plans to Meet Individual Needs with Night Care in Cardiff

To develop an individualised care plan, our care team invests time in assessing the individual’s needs, preferences, and any medical or mobility considerations. We collaborate closely with the customer and their family to comprehend their routines, likes and dislikes, and any specific concerns they may have. This thorough assessment enables us to formulate a care plan that specifically caters to their needs, enhancing their quality of life during the night.

Throughout the night, our care assistants diligently adhere to the personalised care plan, ensuring that every aspect of care aligns with the individual’s preferences and requirements. This may encompass assistance with personal care, administering medication, providing mobility support, or simply offering companionship and reassurance. Through tailoring our care to each person’s unique needs, our goal is to foster comfort, well-being, and a sense of security during the night.

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Enhancing Comfort and Safety through Night Care in Cardiff

Throughout the night, our foremost priority is to foster comfort and safety for our customers. We recognise the significance of creating an environment that encourages restful sleep while minimising any risks or discomfort. Our Care Assistants are trained to craft a calm and soothing atmosphere, guaranteeing a tranquil night for your loved one.

Our dedication to safety goes beyond the physical environment. Our Care Assistants undergo comprehensive training in emergency preparedness and first aid, arming them with the skills and knowledge to handle unexpected situations with composure and efficiency. This ensures that your loved one is in capable hands, even during challenging circumstances.


What services are included for elderly night care in Cardiff?

Our night care services for the elderly encompass a range of essential support, including personal care assistance, medication reminders, mobility support, assistance with toileting, and ensuring a safe environment throughout the night.

How do you ensure continuity of care during the night?

We understand the importance of continuity of care. Our night care services involve consistent care assistants who are familiar with the individual’s needs, routines, and preferences. This ensures a seamless transition between daytime and nighttime care.

Can night care services be provided on a temporary basis?

Yes, our night care services are flexible and can be arranged on a temporary basis to support individuals during specific periods of need, such as post-hospital discharge or during times when family care assistants require temporary respite.

Why choose Caremark?

You’ll be in safe hands – our services care for over 14,000 customers.

personalised care

Personalised care

We provide care that is an individual as you are. You are unique, so your care plan must be too!

excellent standards

Excellent standards

Our quality of care is exemplary. You are extremely important to us, and we care for you like you were our own family.

cheery visits

Cheery visits

We employ our staff based on their personalities – caring, compassionate, cheery and fun!

allocated care assistant

Allocated Care Assistant

We spend time matching our Care Assistants with our customers and maintaining that pairing.

family contact

Family contact

We are open and transparent with family members and share details of each visit when requested.



Customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. We are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection.


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